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Seekers of the Spiral (Part 6) by Witty Nathan Bowman

Part 6: Dark and Dangerous

Drew was staring to get exasperated. They’d searched around Jonah Town for day, but he and Madi still hadn’t found the Frogfather. There were so few places to look, since Jonah Town was on the back of a whale (long story). Finally, Drew agreed with Madi that they should ask the residents about him.

The two kids approached the mayor, Captain Ahab. He was the best pelican fisherman who had ever lived. Since Ahab was so fancy compared to the other pelicans, they thought he might know something.

“Excuse me, sir,” Drew said. “We were wondering if you knew anything about the Frogfather.”

“The Frogfather! Don’t know a thing about him! He certainly doesn’t live in Gullet! That’s for sure!” exclaimed Ahab.

Drew knew that tone of voice. It meant he was being lied to.

“Madi, what does Gullet mean?”

“I think… stomach. Why?”

“I think I found our guy,” Drew said.

After a long and disgusting journey, the two kids were in the belly of the whale. In front of them was a simple, wooden shack. The two marched up and stepped inside.

Madi and Drew had walked into a dimly lit, smoky room. With the little light, they saw a large desk, with a squat frog seated behind it. He was dressed in a tuxedo, and he had a cigar stub in his mouth. This was the Frogfather.

‘Well,” he croaked. “It seems that you kids finally found me. Bravo.”

Drew opened his mouth to speak, but the Frogfather cut him off.

“I know why you’re here, and yes, I’ll help you, but on one condition. Anything I ask of you, you must do. Agreed?” The kids somberly nodded. “Good.”

Madi let out a sigh. After that meeting, she had felt really tense. Now they were sailing away, looking for the Gold Monkey. Everything seemed perfect. That is, until she saw the ships.

One was ablaze, and seemed ready to fall apart. The other was continuously firing electric shots. Madi realized that it was an Armada ship. But the worst part was the boy, tied to the mast of the Armada ship. With a start, she saw he was surrounded by Clockworks.

“Drew!” she cried. “We have to help!”

Drew steered their boat straight toward the fighting. When it was close enough, he and Madi jumped out, ready for battle.

Drew cut a path through the Clockworks with his sword, until he was close enough to cut the boy free. Madi used her magic and summoned ghosts to protect them. She took a bag out of her pocket. It was teleportation dust, which could bring them back to their own ship.

AS she ran towards the boys, a hand grabbed her shirt. She threw the dust, hoping for an escape. As she collapsed upon the deck of her and Drew’s ship, another, heavier body fell on top of her.


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