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Below Decks

Aug 02, 2013
I agree. I also believe this room should act like a tavern, allowing you to talk to your companions about a promotion.

Jul 24, 2013
"I agree wth wht evryone is saying so far wouldn'd it be difficult to ad something like this? ialso have an idea of the possibillity of being able to stoping the ship while in flight and hanging out on your deck and if the bellow deck thing happens itl' be even cooler! sorry for the spelling errors i've been doing this on a kindle paper whit and as u scroll every wher to inividual leeters you don't see them untell you hit done so srry"

Aug 02, 2008
Decorate-able or not, I'd also like to voice support for a Tavern-like ready room.

I understand art resource demands pretty much preclude unique rooms for every ship out there, but even if I couldn't look out proper windows, this would be an outstanding feature.

I'll admit though I'm leary of ship specific spaces...going from a Pirate Galleon to a Monquistan Skiff for deck fights felt awful! I can just imaging all the wrong kinds of head-banging that would ensue.

Nov 22, 2009
Adding on to this idea, I think it would be really cool if your companions walked around on and in the ship, just like a real one. You know, some people on the rigging, some below decks, someone on lookout...