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June 2019

The Skyways Are Heating Up!

Summer is heating up across the Spiral! It’s the perfect time to set sail throughout the Skyways. You always discover something new about Pirate101 when picking a random direction and exploring the world’s boundaries. Who knows, you may even find a fellow shipmate to add to your crew along the way!

Capture that amazing screenshot of a magnificent sunset or that monster about to eat your ship and send it to us at community@pirate101.com! We are constantly looking for your gameplay content to feature on social media and, of course, in these newsletters. See some of the amazing screenshots and concept art that were submitted for this newsletter below!

A quick lookback on last month and all the May Mayhem:

  • May 2: Pirates de Mayo fiesta!
  • May 15: KingsIsle Make-A-Wish bake sale!
  • May 21: New ‘Community News’ section in the forums
  • May 30: KI Live! Missed the show? Watch it below on YouTube.
  • You voted for Puppet Pirates #79, see the results!

Keep updated daily on the latest news to hit the skyways for next month on Twitter and Facebook!

Read on for more fun with our community and their Spiral activities.

Summer Contest: Pillow Fight Returns!

Pillow hunters across the skyways, unite! The ever-popular pillow fight is being fluffed up again, now with even more pillows out there in the wild. Are you brave enough to hunt down the most menacing item of all?

On the surface Skull Island may be notorious for its armies of troggies, shivers of sharks, and Aztecan ruins full of peril; however, our plundering pirates really know what’s in abundance in the treasure chests of Skull Island... pillows! In fact, the pillow stockpile has grown so huge that there’s only one thing to do... PILLOW FIGHT!!

This pillow farming event will run through each weekend of Pirate 101's birthday month:

Pillow Fight #1: June 14-16 with Blue and White, Cyan and Pink pillows

Pillow Fight #2: June 21-23 with Leather and Tan, Pink and Magenta pillows

At the end of each weekend we will tally the count of pillows. Those who got the most of a set will be awarded with a bunch of Crowns! Check out the link below for details on the prize pool.

Let the pillow fight begin!

KI Live Livestream with Bat Masterson & Professor Falmea

This past month’s KI Live had a mix of Pirate101 and Wizard101 gameplay action. Bat Masterson headed over with some Pirate friends to defeat Ratbeard. The battle was overall a success with one critical exception... Bat forgot to finish the quest and now has to start over! He'll learn :).

You can watch KI Live on KingsIsle’s YouTube channel below:

An excellent Pirate101 tip from this month’s KI Live comes from community member Willowydream:

“A great way to acquire good ship equipment if you're low on gold or not finding what you want at the Bazaar is to farm the roaming Boss Ships in the skyways. Change realms after sinking them and they'll appear nearby immediately. You will also win gold and scrip, too.” - Willowydream

For more videos and recorded livestreams, be sure to subscribe to KingsIsle's YouTube channel!

Make-A-Wish Charity Results

We raised over $800 in our bake sale last month for Make-A-Wish of Central & Southern Texas @MakeAWishCSTX! Make-A-Wish is a non-profit organization that creates life-changing wishes for children with a critical illness. We’re preparing to further this year’s charity efforts by participating in Over The Edge. Look for us rappelling off buildings soon!

Bringing Back the Nautical XP Parties

What’s a Nautical Exp Party? Well, my friends, it is an amazing gathering of Pirate101 players to take on the biggest and baddest vessels in the skyways no matter your level! If you’re looking for a fast way to level up, then you’re definitely going to want to attend these events and watch your nautical experience bar overflow!

It’s not a strange occurrence to hear one of our great fan sites advertising a nautical exp party, and you’re going to want to listen up! Being in the right place at the right time is your first key to success.

A simple rule to sinking ships in a group is that if you’re in a ship that doesn’t have a lot of health to back it up, it’s best to let someone else take the lead. If you’re in a ship with a lot of health but not a lot of fire power, it’s best to take the hits for the group!

As soon as you see a ship firing on another player, use your bracket keys to target it and click your powers to activate them. At these parties, you might want to use powers that do damage or debuff quickly to be sure you’ll get the nautical experience you’re after.

