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Seekers of the Spiral by Witty Nathan Bowman

Part 1: Shimmering Stars

Moonlight shimmered on the pool as the kids jumped in and out. Off to the side, Madi stood nervously, uncertain about what to do. She hadn’t wanted to come to Drew’s party in the first place, but her friends had talked her into it. Now they had ditched her to follow some boys. Sitting on a bench nervously, she sat down to wait out the night.

Drew saw the girl sit down. She had a scared look on her face, but she had an air of friendliness about her. She wasn’t smoking hot, but she was still pretty gorgeous. As he strutted over to her, everyone gave him a wide berth, as if he was a god.

“Hey,” said the voice. Madi looked up to see… Drew. Smart aleck, Mr. Know-It-All, Drew. All the other girls thought he was cool and hot, but Madi thought he was a stuck-up jock.

“Go away, you snot,” she replied.

“Ouch,” he said sarcastically. The whole time, he was smiling his perfect white teeth at her. All the kids started laughing.

That instant, Madi ran. She didn’t look like it, but she was the fastest kid in her grade. She knew Drew wouldn’t be able to catch her. Panting hard, she stopped running. After catching her breath, she turned around.

Drew was following her, perplexed. Most girls thought he and his muscles were the total package, but apparently Madi didn’t. When he finally caught up to her, she glared at him.

“What do you want?!” she shouted.

“Whoa, calm down. I was just coming over to talk to you.”

“Talk…to me?”

“Well… I thought you were kind of pretty,” Drew said.

At that pronouncement, Madi stopped looking at him. She stared at the sky, and all the twinkling stars. Then she noticed an odd shape in front of the moon.

“What’s that?” she asked Drew.

“I don’t know. It looks kinda like a ship. A pirate ship. But it can’t be real, thought.” Suddenly, a bolt of electricity seemed to fly from the “ship.” Drew and Madi stared at it until it hit them straight in the chest, knocking them both out.

Part 2: Explosions and Escapes

“Lord Deacon, the pris-o-ners have been chain-ed up.”

“Keep it that way. We can’t have silly Earth children running around the ship. Also deactivate the incompetent surveillance officer. We’ll use him for scrap metal when we get back to Valencia.”

“Yes sir.”

As the voices faded away, Drew lifted his head up. His head was throbbing, and his arms hurt from the chains. Across from him, Madi was held in the same uncomfortable position.

“Where are we?” whispered Madi.

“It looks like some sort of cell. We could be in… a brig! The ship, Madi! It’s real! We must be inside!” exclaimed Drew.

“But… how? Who’s driving it? And what do they want with us?!”

“I… don’t know.”

As the hours passed, Madi and Drew stopped talking. They were hungry, tired, and their arms ached from being above their heads. Suddenly…


An explosion rocked the ship. Voices were screaming and yelling, but one stood above the rest.

“Yar! Are you kids all right down there?”

An odd man appeared outside the cell door. He was dressed in old-timey pirate getup, and he was brandishing a sword. Oddest of all was hi luxuriant white beard.

“Um… we’re fine,” Drew stammered. “Are you here to bust us out… Whitebeard?”

“Heez name eez Boochbeard. And I am heez vonderful asseztant, ze one, ze only, Mr. Gandry!”

Drew looked at the figure who stepped out behind Boochbeard. He was a monkey! The monkey (Gandry) was dressed in a military uniform, and had a determined look on his face. He would’ve been scary if he hadn’t been only three feet tall.

“No time for formalities, Gandry! Let’s blow this Yum-Yum stand!” shouted Boochbeard.

With that, Gandry jumped up and undid their handcuffs. Before they could thank him, he scurried off after Boochbeard. With a shrug, Madi and Drew turned and followed.


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