Pirate101 Monthly Newsletter


Yar for Yuletide!

Hello again, Pirates! Welcome to another edition of the Pirate101 Newsletter. You’ll be noticing a few festive changes around our website as we celebrate this season with all of our Merry (and ne'er-do-well) Pirates. Did you notice the wintery background on our site? Brrr and Yarr, pirates! Grab some hot cocoa and keep reading!

Keep your eyes on the usual news sources like the Captain’s Log section of our forums, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, or our our wonderful fan sites for any festive Pirate101 surprises this month.


Test Realm! Test Realm!

Read all about it!

Pirate101 had its first test of the test realm on November 5th last month. We introduced the Striped Bumbaloon, adjusted a few quests, and made some new combat rules that were meant to ease the pains of late joining pirates.

Pirate101 again went to the test realm (30 November) where we introduced Practice PvP in a couple of areas of the game:

  • 4 versus 4 PvP will be found in the buildings next to the Kraken Skulls Tavern.
  • 1 versus 1 PvP will be found in a couple of our Premium Player houses: The Volcano Island from the exclusive (and no longer available) Boochbeard Bundle and the Castaway’s Cove from the Gamestop Cutthroat Bundle

On top of that, we made over 1,500 bug fixes, adjustments, and cosmetic touches to the game. You can read more about that on the Test Realm Page.

To read more about how you can join the fun, read more about the Test Realm.



A Special Announcement from J Todd Coleman

Be sure to read J Todd Coleman’s open letter to the players of Pirate101 about the goals and spirit behind the implementation of our new PvP system. Read Letter from J Todd Coleman »


Veteran’s Day Recap

In case you missed it, Pirate101 and Wizard101 offered a free Medal Display Case in both games for 2012 Veteran’s Day. This was a one day promotion that featured a collectable housing item to remember the Veterans from all our families.


Puppet Pirates

We held our first ever puppet pirates contest, which was won by the Pirate, Crazy Charlie Higgins. Charlie’s caption will always accompany Puppet pirates #1 on our website. Who will caption the next Puppet Pirates? Stay tuned to our Facebook page to enter your caption on the next Puppet Pirates.

Boochbeard: “Don't worry, they’re bound to let us go. You taste terrible.”

- by Crazy Charlie Higgins


Hints from One-Eyed Jack

Hello again from One-Eyed Jack, your Pirate101 Community Manager. Ever found yourself looping around for what seems like forever completing a side quest . . . only to find there was another side quest already sitting in your quest log that brought you back to the very same location? Next time you’re out questing, try using the Control+Shift+Q keyboard shortcut! This handy series of keystrokes will put your quest arrow towards the nearest quest goal. Completing many quest goals in an area before returning to town can really save you some time! Remember to make a mental note (or even write down) of the name of the quest you were originally trying to complete though! You’ll want to get back on track as soon as you’ve cleared out all the nearby quests and continue on your adventure.

Control+Shift+Q is just one of our handy keyboard shortcuts. Take a look at the complete list in the Player’s Guide. You might just find a handy trick that brings your game to the next level.


Books for the Cultured Pirate

Hello again, my friends! It is I, Librarian Adelmo, from Valencia, and I have another fantastic book recommendation for all you pirates.

The book this month is titled Sea Queens: Women Pirates Around the World, by Jane Yolen. Were there women pirates? Were there ever! And this book tells you about a lot of them, from Queen Artemesia, the pirate queen of Persia in the year 480 BC, to Madame Ching, who lived in China in the 19th century and was the most successful pirate – man or woman – ever! Cool black and white illustrations make this book look like you could have found it in a pirate captain’s cabin, next to the treasure maps.