Keep watch on @Pirate101 for details of when the next Nautical XP Party begins. The action can be fast and furious so try to keep up and enjoy the strength in numbers!

Zone of the Month: Puerto Mico

Our Lead Creative Designer, Sam Johnson, has worked on Pirate101 for a long time now and has much to say about the history of the world that you may not have heard about yet. He continues his series of spotlights that dive deeper into the lore and history behind the game’s characters and locations.

Sam has been eager to provide more of this content since you’ve expressed interest in it. Several of you suggested Puerto Mico, so check out the zone below!

Name: Puerto Mico

Location: Tradewinds skyway, in the world of Skull Island.


The center of Monquistan power in Skull Island, Puerto Mico is a bustling metropolis of trade and commerce, the largest and most prosperous colony the Monkeys have anywhere in the Spiral. Monquista's parched climate has little in the way of water or fruit – Skull Island is overflowing with both, and Puerto Mico is the port through which those precious commodities pass back to the Monquistan homeland. That would have been enough to make the city wealthy, but the jungles of Skull Island offered even greater treasure: gold, plundered from the ancient ruins. The flow of gold back to the homeland left Puerto Mico second only to Monquista City in wealth and prosperity.

Puerto Mico is far away from the endless intrigues of the Monquistan capital, and most of the residents are perfectly happy with that. A pleasant climate, all the bananas one can eat, lots of water... more than a few Monquistan nobles have gone out of their way to get exiled here, reveling in their punishment.

Who’s That Boss?

In Gapsard De Vole's promotion quest "On Golden Frond" the Holy Monquisition makes an appearance. Don't let them know you expected them!

Behind the Dev Process:

Puerto Mico was designed to be the first taste of Monquistan civilization that players meet in Pirate101, and a lot of work and iteration went into perfecting the look and feel. The short stature of the Monquistans was the jumping off point for everything: the original vision of the Monquistan city was something like Lilliput, where the player would tower over the architecture but still be able to enter buildings.

Which area in Pirate101 should we spotlight for March? Let us know by tweeting your suggestion @Pirate101 or by emailing community@Pirate101.com!

Puppet Pirates

Last month you voted on the best Puppet Pirates quote. The results are in and we’ve got a tie! Congrats to both Taylor Taylor and Dark Aurora on your quote being chosen for Puppet Pirate #79 this month!

Boochebeard: “Paddle faster me harpy! I men me hearty!”
Gandry: "I’m trying! It’s quite difficult to paddle upstream!"
~ Taylor Taylor

Boochebeard: “Keep paddling, monkey!”
Gandry: "I am, quit harping me about it!"
~ Dark Aurora

Join in on the fun by watching Twitter and Facebook for the next Puppet Pirate reveal!

Fan Screenshot of the Month

This month’s screenshot spotlight goes to Reliable Chris Young, seen here ready to take off in his trusty new glider:

"Bonnie Anne wanted to go sightseeing so they decided it was a good day for sailing in the skull island skyway enjoying the nice afternoon breeze.” ~ Reliable Chris Young

Fan Art Spotlight

We have some truly amazing talent in the community! Here is a drawing of ashlynrwade's character:

We would love to see more screenshots and fan art for next month’s newsletter. Do you have something to share? Send it to us in an email to community@pirate101.com. We’re always interested in showing off more fan art, gameplay guides, and other content.

Thanks, Pirates!

Community News

Adventures of the Spiral has a great guide on ‘Why You Should Sail Into Pirate101

Arcanum’s Archives ran their first ever Pirate101 event on Twitch. The event went great! If another is run, we at KingsIsle will be sure to be there.

A special thanks to @LauriTheWiz, @TheArtOfWarlord, and others for streaming the game throughout the month! Are you a livestreamer as well? Let us know!

Logan at Adventures of the Spiral writes about being a buccaneer, and how PvP can be useful.

From Final Bastion

If you have an upcoming event, or even a blog post or other pieces of news you wish to share with the community, please send it to community@pirate101.com (include a link on social media if you have one) and we may share it on social and here in future newsletters.

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