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It’s October! Let’s celebrate the month in black and orange style!

You know what October means, Pirates! It’s time to celebrate our Birthday and Halloween at the same time, and we’re ready to break out the boxes . . . this time with an added surprise you’re sure to enjoy. If you find a package around Skull Island, be sure to open it this month.

Be looking forward to our birthday on October 15th this month, Pirates, and stay tuned to our Social Media for more information.

Now let’s read on with some fun spotlights and links from our fans as we take a look back at September.


Rogue's Gallery: Samocles

Not much is known about this off-the-beaten-path Gladiator companion that is only obtained by Swashbucklers, but one of our fans requested a little bit more information about the hero that is Samocles. We hope you enjoy learning the inside scoop on this worthy hero!

“Welcome to the Pirate101 Rogue’s Gallery. Subject, Samocles.

The mighty gladiator Samocles was born in the wealthy city of Thrace to a patrician family and a life of privilege. Samocles grew up expecting to enter the military like his father before him, and spent his days training in swordplay in hopes of one day fighting at his father’s side.

However, tragedy befell the family when his father vanished on a quest for the Golden Ram of Colchaea. Without his father’s earnings the family soon fell deeply into debt. Samocles refused to let the family be demeaned to a plebian existence however. Using his last few gold coins, he booked passage to Nova Aquila and entered himself into servitude as a gladiator of the Colosseum. His indenture price spared his family from poverty but lost him his freedom.

Some still claim the day Samocles entered the lists as the greatest contest the audiences of the Colosseum ever saw. Samocles triumphed time and time again and the day culminated with his defeat of a Manticore, a Storm Shark, and a wild Buffaloon in a single bout.

Samocles continued to earn acclaim and renown and grew ever more skillful as a fighter. He rose to the top rank of all gladiators and was finally deemed too valuable to risk as a combatant but would instead act as trainer to an entire cohort of gladiators. He no longer faced the risk of death in the Colosseum, yet strangely, he yearned for adventure. But it seemed that his dreams would never come true until one fateful day, a strange pirate released him from his service...

These pirates and more await you when you play for free at Pirate101.com.”



Fall into Season Two of Pirate101 PvP

As announced on Massively OP, on Social Media and throughout the Spiral . . . a new age of PvP has already begun in Pirate101! Yes, September 20th heralded a new age of PvP where players can rise again through the ranks and earn new, exciting rewards.

This new season comes with new Pets and new gear to earn! Duelist101 has all the news about the new Fall Champion rewards.

Our fans have been weighing in on the latest PvP strats, and have been posting some great articles that you’re going to want to check out:

  • Don’t miss this 1v1 Buccaneer Guide by Technomage (Fiesty Orange) on the Duelist101 site.
  • After you’ve read all you can there, head on over to Central for more Buccaneer advice from Alex Deathflame and his 29-0 record!
  • Play a Witchdoctor in PvP? Swordroll shares his inside stats.
  • . . . and if you’re looking to be a melee-focused witchdoctor, perhaps this forum post will interest you.
  • Haven’t done a round of Battle Royale yet? Check out this round of the latest PvP craze on their YouTube channel.
  • Finally, if you like to PvP with Pirate101 Central, don’t miss their latest rule changes.

For the Fans!

We’ve been watching and laughing along with our wonderful and wacky fans as they continue to delight us with The Spiral from their unique points of view. Our fans and fan sites also provide a plethora of helpful information every month! If you missed these posts from last month, do yourself a favor and check them out now:

