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A Smuggler's Story (Part 2) by Josh Xavier

The Blockade

Scarlet Easton knocked on the large wooden doors.

“Oh… uh.. hello”, said Captain Avery as he opened the door for her. “Um, who are you?”

“Oh, yes. Hi Cap’n. I’m Scarlet, I am Malorn Chamberlain’s… um…. Sister”, she replied. ‘Wow, nice lie’, she thought. She knew she should have said friend. What if he saw them together out in public, acting like a… ‘couple’?

“I have Malorn’s money”.

“Fantastic”, started Avery, “Can you do me a favor?”

Scarlet nodded.

“Tell your… brother that I must speak with him”, he said.

“Sure thing.”

Scarlet walked away nervously. ‘What could he possibly want with Malorn?’, she thought. ‘Did he do something wrong... Oh yeah that’s right.” She was still getting used to being a smuggler with her new ‘friend’.

Now she was scared. She instantly burst into a sprint and ran all the way back to Malorn’s office. “MALORN!” she shouted as she ran into the office, interrupting a possible business deal between Malorn and a tall Wharf Rat. “Oh, sorry.”

Malorn grinned and looked down at the desk in front of him.

“Perhaps we should talk later”, he said to the rat.

The rat smirked and exited the room. Malorn rose and walked over to Scarlet.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“It’s Avery. I gave him Harker’s money and then he wanted to talk to you!” a tear rolled down her cheek. “Does he know?”

He wiped the tear from her face and smiled. She just stared at him.

“I doubt it”, he said.

He wrapped his arms around her which seemed to comfort her a little. He knew that she was a ruthless pirate at heart and she just wasn’t familiar with being a smuggler just yet.

“Actually”, he began, “He does know. He just doesn’t know that it’s us.”

Scarlet pulled away. “What do you mean?”

“I met with Avery yesterday. He asked me if he could help me catch a smuggler. He saw Young Alex loading gunpowder onto his ship after Avery cut off the supply he was giving him. He knows that somebody sold him gunpowder… he just doesn’t know that it is us. Mordekai chased Alex’s ship to Corsair’s Channel but he couldn’t follow him because of all the Batacudas.”

Scarlet stared at her boots. Malorn knew she was scared. He was too, but he knew how to hide it. “If Alex is caught, he won’t rat us out. We have to stop smuggling for a while. I’d move the crates of gunpowder from our ship to the office so that we could pay the Frogfather without getting caught, but Mordekai has boosted up security. However, we don’t need the Syndicate coming after us”, he said. “I will be back; I am gonna go pay him.”

Malorn boarded his ship with several of his crew members. He looked up to the top of the cliffs next to the docks to see Scarlet watching him. She was beautiful. He set sail and guided the ship into a windlane. He sailed for Jonah Town, which he could see off in the distance.

Malorn docked the ship and told his crew to stay aboard. He entered Gullet and proceeded to the Frogfather’s office.

The door man recognized him.

“He’s gone to Scrimshaw to work out a deal and will be there until next week. He still expects the cash. Meet him there”, he said.

Malorn rolled his eyes and walked back to his ship. As he boarded, he saw a Marleybonian ship sailing toward the docks.

“Haven’t seen one of those in a while”, he said to his ensign, Emmitt.

Malorn set course for Scrimshaw. The ship sailed slowly toward the entrance to Tradewinds Skyway only to see a dozen more Marleybonian ships ahead of him… one of them boarding another ship.

“Hoist the main sail and turn her around!” he shouted. Emmitt floored the ship back to Skull Island.

Malorn was the first to get off the ship and he sprinted to Captain Avery’s office. He swung open the door and saw the captain sitting at his desk reading.

“You never came to see me. I thought you should know that I called on the Royal Navy to help us catch our little… smuggling friend”, he laughed.

Malorn’s face turned pale.


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