Pillow Fight Event


Slay creatures and get unique pillows!

March 11 Update: Contest is now closed and winners have been announced below! We actually had a couple of ties on this contest, so both participants that tied will win the top prize. Congrats all!

  • Pillow #1 Winners: Fickle Ethan Ovingham and Crafty Scott Silver
  • Pillow #2: Ryan Strong
  • Pillow #3: Quiet Keena Davis
  • Pillow #4: Wicked Ishmael Lester
Total pillows gathered for the winners ranged from 68 to a very impressive 121!

Contest Details and Prizes Below:

Are you ready for the challenge of a pirate's lifetime? Are you brave enough to hunt down the most menacing item of all?

On the surface Skull Island may be notorious for its armies of troggies, shivers of sharks, and Aztecan ruins full of peril, but our plundering pirates really know what’s in abundance in the treasure chests of Skull Island . . . pillows! In fact the pillow stockpile has grown so huge, there’s only one thing to do . . . PILLOW FIGHT!!

The event starts today (March 7, 2019) and will run through March 10 weekend. Here are the pillows you can collect:

  • #1 - Blue and White
  • #2 - Cyan and Pink
  • #3 - Leather and Tan
  • #4 - Pink and Magenta

At the end of the event we will tally the count of pillows and those who got the most of a particular set will be awarded with 10,000 Crowns and an available bundle of your choice!

Let the fights and pillow grabbing begin!

That’s right, we’re tracking all the pillows received as rewards from combat in Skull Island by our players on the above weekends. We’ll total up the numbers and on Monday of the close for each weekend, we’ll award the player who got the most pillows 10,000 Crowns and an available bundle of your choice!

Who will rise to the top of the pile of pillows victorious? How many pillows will they collect?

  1. 1- You may sell your pillows after you acquire them to make room for more pillows.
  2. 2- Pillows are counted per character, not per account.
  3. 3- Winners will be announced and awarded the week following the event.
  4. 4- Please contact community@pirate101.com if you have questions and if you won.