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Ze Spiral Cousine: What's on the Menu?

Petty Officer
Nov 21, 2012
Swashy0716 on Aug 9, 2013 wrote:
I've been searching the Spiral for days for a nice plate, but I've been buying some expired yum and some moldy yum bread at a vendor in Scrimshaw. I have found a black market Monquistador who sold some bottles of Ramsey's Special Yum Delicacy for 15 gold a bottle, but he was arrested by the Monquisition as the goods were contraband.
I've found Ryan the Relentless, who sells Yum-A-Nade at Skull Island, but I personally prefer regular Yum.
I got to Monquista and smuggled potato pie and Monquista's Explosion(best Yum ever!) back to skull island. Yum!(I don't mean the drink, I mean the adjective.)
I went to Aquila and found a vendor who sold...Hippopotamus Stew? No thanks, I prefer this nice Trojan Soup, the nicest meal in the spiral, which is made from...Snake Brain?(barfs.)
I'll update this when I find some new food.
Ah, Valencia, home to the nicest meals...with the greatest price. I managed to smuggle some nice pasta de unicornia back to Skull Island, best meal ever. Yum!(this time I mean the drink.)

Gunner's Mate
May 28, 2013
Ah good, you all haven't left yet. Sorry I'm late but my ship was blown off course crossing the spiral. Gadzooks but I don't know how Marco Pollo did it. Pass me a mug of yum will ye lassie. Thankee, that's tastes good.

Where've I been? Well rightly I'm not sure. We was moving the food stores when we was hit by a chance spiral wind and ended up on the oddest island. The food was lost overboard, and it was just before dinnertime. Although that may be a good thing it was Ratbeard's turn to cook and no one was looking forward to burned cheese again.

Anyway this island, there was a volcano, but not like this one here on Skull Island. It was just kind of warm and gentle like. We had just disembarked when the locals came out on the beach to give us the once over. They wasn't scared or nothing but you could tell they were natives of some sort. We never heard tell of any treasure neither so don't bother trying to find it, couldn't tell ye how to get there if I wanted to.

These natives were like, well hard to say, but seals maybe. When they laughed it was in short barks and they dressed in grass skirts and wore flowers around their necks. Once they found out we was hungry a feast was declared. We cheered up immensely after that. They brought out some sort of meat and set up a spit over the fire. They brought out a big bowl of paste (which is exactly what it tasted like). Only Gaspard liked it, but we didn't want to hurt no feelings, and the meat smelled wonderful. Still not sure what it was though.

But the local version of yum was tasty. Even Egg Shen put on a grass skirt got up and danced with the seal girls. Did I? Not telling ye.

There was other veggies and dip and paste before the roast whatever came out and I tell ye we all dug in like we'd never eaten afore. Made right pigs of ourselves, heh heh.

My is that the actual time? Got to get back and get the ship shipshape. We just back to Skull Island and I'm beat. See you all in the morning!

Petty Officer
Nov 21, 2012
Cunning Finnigan S... on Apr 19, 2013 wrote:
Oh, that's quite the adventure, young Pirate. What is the best tea in the Spiral? Hmm, I love Echo-nacea tea. The plant grows all around Darkmoor. Be careful though! The Darkmoorians/ites say the plant can said ye a wail so loud, you'll be stunned for a day. But, belaying that, with the right amount of honey, it's simply delightful with warm biscuits and cake. Unfortunately, I haven't much since my Valencia days, but it's well worth it if I'm fighting for my friends honor!

Another good tea is Skull-Cap Tea. You can find the Buffaloes using it in Cool Ranch as well as many parts of Darkmoor. It's got a tremendously grand flavor. Despite it's dark name, it helps calm the mind and reduces any stress or restlessness you may have. So perfect for the Pirates who get tired of the heavy battle. Be warned though! The more you drink, the sleepier you get until you've gone and passed out! Almost as if you're dead (no not really...I hope) I can't tell you how many times my crew's fallen out on me, once they've had a jug of it before battle.

Next time you find yourself in those skies, stop by a tavern and have a sip or two!
I bought me some Baron's Death tea. I advise you this you get tired of battling and don't want to head to the Yum-n-ade stand.

Head to Valencia, grab some Green Finest. Grows all over Granchia, but you can buy some from Steed if you get enough money.

Then try to get a flame from a bone drake in Avernus-put it on a stick(the flame).

Head to Scrimshaw and find some Scrivle-Herb. It looks like a purple flower, semi-uncommon. Grab a bunch of em.

Now put it all into a pot and let it roast minutes.

Now drink it.

Then die. Too strong.


Dec 21, 2009
Hamamistu ham.

If you ever have tasted that it's like heaven.