Pillow Fight Event


Slay creatures and get unique pillows!

July 2022 Pillow Fight - The Results Are In!

Before we get to the winners, let's look at some fun facts.

  • A total of 13,037 pillow fight pillows were obtained over the weekend. At an average weight of 1.5lbs, that means players looted the equivalent weight of a African Bush Elephant!
  • Thankfully, only 1,211 pillows were discarded from your inventories. Where did they all go? A fluffier place, one can only assume.
  • Swashbucklers looted the most pillows at 3,196 total, while Privateers looted the fewest at 1,995.
  • Were they coordinating? Witchdoctors and Buccaneers pillow total was only 6 away from being exactly the same! 2,568 and 2,562 respectively.

Now for the winners! One dedicated player is taking home 30,000 Crowns for their outstanding ability to collect the most pillows in 3 categories. Huge congratulations to Slick Steven Stern for collecting a mattress-store rivaling 423 pillows! This player collected 3.2% of all the pillows dropped during the event. WOW!

The last category winner is Austin! They beat out Slick Steven for the Pink and Magenta pillow category by a small margin of only 6 more pillows! Austin, congratulations on collecting 358 total pillows and 10,000 Crowns.

Three pirates per category that obtained at least 20 pillows have been chosen to earn 5,000 Crowns. If your name is here, congratulations on being a lucky Pirate!

The 3 winners for the Blue and White category are:

  • Beatriz Everret the Buccaneer with 23 pillows
  • Felix the Privateer with 24 pillows
  • Strong Alex Usher the Musketeer with 31 pillows

The 3 winners for the Cyan and Pink category are:

  • Shallow Fred Freeman the Swashbuckler with 22 pillows
  • Strong Alex Usher (Again!) the Musketeer with 22 pillows
  • Austin (Again!) the Witchdoctor with 83 pillows

The 3 winners for the Leather and Tan category are:

  • Ignacio the Musketeer with 70 pillows
  • Felix (Again!) the Privateer with 20 pillows
  • Canny George Davenport the Musketeer with 20 pillows

The 3 winners for the Pink and Magenta category are:

  • Daring Jared West the Privateer with 21 pillows
  • Loyal Wolf Walker the Privateer with 63 pillows
  • Felix (Again!) the Privateer with 21 pillows

Thanks to everyone that participated! If you are a winner, check the email associated with your Pirate101 account later this week for your Crowns.

Contest Details and Prizes:

Are you ready for the challenge of a pirate's lifetime? Are you brave enough to hunt down the most menacing item of all?

On the surface Skull Island may be notorious for its armies of troggies, shivers of sharks, and Aztecan ruins full of peril, but our plundering pirates really know what’s in abundance in the treasure chests of Skull Island... pillows! In fact the pillow stockpile has grown so huge, there’s only one thing to do... PILLOW FIGHT!!

This pillow “farming event” is live now and will end July 11th at 10:30am CT. There are 4 different types of pillows. The player who has collected the most of each type of pillow will earn 10,000 Crowns! Any player that gets at least 20 pillows will be entered into that categories Random Winner prize pool. 3 players from each pool will win 5,000 Crowns.

At the end of the event we will tally the count of pillows and those who got the most of a particular set will be awarded with a bunch of Crowns! Check the bottom of this page for more contest details.

You can find pillows in the Decorations section of your Housing Items inventory. They are all called Pillow Fight Pillow, but you can tell which category it belongs to by the color scheme.
  • Blue & White
  • Leather & Tan
  • Cyan & Pink
  • Pink & Magenta

List of Fights/Mobs That Drop Pillows
Here's a list of bosses or mobs that drops the pillows. This is a non exhaustive list and was created by the wonderful Kelsey Fireheart during a previous pillow fight. Thanks to starsofthespiral.blogspot.com for being a great community resource!

*Skull Island*
Cutthroats, Skull Mountain *MOB*
Troggy Shaman, Skull Mountain *MOB*
Fin Dorsal, Temple of Gloom, The Throne Room *ONE FIGHT*
Troggy Chief, Temple of Gloom, Flooded Shrine *ONE FIGHT*
Cutthroat Lackey, The Old Chum, Skull Mountain *ONE FIGHT*
Mogatu, Flooded Tunnels, Renegade Sanctum *ONE FIGHT*
Rebel Water Mole Spearman, Flooded Tunnels, Prison Chamber, Skull Island *ONE FIGHT*
Rebel Witchdoctor, Flooded Tunnels, Skull Island *MOB*
Drowned Zombie, Flooded Tunnels, Skull Island
Wharf Rat Squirt, Ancient Tunnels, Skull Island *MOB*
Undead Houngan, Ancient Tunnels, Skull Island
Frankie Blue Eyes, Ancient Tunnels, Skull Island
Sergeant Seger, Ancient Tunnels, Final Destination, Skull Island *DUNGEON*
Troggy Shaman, Mysterious Tunnels, Temple of Toloc, Skull Island *DUNGEON*
Lord Mixcoatl, Mysterious Tunnels, Temple of Toloc, Skull Island *DUNGEON*
Louis Jerry, Skull Island, Doyle's Shack *ONE FIGHT*
Bosun Finley, Traitor's Cave, Underwater Grotto, Blood Shoals *DUNGEON*
Mack the Shark, The Threepenny Rake ship (part of Blood Shoals quest), Skull Island Skyway *ONE FIGHT*
The Floating Dutchman, Marie Celeste (part of Blood Shoals quest), Skull Island Skyway *DUNGEON*

*Jonah Town*
Fin Dorsal, Gullet Market House, Gullet *ONE FIGHT*

Undead Witchdoctor, Ghost Ship, Flotsam Skyway *ONE FIGHT*
Waponi Witchdoctor, On Canoe Ships, Flotsam Skyway *ONE FIGHT*
Joey Karo, Karo's Lair, Flotsam *ONE FIGHT*
Old Scratch, Shady Hollow, Hoodoo House, Ruined Lighthouse, Flotsam Skyway *DUNGEON*
Drowned Zombie, Shady Hollow, Evil Cave, Ruined Lighthouse, Flotsam Skyway *DUNGEON*

*Gold Mine*
Gortez, The Gold Mine, Valley of the Gold Monkey *DUNGEON*
Rebel Witchdoctor, The Gold Mine *MOB*
Troggy Chief, The Gold Mine, The Dark Jungle *MOB*
Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah, The Gold Mine, The Dark Jungle, Sacrifice Cave *DUNGEON*

Nim, Scrimshaw, The Warrens *DUNGEON*

*Tradeswind Skyway*
Count Brastillo de Brass, The Antilles Maelstrom, Tradeswind Skyway *ONE FIGHT*
Bert Finny, Cutthroat Bay, Cutthroat Cave, Tradeswind Skyway *ONE FIGHT*

*Port Regal Skyway*
Admiral Barnsley, Port Regal Skyway *ONE FIGHT*

That’s right, we’re tracking all the pillows received as rewards from combat in Skull Island by our players. We’ll total up the numbers and on the closing day and award the player who got the most pillows of each category 10,000 Crowns. Any player that gets at least 20 pillows will be entered into that categories Random Winner prize pool. 3 players from each pool will win 5,000 Crowns.

Who will rise to the top of the pile of pillows victorious? How many pillows will they collect?

  1. 1- You may sell or delete your pillows after you acquire them to make room for more pillows. We count every pillow you EARN. BUYING a pillow will NOT count towards your total.
  2. 2- Pillows are counted per character, not per account.
  3. 3- Winners will be announced and awarded the week following the event.
  4. 4- Please contact community@pirate101.com if you have questions and if you won.