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Legend of Akhra (Chapter 5) by Nimbelle Ginelle Quinn

Chapter Five: Luxor returns

Shade glided down at the soldiers and spat fizzing fire at them. The fire-like material stuck to their clothes and started eating away at it, like acid. It startled them, and they immediately freaked out and let go of my friends’ arms. Puma took her knife back and slashed at her captor. Shade dove down and picked up Harriet and Aura with his claws, and then tossed them onto his back. Aura, sitting in front, waved his staff above his head, and bolts of electricity were fired at the soldiers. The soldiers took off and ran back to the wires. They climbed the ropes back to the submarines as fast as they could, but they never made it. Shade fired more of the fizzy fire at them, and the fire melted the wires.

Many of the soldiers fell into the skies below, but one fell back onto the tower. Out of confusion or fear, he snatched Nigel by his arm and teleported back to the submarine.

The submarines turned around and began to sail away. I frantically looked around, but I couldn’t see anything that could help him. I saw the tiny airship Army Marine and quickly untied the rope holding the airship to the tower. It began to lift up, and I hopped on board and took the steering wheel. The airship spun around and chased after the submarines.

Shade glided next to me. “You know what you’re doing?”

I nodded at him. “I spoke with Whistletone in my dream. She told me about this, and she even mentioned an old friend of ours is going to help.”

Shade smiled, his wings flapping hard. “An old friend, huh? Well, I hope they’ll be a good help to us.” He sped up and glided at the nearest submarine and spat the fizzing fire on its surface. The acid bit away at the metal and fizzed violently as it reached the balloon. There was a huge pop, and the balloon started to rapidly deflate. The first submarine fell out of the sky, out of sight and out of mind.

I guided my airship up against the side of the second submarine. The hatch opened, and three soldiers hopped out and lunged at me. Shade tackled one of them, and the two went down in a tussle.

I ran around the deck and found a musket with a bayonet. I didn’t know how to fire the gun, so I ran at the two soldiers with the bayonet facing them.

They freaked out and ran in the opposite direction, away from me. One of the soldiers literally jumped off the ship, and he fell through the night sky. The second man grew angry and unsheathed his knife. He dashed at me, yelling, but something flew in front of me and breathed fire in his face.

He screamed and tore at his face in blind pain, and then stumbled off the submarine. I looked to see who helped me, and I smiled.

“Luxor, you’ve come back!” I cried. Sure enough, the vermillion dragon was hovering in the air to my left.

Shade kicked the last soldier off of him and pushed him over the side. “Good to see you, Luxor,” he growled. “Mind helping us out? A friend of ours is being kidnapped.”

Luxor snarled and nodded his head. Kind of sad that he can’t talk, not like Blue Sky dragons. However, vermillion dragons are pretty tough, so he can really help us out. Thank you Whistletone, I thought.

I got back on board the Army Marine, and we sailed after Cassandra’s ship. Shade and Luxor flew in and attacked the first few soldiers who left the hatch. I saw the man who had Nigel, so I lowered the planks onto the submarine and raced onto the top of the submarine.

I saw the flag as I ducked and dodged the attacking Shadow Thieves. I picked up a spare knife and ran at the soldier. He had his knife with him, but I slashed his arm and he fell back, moaning in pain. Nigel kicked him in the gut, and we ran back to the airship, but Cassandra jumped in front of us. She was wielding two long, slim-bladed cutlasses.

“You will not get away from this alive,” she snarled. She whipped her head around to Nigel. “Why won’t you join me?”

“You are acting insane!” Nigel yelled. “You’re going up against an army who can easily take you down! You are hunting for a treasure that you’ll never be able to find because you’re not pure of heart, like the legend says!’’

“But together, we could overcome that!” she cried, but then grew angry again. “However, you’d rather stick with this worthless human and follow Nikita’s orders. I won’t forgive you for your treachery!” With that, she shrieked and sprang at us like the Hunting Puma mount.

Nigel leapt into the air and slashed at her with his knives. He and Cassandra slashed and sliced at each other, neither Shadow Thief hitting their mark. A few of their attacks hit the other Shadow Thieves and sent them flying off the submarine. Shade flew into the air and out of the way to avoid their swordfight.

Cassandra ran straight at Nigel, but he feinted away from her and brought one of his knives down on her arm. She screamed in pain as her arm started bleeding, and she fell against the flagpole. Nigel stood over her, glaring menacingly down at her.

“Stand down or I will end this, here and now,” he growled.

She sneered up at him. “You don’t have to courage to take a life,” she jeered.

He flipped one of his knives in his hand and pointed it at her face. “I will if it means the safety of my friends.”

Cassandra glared at him, but then she set her swords down. They slid off the submarine and fell away. “I surrender,” she said, holding up her hands.

Nigel stared into her eyes one last time, and then put his knives away. “Don’t think I’m ever going to spare you the next time. You are a threat, and I will end your life if I must.”

She sneered again, her eyes narrowing. “I look forward to it,” she cackled.

Nigel came back over to me. “We better get going, if we want to get back to Novice Order,” he told me.

Shade and Luxor joined us on the airship, and we lifted the boarding planks up and sailed away back to Novice Order.

I docked the Army Marine back at the tower, where Puma, Harriet, and Aura were waiting. We left the ship, feeling wore out. I was still amazed that my ball gown wasn’t even wrinkled. This dress must be invincible or something.

“Are you guys okay?!’’ Puma exclaimed, rushing over to us.

“We’re fine,” I assured her. “Luxor is back, and he helped us out. He saved my life.”

“And Alex saved mine,” Nigel added, smiling at me.

“We all saved each other,” Shade proposed, preening his wings. “But mostly it was Alexandria’s quick thinking that helped.”

Harriet nodded her head. “It’s really late at night. We should go to bed. I’m tired already, and it is really late.”

Puma nodded, and she, Aura, and Harriet left to go to bed. Shade turned to me.

“Luxor can sleep outside with the other dragons and I. You two have a good night,” he growled. He and Luxor flew back into the courtyard.

Nigel held his hand out to me. “Shall we get going? I will walk you to your cabin.”

“Alright,” I said. I took his hand, and we teleported back into the courtyard. We headed to the cabin, but before I went inside, Nigel held me back.

“Thank you very much for helping me before,” he told me. “I don’t know what is up with Cassandra, but if I have to, I will take her life if it means the safety of my friends, especially you.”

I blushed, smiling at him. “I’m happy to help. I care about my friends as much as you do.”

He laughed, putting his hand on my shoulder. “Well, thank you again for everything.”

I went to go into the cabin, but he pulled me back again. “One more thing, however,” he said.

“And what would that be?” I asked, looking up at him.

He reached into his pocket and pulled something out. He put it in my palm, closed my hand around the object, and then leaned forward and kissed my cheek. “Good night,” he told me, grinning. He walked off, turning back to look at me one last time before he teleported away.

I stood completely still, putting my hand to my cheek. Wow, he really did like me after all. Aura wasn’t lying about that. I remembered the thing he gave me, and I opened my hand to look at it.

It was a small charm of some sort. It looked like Whistletone, with her wings spread wide and her twin tail curled under her legs. She had her head bowed and her eyes halfway closed, as if she was falling asleep in mid-flight. It was the most beautiful charm I ever saw. I held it in my hand and walked back inside the cabin. I hate to admit it, but I think I like Nigel!

I walked over to my bed, where Gwen was fast asleep. I changed into my nightgown and slid into bed without disturbing little Gwen. Before I fell asleep, I put the charm on the table next to me, and then drifted to sleep.

Gwen grumbled and shifted on the bed, and I smiled.


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