Pirate101 Game Preview



Test Realm is currently offline with early access testing of Through Death's Door content concluded. Thanks community for helping us to prepare this latest update for release!

Keep watch here and on @Pirate101 Twitter, Facebook, and the new Discord channel for notification on when Test Realm is turned on again!


How do I get there?

Before you download the Test Realm, you must check this box to indicate that you have read, understand and agree to the "How Does it Work" section of Test Realm below, as well as the general Community Code of Conduct.


How does it work?

Test Realm is available to Members with an Active Membership and is also available to Crowns Players who have made a purchase of $6 or more in the last 30 days.

Instructions and Conditions
  • You will use the same Login and Password that you use in the Live Realms.
  • Your characters are copied over from the Live Realms, however the level and status may not match the level and status of your characters on Test. Newer items you have on the Live Realms may not appear on Test Realm.
  • What you do on Test Realm does NOT affect your characters in the Live Realms.
  • Any items you receive or levels you achieve in this Test Realm will not carry over to your Live characters.
  • We may reset your characters on the Test Realm to a previous date without warning.
  • Crowns on Test Realm are temporary, you have not been charged for them and they will not carry over to the Live Realms.
As always, thank you Test Realm participants for your feedback!!