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Seekers of the Spiral (Part 7) by Witty Nathan Bowman

Part 7 - New Companions

Stars blinked in front of Madi’s eyes as she finally regained consciousness. Her back ached, and the magic had drained all the energy out of her body. She felt tired, and her memory was foggy. Had something fallen on her?

“Well, Sleeping Beauty has awoken,” said a sarcastic voice.

Madi looked up to see Drew standing next to a younger boy. He was probably about twelve, but he was really short for his age. His glasses were askew, and his hands were fidgeting, as if he was nervous about something.

“Hey! Doesn’t the guy who knocked you out get some attention?” said the same annoying voice.

Madi spun around to see another boy tied to the mast of their ship. He was slightly chubby, had scruffy clothes, and long brown hair that fell into his eyes. Freckles were splashed across his face, and his white teeth gleamed at her.

“Hey babe, I don’t bite,” he joked.

Then Madi had a thought.

“Ooh, little girl’s feisty,” Drew said. The whole time he smiled right at her. Everybody was laughing. Slap! Madi smacked the sarcastic kid across the face.

“Don’t you ever talk to me like that again, or I’ll throw you overboard!” she fumed. Her face a bright red, she stomped down to her cabin.

Drew later told Madi that the sarcastic boy’s name was Ian. Apparently, he had been on the crew of the burning pirate ship. His crew had been trying to undermine the Armada. Drew had tied him up because he had knocked Madi out and threatened to shoot Drew.

Drew also told Madi that the smaller boy’s name was Logan. Logan was quiet, but Drew had found out that Logan was from Earth as well.

“Madi, the must abduct everyone who sees them! But what are they planning? And why are they traveling to Earth?”

“Do we have something they want?” asked Madi.

At that, Logan mumbled something.

“What is it?” said Drew.

“We have guns. Powerful guns.” whispered Logan. “We have bombs. We’re more technologically advanced than the entire Spiral.”

Madi’s eyes grew huge, and so did Drew’s. They stared directly at each other. What could the Armada do with weapons of mass destruction?

As the boat pulled into port, Drew held the Frogfather’s letter tightly. He and Madi had agreed to keep Logan on board, but they had to get rid of Ian. He was just too crazy and unpredictable.

Drew handed the letter to the dock master, Estefan Segovia. This little monkey controlled who got to land on the Isle of Doom. He read the note, pleased, until he got to the bottom.

“Your name… is it Drew?” he said suspiciously.

“Yes,” said Drew.

“And that girl… is her name Madi?” he asked again.

“Yes, why?”

“Guards!” cried the monkey. “The thieves are here!”

Two monkeys dressed in metal with pointy spears chased after them. Madi and Drew barely made it to the boat.

“Go, go, go!” cried Drew.

“Oh, yeah, did I forget to mention you guys have a bounty on your heads?” Ian said, still smiling.


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