Pirate101 Monthly Newsletter


Welcome to Pirate101

Welcome all to KingsIsle Entertainment's second MMO, Pirate101! You can read all about this momentous occasion from the Press Release. It's great to see so many new pirates busy finishing quests and just plain having fun in Avery's Court on Skull Island and beyond. We hope you truly enjoy all that’s waiting for you to experience in Pirate101!

As you may or may not know, Pirate101 had been in development for a few years while the success of Wizard101 allowed us to grow! Rest assured, both Pirate101 and Wizard101 will continue to expand, and we're sure you'll love playing all the new content that’s already in the works for Pirate101 for years to come.

A lot of thought and hard work has gone into making sure all types of players are accommodated with options for playing Pirate101. If you haven't seen our variety of subscription options, you can find them here. While you're at it, make sure you and your friends stay closely linked together through True Friend Codes. If you don't know about the powers of earning Crowns for both you and your friends through True Friend Codes, make sure you check out the page about this exciting feature in the Player's Guide.

Pirate101 has so much to offer! Whether you like the amazing story, the profitable quests, the colorful characters, or the fantastic skyways on which you sail your ships in Pirate101, WELCOME NEW PIRATES! We're excited to have you here to experience all Pirate101 has to offer.



Have you seen the new commercial for Pirate101? Join Boochbeard and Gandry as they seek to find a very special pirate. Could it be you?

Pirate Ships

Prepaid Game Cards

There's plenty of ways to get started playing Pirate101, but if you're looking to take your game to a new level, have you seen our Pre-paid card page for Pirate101? We'll be showing off our pre-paid cards, so check it out! Keep an eye on your favorite local retailers - you never know when we'll release another card.


Fans and Fan Sites

The Pirate101 community is already in full swing with a lot of amazing fan sites. Last month our fan sites all held really awesome contests to giveaway both the Boochbeard and Cutthroat bundles. Besides offering a lot of great community fun and up to date news, you never know when our fan sites will be holding a contest or raffle. Come join the fun and visit our fan site page today!

Speaking of Fans and Fan sites, we really must say thank you for the warm wishes we received to a long future with Pirate101. Some of our fans even sent us wonderful gifts!


These cookies came from Cookie Cowgirl.


These bottles of soda pop Yum came from the Mercenaries for Charter!


We even had a bag of M&Ms from the Pieces of Eight podcast.


Some of the best gifts we get from our fans are all the wonderful pieces of fan art, fan fiction, and screenshots. We even built a shrine to all our fan gifts!

We truly have amazing fans. Thank you!


Skull Island Wallpaper

Have you had a chance to see this amazing wallpaper featuring the Skull Island characters and theme? Right click on this picture, save it to your computer, and then set it as your desktop background.


Hints from One-Eyed Jack

Hello pirates! This is One-Eyed Jack, your Pirate101 Community Manager! I can see a lot of our new pirates are still a bit clean behind the ears, so I thought I'd share a tip or two about Pirate101 in the newsletter. My first tip is to make sure you're reading our official Pirate101 forums! There's always a lot of great sharing of information going on there that’s sure to be helpful.

My second tip is that if you're looking for some interesting loot, you may want to consider "farming" bosses in the game a few times to see if you can get anything unique or special (“farming” is a term gamers like to use when they fight bosses a few times in a row to get extra loot). There are many hidden treasures you can find on bosses that can really make a character unique. Take, for example, Da Claw, from Buster Crab. Not only is it a great slashy weapon with high damage for its level range, it also gives your character a really cool feature: a crab claw instead of a human hand!


Books for the Cultured Pirate

Hello my friends! My name is Librarian Adelmo, and I am from Valencia where I help young pirates such as you find many valuable lexicons so you may fill your minds with new and interesting ideas.

The book I would like to share with you today is titled Uncle Pirate, by Douglas Rees. In this fine book, a character named Wilson is having a GREAT day. In one fell swoop, he discovers (a) he has a long-lost uncle (b) who is a pirate named Desperate Evil Wicked Bob and (c) who has a pet penguin and (d) who is moving in (and so is the penguin). But it’s when Wilson takes his uncle to school that things get really interesting. Wilson hasn’t exactly explained to Desperate Evil Wicked Bob that his teacher can’t get anyone in his class to pay attention or that the principal’s secretary locks herself in the office to avoid dealing with kids. What will happen when Wilson’s uncle finds out that the school is full of the worst crew he ever saw? This hilarious book by Douglas Rees has pictures by famous cartoonist Tony Auth (and the penguin pictures are especially good).


Introducing Puppet Pirates!

Avast! Puppet Pirates is our new cartoon series based around Boochbeard and Gandry. It's a one-panel humorous comic inspired by the loading screens found in Pirate101 and will be captioned by the fans of the game through our Facebook page!

On a regular basis we'll be uploading a Puppet Pirate picture and asking for caption ideas. We'll then take our favorite captions and ask for votes. After all the votes are tallied, the caption with the most votes will be permanently added to the comic and featured on Pirate101.com.