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A Smuggler's Story by Joshua Xavier


“Now, you listen to me Harker,” whispered Malorn Chamberlain into the large man’s ear. “Captain Avery agreed to let you keep your wagon in his courtyard… for a price…” he paused.

Mr. Harker stood silent and motionless as the smuggler sternly spoke into his ear.

“So… where’s the money, matey?”

“I can get it to you in two days”, replied Mr. Harker.

Malorn glared into the man’s eyes. “Do you know why people call me Bloody Malorn Chamberlain, Harker?” Harker remained silent and gazed into the pirate’s crimson eyes.

“If you don’t give me Cap’n Avery’s money by tomorrow night, you’ll find out! Understand?”

“Aye”, mumbled Mr. Harker.

“Speak up!” shouted Malorn.


“Sleep with one eye open. It-a-be wise”, laughed the pirate.

Malorn paced across the courtyard and passed the Life Fountain. He stopped and glanced back at Mr. Harker. Harker remained motionless, still. Malorn shook his head and proceeded up the stone ramp that lead to Captain Avery’s office. He swung open the door and found the Captain surrounded by other pirates.

“Everybody out!” barked Malorn who startled everyone in the room, including Captain Avery.

Avery raised an eyebrow as every other pirate dashed out of the office. Now it was Malorn who stood motionless, facing Captain Avery.

“Does he have the gold?” asked Avery.

“Not all of it”, replied Malorn. “He offered me five hundred on Tuesday. I’m not taking any of it unless he has all of it.”

“He owes me a thousand. Next time take the five hundred for me, and then take the next half for yourself. That’s what I owe you anyhow”, replied Avery.

“Will do. Next time.”

“When do you need to pay the Frogfather?” asked Avery.

“Next week.”

“What does he provide for you?”

Malorn paused as he tried to think of a response.

“Ummm… food”, he said, trying to keep his secret. The Frogfather gave him fifty crates of gunpowder last week. He had sold twenty-six of them… illegally, for twice as much as he paid for each one.

Avery sighed.

“Here is four-hundred gold”, he said. “Get a hundred more gold and pay him back soon. Then get the money from Harker. I will keep all of that.”

“Deal”, replied Malorn,

Malorn nodded as if to say ‘thanks’ and walked out of the office. He stepped outside and closed the door behind him.


Malorn quickly look forward to see three Privateers dressed in all-black. Not good, he thought. One of them chuckled.

“May we ‘ave a word…?”

Scarlet Treasure

One of the pirates gripped Malorn’s bicep tightly, so tight that it seemed unrealistic. Only one of the pirates looked like a human and he appeared to be their leader. He wore a large black hat and a bandana covering his face. The one with the tight grip seemed to be a crab and the other one extremely small. Malorn suspected that the small one was possibly a frog from the Frogfather’s Syndicate. Thoughts raced through his mind.

Was he late for his payment? Was his money for the Frogfather due this week and not next week? Malorn became paranoid and didn’t realize wear the three pirates had taken him.

The lead pirate glanced toward Skinny Pete, the Kraken Skulls bartender at the front of the tavern. Pete nodded. Immediately, the leader walked toward the seller door. Malorn and the two other pirates followed closely. When all four of them had entered the seller, the small pirate slammed the door behind them.

The lead pirate slowly strutted to the other side of the room, chuckling as he walked. “So”, he said, “Do you know why we have taken you here, Malorn?”

“What do you want with me you fiends?” Malorn shouted.

The leader laughed. He slowly walked toward Malorn and then grasped the front of his jacket.

“You wouldn’t say such a thing to a woman would’ya, Malorn?”

Malorn’s jaw dropped as the leader removed his bandana and revealed a beautiful young woman.

“Who… who are you?” he asked.

“The name be Easton. Scarlet Easton. I want to join y’er crew.”

The Game-Changer

Malorn was in awe of her beauty and he knew he had to have her.

“YES! I… I mean… um, yeah sure. I guess you can join my crew”, he said.

“Of course”, she said under her breath. She smiled.

Suddenly, she quickly turned around and swiftly pulled out two pistols from the inside of her coat and pointed them at the other two pirates.

“Out”, she said. “NOW! And don’t come back.”

The pirates exchanged glances and then sprinted for the stairs. Malorn’s eyebrows raised and he couldn’t help but smile. Now, he definitely had to have her. He led her back to his “office” so that they could talk business. They had just met, but they acted like old friends. He trusted her completely and they decided to share their profits equally.

“I already have a job for you”, he began. “My client, Young Alex, has been attacking Cutthroat ships out in the skyways and Captain Avery has cut off the supply of gunpowder that he has been providing for Alex and his crew. Alex owes me four-thousand gold. Get it from him. If he doesn’t have it yet, then bring him back here and we will shackle him up until his crew can provide the money.”

Scarlet laughed.

“I’m not that evil”, he said. “Just don’t tell anyone that. I have a reputation.”

She smiled again.

“I bet”.

She laughed, grabbed her sword, and headed out. She returned one hour later with Alex and his crew, each of them carrying a wooden chest.

“I can’t afford to be seen returning here. I would be in too much trouble. Here is the four-thousand I owe you along with eighty-thousand more. Give me as much gunpowder as I can buy for eighty-thousand gold.”

Malorn smiled. How unexpected of Alex. He and Scarlet stood at the door as Alex and his crew carried their gunpowder toward a secret path down the cliffs to the docks. The two smugglers walked back inside the office. Gold coins shimmered all over the room. Gold everywhere! On the bunks, on the desk, and on the remaining barrels of gunpowder. Malorn smiled and slowly grabbed Scarlet’s left hand. She truly was beautiful.

“Nobody has any idea”, she whispered to him.

Not only did he have a large amount of loot, but he had her on his crew… and that’s all he really cared about.

.. To be continued…


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