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Seekers of the Spiral (Part 5) by Witty Nathan Bowman

Part 5: The Underground Meeting

After a couple months, Madi and Drew had adjusted to their new lives. But even though they had lots of fun, some nights they wondered if they would ever get home.

Madi loved staying with her roommate, Esmeralda. She felt very differently about her classes though. The Witchdoctor trainer, Madame Vadima, was very strict. Although she looked like a crazy woman straight out of the bayou, Madame Vadima was clever. She knew Madi possessed little magical prowess, but she didn’t bother Madi. Madi had turned into a quiet girl who nobody knew.

On the other hand, Drew had turned into a stud. Like back on Earth, everyone wanted to be around him. Apparently he had forgotten their “lay low” plan.

Unlike Madi, Drew excelled at his classes. He was a lot like the Buccaneer trainer, Mordekai. Both of them were courageous, strong, and powerful. The only difference between them was that Mordekai was a shark! Because of their differences, the two kids hardly saw each other anymore. Instead, Madi helped Captain Avery as much as possible.

Captain Avery was trying to get the world of Monquista to help him overthrow the Armada. He’d sent treaties and delegates to their colony, Puerto Mico, but the Monquistans refused to side with him. They would only join him if he brought them the Gold Monkey from the Isle of Doom.

On a rainy day, Madi decided to go to the Kraken Skulls Tavern. A bottle of Yum would warm her up. As she walked inside, she ran straight into Drew.

“Oh, hi,” she said half-heartedly.

“Shh!” cried Drew. His eyes were huge. He pointed around the corner of the building. Madi followed his finger and saw… a trapdoor! Drew and Madi hurried over and listened to the sounds coming out.

“Look, Ratbeard, the only way to get to the Isle of Doom is to pass the Frogfather’s blockade.”

“Exactly, Sarah. We just need to find the Frogfather, gain his favor, and then we’ll be able to find the Golden Monkey.”

“But where does he live?”


“What, Emmett?!”

“I heard that he’s been seen around Jonah Town…”

As the conversation continued, Drew motioned for Madi to walk away.

“Can you believe it?!” he whispered. “If we can find the Frogfather, we can find the Monkey!”

Madi knew they were starting an adventure the instant she saw the gleam in his eye.


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