Pirate101 Producer's Letters


May 2016 Producer's Letter

The weather is warming up as we inch our way towards summer. Have you started planning a summer vacation yet? Or maybe you’re just looking forward to finding a nice, relaxing spot for a day trip?

Speaking of outings, last month, I got the chance to join Decius, One-Eyed Jack, Bonnie Anne, and #JuliafromKI to hang out at the KingsIsle Booth at the South by Southwest Gaming Expo and show off what makes the Spiral great. It was heartwarming to meet so many past, present, and hopefully future denizens of the Spiral. It’s a testament to how much fun it is – I had both a 6 year old and a 60 year old sit down and play, and they both couldn’t get enough! We sent them on their way with a little coin in their coffers, and the hope that we’ll see them sailing around the Spiral soon!

We’ve spent a lot of time working behind the scenes this year, but the Spiral’s seen some pretty great new additions. There have been some sweet new pets like the Ginger Cat, the Stardust Chameleon, the Spring Grouper, and a bunch of new Friendship Festival pets like the Beetle My Valentine! For April Fools’ Day, there was the incredible Helm of Ultimate Protection to protect you against conspiracy theories, and the FABULOUS Rubber Ducky mount.

This last year has been pretty great for PVP, and we’ve finally made it around to the Springtime rewards – the Springtime Champions’ Weapons and the Grudgehogs await, if you have the scrip (and perhaps the rank) needed to make the transaction.

We’ve also released a few screenshots.

This one came in February. Who could this gentleman be?

Average Moe thinks this is Pegleg Patrick who sailed on Avery’s crew back in the day.

Willowy Dream thinks this unlucky pirate sailed the seas of Darkmoor until losing his golden leg betting against Frogfather’s favorite Buffaloon, Bouncing Betty, in the All Hallow's Eve steeplechase.

Applejack wants to introduce you to Captian Shadow, an estranged member of the Nefarious 5.

DK4Vision is sure this is Captain Hande, a legend of the skyways, a member of the resistance who has tangled with Kane and lived to tell the tale (though barely).

Very close, DK! I’d like to have you meet Captain Hande. He’s one of the most infamous pirate captains in Skull Island. Barnabus Hande is renowned for his ferocity and cunning. A bully to his crews and a nightmare to his enemies, Hande’s temper and stubbornness are the stuff of legend. After making a name for himself in the Napoleguinic Wars by double-crossing all four fleets and stealing a horde of gold, Captain Hande hit a period of bad luck. Mutinies and a few particularly nasty sea beast battles cost him a leg, then a hand, and then his other leg – leaving him with just one hand and a name that became something of a joke in Skull Island. Despite his stubbornness, Captain Hande found piracy too difficult after he lost his second leg, so he went into retirement. However, rumors around Flotsam say that the surly old pirate is coming out of retirement for a new scheme, and pirates all over the Spiral are shaking at the prospect.

This one came in March. Where could this scene take place?

Sam Underhill thinks it’s a hideout in Skull Island, perhaps the hideout of Captain Hande?

Anecorbie is intrigued by the coffee table with either eggs or clouds.

Duranteramses87 thinks it’s the tent of a geologist harvesting windstones in Krokotopia.

Gstack96 (and a few others) believes that this may be where the Pirate (you) were born.

Good guesses! Some were right on the money! This is the long-hidden hideout of a famous pirate, where secrets of the Pirate’s past are waiting to be found... or lost.

Since it’s now April, here’s another screenshot of what’s next…

With that, I’m happy to confirm what was announced on KI Live: we’re able to offer a little more of the Pirate story with Book 15. Yes, we will be continuing the main storyline this summer. It’s two chapters, but they’re packed with revelations, resolutions, and rapscallions. We’re actually pretty far along with it, and we expect it to hit the Test Realm before too long. Of course, as with all things in the Spiral, they’re only ready when they’re ready, so bear with us.

We’ll have more details as things progress, but have ever you wondered who built the Armada? Or the REAL scope of Kane’s plans? There will be answers, lots of answers, and of course, more questions too in the thrilling conclusion to the first story arc. Interested in new power and wealth to chase after? We’ve got it. Want to put five more levels of new and improved battle prowess to the test with the most difficult challenge yet? I hope so, because that’s what you’re in for with Valencia, Part 2.

With Fire,
Leah “Professor Falmea” Ruben
Senior Producer of MMO Content