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The Life of Canny Richard Armstrong by Canny Richard Armstrong

BANG! Went a cannon! BOOM! Went another.

It was Richard's 4th day of Imprisonment on the Ehrebus, The Armada's Prison Ship. Richard was caught smuggling weapons to the resistance fighting back against the Armada.

It was a long and confusing tale, but I'll leave that bit 'till later.

Next thing I know, 2 chaps were breaking me out. They knew I was an orphan and was raised by Marleybonians AND that I was caught smuggling weapons to the resistance. (I even wondered at one point were they Witch Doctors.)

Anyway, I got out another chap, called himself "Egg Shen". By the way he was dressed I could tell he was from Moo Shu. Lovely place for a holiday, as long as you stay in Hamamitsu and don't go into the other ports.

When I got above deck, the leader of the ship, Deacon, The Armada's spy master was on top, he ordered some Battle Angels to attack us. But with the help of my new friends, I had them defeated in no time. Then Deacon summoned in dragoons, but the chap in the red coat got HIS crew to fire the cannons at the dragoons. (How lucky!)

Then Deacon fired a gun at some Dynamite stores to set them off. He disappeared when the smoke cleared, but the red coated chap had taken alot of burns from the explosion. I sailed the ship back to Skull Island and I went to see an old friend of theirs. Called himself "Captain Avery."

Avery would help me on my pathway to getting treasure and riches, I just didn't know it yet.

As I knocked on the door a cannon fired from the other side of the island, when the ball hit into a window, I thanked my lucky stars that they were firing from the other side of this "Avery"'s office.

When I heard a voice inside telling me to "Come In". I saw that a large cannon ball had went through Avery's window and made a large hole in the carpet, close to where he was standing. Another fired and hit the roof but it must have been a fragmental one. It hit the wall and small bits of shrapnel and plaster fell down.

I asked Avery for shelter. "Well I run a Pirate Haven here, Not a charity!" exclaimed Avery. Well that was my chances blew I thought. "If you want me to shelter you, you'll have to work for it. An old associate of mine, Finn, stole a Jade Amulet of mine.". Avery showed me a photograph of it, along with the picture of a Cutthroat shark. I knew this wasn't going to be easy...


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