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Seekers of the Spiral (Part 3 & 4) by Witty Nathan Bowman

Part 3: To the Captain!

On top of the deck, chaos rage. Shots blasted, and bombs had been thrown, filling the air with sulfurous smoke.

“Watch out for the Clockworks! They’ll capture any of us if they have a chance,” yelled Boochbeard.

Madi grew even more worried. The Clockworks were their capturers. What could they be? Then she saw one. It made slow, smooth movements toward them. It looked exactly like a human- except for the clothes. A metal uniform and hat sat upon its body, and its face was covered by an Italian Carnival mask.

“Zis vay!” cried Gandry.

All of them jumped onto a ship moored right next to the Armada one. Soon they were sailing away.

As they flew, Madi noticed something curious. They weren’t sailing in water. They were sailing through the air! She saw the island they were sailing (or was it flying?) toward. It was floating too! Even fish were flying through the air! That put a whole new meaning on “flying fish!”

“We’re certainly not in Kansas anymore,” grumbled Drew.

The ship started to slow as it descended upon a mountain. Madi noticed the mountain looked exactly like a skull.

“That’s Skull Mountain, the namesake of Skull Island. Unfortunately, this is where I leave you,” said Boochbeard.

“Leave us?!” cried Drew.

“You’re resourceful kids. If you need help, find Captain Avery.”

And on that final note, Boochbeard and Gandry sailed away, as if they’d never been there.

‘C’mon Drew, let’s go find Avery,” said Madi.

“Captain, two children are here to see you.”

“Hmm… let them in, Bonnie.”

“Yes, sir.”

Madi and Drew walked in and stared at the imposing figure that was Captain Avery.

Part 4- The Teachings of a Pirate

Captain Avery stood tall and thin. He was an aged man, but he gave the impression of great power. He wore his white hair in curls, and his beard was neatly trimmed. His suit was quite fancy and elegant.

“So, what brings you children here?” he said in his calculating voice.

“Sir, we were wondering if you could help us. We’re far away from home, and we wanted to know if you could get us back to Earth?” said Madi.

“Earth!” Avery cried. “You’re a long ways from home, my dear. You’re in an entirely different universe!”

Avery explained to the kids that they were currently in “The Spiral.” The Spiral was an enormous universe, shaped like, well, a spiral. Amongst this ginormous spiral were “worlds.” These worlds were all floating islands, each with different culture and inhabitants. Avery said the only way to travel around The Spiral was to cause a massive amount of energy to spin in a circular motion. Unfortunately, he knew of no way to get them home.

Avery also told them that they were currently on the world of Skull Island, the pirate capital of The Spiral. Avery was trying to recruit troops to overthrow the Armada. The Clockworks were from Valencia, and they were trying to dominate The Spiral.

“So, you two, I can’t help you, but will you help me? You’ll have a home and friends your age, with some of the best pirate trainers in the Spiral.”

“Definitely!” cried Drew. He loved adventures.

“Well… I guess,” said Madi. She figured this was better than being a prisoner for robots.

“Great!” said Avery. “Now I need to assign you your teachers. Do you have any special skills?”

Both of the kids were hesitant to brag about themselves. Instead, they bragged about each other.

“Drew’s really strong. Just look at his muscles!” cried Madi.

“Madi’s the fastest person I know,” exclaimed Drew. “She set a bunch of school records.”

“Well, your talents are obvious,” observed Avery. “Drew, with your strength, you’d be a Buccaneer. Mordekai will be your teacher. Madi, since you’re so fast, you should find Morgan Lafitte. She’s the leader of the Swashbucklers. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some work to do.”

After they walked out of Avery’s office, Drew pulled Madi aside.

“Madi, I know you want to be a Swashbuckler, but you shouldn’t. While we’re here, it’d be best to not draw too much attention to ourselves. You should do something less glamorous. Maybe you should be… a Witchdoctor.”

“A Witchdoctor! That sounds awful!”

“I know, but we need to lay low.”

Before she could reply, Drew walked off to the Buccaneer’s Den, leaving Madi alone with no friends in this strange new world.


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