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Wicked Lola Nightingale’s Adventure Against Gortez III Chapter 3

Four days had passed since Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand stepped down from the Monquistan throne. We’d now arrived in Port Regal on business and were on a new adventure. Along with our friends we have had before then, new allies have joined our crew and family in battle.

One of our newest crew members began to speak up and said something interesting.

“Lola, my captain, are you all right? Something seems to trouble you. Tell me, what’s wrong?” Ghost Singer, the Bison Privateer spoke up, looking at me with wise and long eyes but nonetheless were wise beyond their years.

“Nothing, I’m just worried about Lady Hinata Nightingale and Lord Sasuke Nightingale. My mum and dad are the Marleybonian regent Duke and Duchess of Marleybone and have duties as some of the nobles of Marleybone. Right now, they’re probably on a business trip in MooShu.” I replied, looking at Ghost Singer.

“Lola, dear, since you are the 2nd in line to the Marleybonian throne, you’ve got work to be done too. Of course, Lucky Jack Russell has also joined our crew to assist us. Goodness, there’s so much to be done and Queen Collie sent one of her Royal Elite Female guards to assist us in battle. So we also have someone else following us to keep us safe.” Lucy Sterling piped up.

“Lucy, you’re right as usual. Of course there’s still plenty of other work to be done. We’ve got to hunt down those Rebel Marleybonian ships for Catbeard, otherwise we’ll most likely never hear the end of it by Hawkules’ feathers, mind you!” I said, piping up, making Bonnie Anne’s tail shoot straight up into the air and making her fur stand on end!

“Wah! Captain, ye startled me when ye piped up like that!!! Please, Captain, don’t go making me fur stand on end like that!!! For the love of the Spiral!!! We have to get those blasted ships down before Catbeard’s word turns to absolute rubbish!” Bonnie Anne exclaimed.

“Aye, Bonnie, I’ll be more careful.” I stated, smiling gently.

Time passed quickly and things began to get hairy as we slowly fought our battles. Wily Cuddles had sadly fallen ill and threw in the towel of life for good. Wily Cuddles was given a wonderful burial and a bold memorial service was held in his honor. Before long, we started saving for a beautiful Sabertooth Bunny, who was going to be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. Along the way, crew members of older ranks leveled up and things were just beginning to look on the bright side.

Constantly, armor and pets and weapons and charms and totems and relics were being switched and sold for new ones that were better suited for my talents and we constantly leveled up.

Everything was changing slowly yet ever so steadily as we sailed off constantly on new adventures.

“Princess Maya Collie of Marleybone, please go on a journey to assist your cousin as part of her crew. When you return, the throne will be ready for you and we will have a grand feast in your honor. Please leave immediately and take care of your cousin. I’ll send some of the Royal Elite Female guards to assist you in transport. Good luck, my dear.” Queen Alyssa Collie said, smiling benevolently.

“Alyssa, are you certain this is a good idea? I know Sasuke is your brother but Hinata is still in charge of Lola until she ascends to the throne. Then again, are you certain that letting dear Maya join Lola’s crew is the right idea?” King Fergus Collie said.

“Fergus, there’s no need to worry. Should Maya throw in the towel of life for good, Lola has stated in print that she will be ready to take the Marleybonian throw in a heartbeat. Fergus, our time to descend the throne, sadly, has come. We’ve done our part, now Maya and Lola must do theirs. Lola, take good care of my daughter and your cousin.” Queen Alyssa replied, gently stroking King Fergus’s beard.

“Very well then. I’ll let it be for now.” King Fergus said in response.

With that, a new Era was just beginning for the Spiral. Things were beginning to look up but somehow Bonnie Anne’s tail perked up and the hairs bristled knowing that trouble was brewing.

Meanwhile, at the Fort Elena Prison, Napoleguin, the dastardly mind of the Spiral was sitting in his cell when suddenly, a black hole appeared and swallowed Napoleguin whole!

“Napoleguin, get ready for the Second Great Polarian War. Ready your troops, for the Armada. You’re being hired as one of our new Generals.” An Armada Soldier said, a malicious evil grin, curled up his emotionless face.

Two weeks had passed since the Fort Elena Prison incident, and we were called over to Cool Ranch immediately on urgent business.

“Howdy, Miss Lola! There’s trouble down in Miranda!!! Captain Blood has just escaped his prison and I’m afraid that only you can help track down the Magnificent Seven to defeat Captain Blood again! This time, we’ve sent for some allies in MooShu to help seal him for good this time. The plan is to use a rainbow set of stones called sealstones to help seal him away for good this time. The sealstones are color-coded with a special lock. The sealstones’ locks are unbreakable and cannot be unlocked by normal means. Only a select few people can break these stones but nobody in the Spiral except for Professor Ambrose and his students at the Wizard Academy can actually break the spell. The spell is so powerful that it enchants the sealstones making them enchanted to be unbreakable. Maya, dear, only you and your crew can help trap Captain Blood’s soul for good. Without y’all and the Magnificent Seven, all of Cool Ranch’s inhabitants and the Cool Ranch will be doomed in eternal darkness. Mind you, the last time that doggone devil escaped, he nearly destroyed the whole dimension! Captain Blood has the power to destroy dimensions so we need all the help we can get!” The Innkeeper at the Silver Saloon said with a grim look on his face.

I looked at the innkeeper patiently and nodded before speaking.

“If it means a lot of gold for me and my crew and taking down Captain Blood again, then count me in! You can bet that on the entire Spiral! I won’t let you guys down! Me and my crew are in!” I said, cracking my knuckles to get ready for battle.

“Laddies and lassies, we’ve got work to be done before the big battle against Captain Blood! First things first, let’s go round up the Magnificent Seven! Who’s ready to take down Captain Blood now and forever?!” I shouted. Ratbeard immediately roared in response followed by the rest of my crew.

The battle against Captain Blood wasn’t going to be easy. But like blazes we were going down without a fight. If there’s one thing about my crew, it’s that we don’t ever go down without a fight. Time was of the essence and we were getting ready for a huge fight. I smiled at my crew and we all had a bottle of Yum to help prepare for the battle.


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