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Legend of Akhra (Chapter 4) by Nimble Ginelle Quinn

Chapter three: Cassandra is coming

The morning passed by really fast, and so did the afternoon. Once evening arrived, Puma and I changed into our ball gowns. Gwen and Polar sat on our beds and watched as we examined ourselves in the wall mirror.

“You look nice,” Polar commented as Puma braided my hair.

“Thanks,” I said. “I’m still not entirely sure about this. We’re going on a tour of the towers for crying out loud! We’re going to be climbing with ropes. This might be a bad idea.”

“Well, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem,” Gwen chirped.

I shrugged. “I guess you’re right. There might not be much of a problem after all.”

Puma checked the clock on the wall. “Holy smokes, it is 8:00! We need to get going right away!”

We quickly put on our shoes and hurried out the door. We speedily walked over to the fort wall and waited patiently. Puma quickly put her gloves on.

“Where are they?” she grumbled, fiddling with her earring. “They said they’d be here!”

“Just be patient,” I told her in a hushed voice. “The actual time is supposed to be 8:30. We need to wait another 30 minutes.”

We waited, watching as a few airships glided across the night sky and joined the blockade. I thought I saw a really small airship, but I must have been imagining it.

Once it was 8:30, we looked around, but didn’t see anything. I heard a whoosh, and something knocked into me. I yelped and almost fell, but someone caught me. I looked up to see Nigel holding my arm.

“Sorry about that!” Harriet apologized as she and Aura came into view. “I like to run, and I almost collapsed on you. Luckily I teleported out of the way in time.”

“You still knocked Alex down,” Nigel said, helping me up. He grinned at me. “Cool outfit Alex, so you’ve been to a ball?”

“Yep, back in Ezra Nova,” I told him. “That was when our friend Paolina was kidnapped by Cassandra and the rogue Shadow Thieves.”

He nodded his head. “I suppose we should transform now, eh guys?” He asked Harriet and Aura. With that, they transformed into their true Shadow Thief forms.

Harriet and Aura took Puma’s arms and teleported onto the first tower. Nigel turned and held his hand out to me. I took it, and we teleported right next to Harriet.

“Come on, let’s begin our tour!’’ Nigel exclaimed, holding onto his swashbuckler hat. He led the way, and we followed him across the wall.

Nigel and Harriet explained about each wall and the cannons that were placed on each tower. Nigel told us about a few of the airships and aerial submarines docked at some of the towers. He told me his favorite one was a small airship called The Army Marine. It was a cute little airship almost as armored as the submarines. It had 3-foot-long engines and small fins and propellers. We stopped at the last tower and watched the night sky as airships flew back and forth from the blockade.

“It’s really nice up here, isn’t it?” Nigel sighed. “Well, the tour is over, but we don’t have to go to bed just yet.” He walked over to the edge and pulled out a violin made of the wood of a white birch tree.

“Awesome, he’s going to play a song!” Puma whispered excitedly.

Nigel grinned slyly. “I’m not the one who’s going to play it, Aura is,” he said.

“I’m not just a witchdoctor, I also happen to be a musician too,” Aura explained. “I can’t hide the violin in my robe though. It won’t fit, and the case is missing, so Nigel carries it for me.”

Aura took the instrument from Nigel and he sat down on the base of the cannon. He brought the bow down on the strings slowly, and then rapidly slid the bow along the strings. The notes rang out to the tune of an old sailor song, and Harriet clapped along to the rhythm. Puma laughed and began clapping along with her. I shrugged and clapped too.

Nigel walked up and held out his hand to me. “Want to dance with me?” he asked.

I shrugged and took his hand. “Certainly, but I never actually danced at the ball. You’d have to show me.”

He grinned slyly. “It would be my pleasure,” he said.

He spun me around, and we waltzed around in a circle. He stopped and showed me how to dance along to the sailor song. Harriet and Puma joined us, and we danced around in a semicircle, with Aura playing his violin in the middle. After 5 minutes, we got tired and sat down. Harriet took out a watch and read the time.

“Wow, midnight already,” she breathed. “Time never seems to want to slow down, doesn’t it?”

Aura nodded his head, his hood falling off his head and hanging behind his neck. “I wish Nikita was here. She would have loved this.”

“Nikita is still on the one mission,” Nigel informed him. He suddenly jerked his head around. “Do you guys here that noise?” he asked.

We listened, and sure enough the sound of an engine was growing louder and louder each second, just like in Ezra Nova. I turned around and gasped, stepping back.

Three submarines floated behind us, as if waiting for an order. Grappling hooks flew and stuck in the wall edge. Many faces peered over the submarine railing, glaring down at us. One face that was all too familiar frowned down at me.

“Oh no, it’s Cassandra!” Puma cried, stepping away from the wall edge.

“As if I’m glad to see you too,” Cassandra snarled from her submarine. “Men, attack them and take Harriet, Nigel, and Aura!”

Shadow Thieves leapt into the air and landed on the wires. They slid down the grappling hook wires at us, unsheathing sharp knives.

Puma wielded her knife from Marco Pollo’s book, but Harriet and Aura stood in front of her. Harriet pulled out a flintlock in the shape of a scarakeet. The tail made up the hammer, the body made up the handle, and the scarakeet’s head made up the gun’s barrel. The bullet would exit the bird’s beak.

Aura said something under his breath, and his Blue Sky dragon staff appeared in his hand. The dragon’s eyes were glowing in a faint red color, as if the dragon was enraged.

Nigel unsheathed two knives with broad blades and small rings hanging from the tips. Nigel put his gloves on and held the knives steadily in his hands, ready to fight.

“Cassandra, I don’t know why you’re doing this, but we’re stopping you!” Nigel shouted.

Cassandra frowned, her eyes narrowing. “We’ll see about that,” she growled.

The first of her soldiers touched down on the tower, but not for long. Aura chanted something in a strange language, and a glowing green light exited the dragon’s mouth on his staff. The light morphed into a ghost Blue Sky dragon, at least 10 feet tall. It flew at the soldiers and rammed into them with its head, sending them flying off the wall and into the skies below.

One soldier raced at Harriet, but she was ready for him. She leapt into the air, spun around, and fired three electrified bullets at the soldier. He staggered back and fell off the edge of the tower.

Puma shrugged and ran up to the next soldier, wielding her knife. Before the Shadow Thief could do anything, she dropped to the ground, spun in a circle, and kicked his leg. He fell backwards, and with a slash of her knife, he too fell along with his fellow soldiers.

“Aagh!” Cassandra cried. “You took out my soldiers! Blasted cougar, you will pay for that! Men, grab the Shadow Thief children!”

More soldiers than we could handle slid down the wires. They knocked Puma down and grabbed Harriet, Aura, and Nigel by their arms. Puma got back up and tried to slash at the soldiers with her knife, but one soldier tackled her and held her arm behind her back, taking her weapon away.

Cassandra laughed and glared at me. “You’ve lost, child. If you want your cougar friend to be unharmed, you will fetch me the map pieces. Otherwise, I’ll have her executed in Mylfor Castle!” She laughed at me, and I was filled with pure hatred, but suddenly I had an idea.

“Or,” I suggested, “I can call my dragon, and he can kick your butt!”

“Wait, what did you say?” Cassandra said, confused.

I cleared my throat. “Oh Shade, somebody thinks they can hurt my friends and get away with it! What do you have to say to that?”

There was a roar, and Shade flew up over the side of the wall. “I say that they’re in for a rude awakening!” he snarled.


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