  • Our Pirate101 players came up with an absolutely hilarious list of Pirate101 Spoof powers (Like “Toe the Line” and “Valor’s Armpit”) that you have to read to believe!
  • Petnome Pirates started collecting data on the new Seymour Spider Petnome.
  • Curious about Talking like a Pirate? Stars of the Spiral took an opportunity to spell it out for you in a great post on Talk Like a Pirate Day.
  • Looking for more information about the hidden trainers in Pirate101? Stars of the Spiral has a full schedule on their appearances.
  • Ahoy, Peter Quint! You know him and love him well.
  • Did you know Seymour the Spider Pet was a hidden Easter Egg reference to an old kids show? Even if you didn’t, you definitely were talking about the newest pet to hit the Crown Shop in Pirate101. Paige Moonshade took a closer look (eek!) at Seymour’s scarier side!
  • Looking to capitalize on your pet’s Time Warp ability? Look no further than Duelist101.
  • The Secrets of the Spiral fan site was welcomed back to our official list, and they posted about 10 ways to keep busy in Pirate101.
  • Ever tried to solo the Pirate’s Regatta? Join in the discussion here.
  • Blaze and Blue continued their epic play-through of Pirate101 last month! Did you catch them in the Marie Celestia?
  • What a cute one-eyed jack, Cat Slypaw put together!
  • How about that Adorabilis! Did you know it’s a real thing?
  • Did you get your hands on the new Disco Toad pet hybrid? Get it while it’s funky fresh!
  • Ever wanted a Pirate101 plushie? There’s a fun discussion here and even a cool hand-crafted doll picture from the ever-talented Anne Radcliffe.

Puppet Pirates

Gandry: I don't think you seem to get the point.
Boochbeard: Oh I get the point, a lot of points that is.

By Greedy Jeremy Lawson

Who will caption the next Puppet Pirates? Stay tuned to our Facebook page to enter your caption on the next Puppet Pirates.


Septembarrr Fun!

Vadima's Visions: Hybrids????

Hello my Pirate friends! I have been awaiting your visit and foresaw your journey here. I also see you left the house in a hurry today (pssst, you’ve got your shoes on the wrong feet . . . ).

I’ve been reading your questions on the Official Pirate101 Message Boards, and I have two questions that can be answered by Madame Vadima today. Peer closely into my crystal ball!

Aha! I see pets that possess the spirits of two that have combined into one . . . hybrids you call them. Madison WinterHorn asked us the question, “What is the most common pet hybrid pirates make?” Yes, do you see the frozen water in the lake? Do you see the shark crashing through the ice? This means the most common pet hybrid is the one and only Frostbiter. It is by far the most common pet hybrid that is created.

I see the names of other hybrid pets as well! Behold!

  • Paper Dragon
  • Golden Sky Dragon
  • Spooktooth
  • Fire Lizard

These are your most common hybrids, Madison!

Let us shift our attention to a question from Captain BlackWolf Bowman. He asks, “Which Mooshu 5, Kraken Skulls 5, and Presidio 5 companions are the most used in each group, and the least?”

The Crystal Ball it glows with the power of all the companions! I see locations and pirates swirling in the Spiral. LOOK AWAY BEFORE YOU ARE SUCKED IN TO THE VORTEX! Haha! Just kidding . . . it’s a little bit of magical crystal ball humor. You’re safe, Pirate.

The crystal ball has settled upon the land of MooShu, and an image of Kobe Yojimbo shines before us! Yes, Kobe is the most used companion. Poor Egg Shen . . . a shadow rests upon him. He is the least used of the so-called “Mooshu Five.” He is a very good companion as well. Perhaps it is because our Privateers get so many companions that they like to use a variety. Interesting.

They crystal ball has shifted its gaze to the Kraken Skulls tavern in Skull Island! Aha! Sarah Steele shines brightly before us while Emmett Otter remains in the shadows. I suppose it is a good sign for Emmett that he recently received an additional power from The Spiral. Perhaps this will improve his situation.

Finally, the crystal ball has focused on the infamous Presidio. This time it is Gaspard De Vole who is shining brightly while Dead Mike . . . poor Dead Mike . . . is darkened in shadows. Maybe his situation would improve if more pirates were using the amazing Baron Samedi’s Standard from the Hoodoo Bundle.

The visions fade . . . until next time my Pirate friends, thank you for visiting Vadima. I hope to see you asking me more mysterious questions for next month! Remember to say hello to Vadima when you can.