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Wicked Lola Nightingale’s Adventure Against Gortez

Lola's Point of View

It was a dark and stormy night, the galleon we were sailing was on its way to a deserted island near Puerto Mico.

“Captain, land ahoy, should I dock the ship?” Bonnie Anne called, looking at me. I looked up and one of Bonnie’s ears perked up. Her fur began to tense up and raise up.

“Oh, captain, I don’t like the look of this one bit. There be a storm in the midst! I’ll raise the sails and dock the ship!” Nausica said, looking at the skies.

“Very well den. Let’s dock de ship and rest at dis inn. Captain, I trust ye to find de appropriate lodging. Make certain dat ye find comfortable lodging. But remember dis, don’t make it too expensive, mon. I’m counting on ye, mon. Your mother and father trusted all of us to keep ye safe, mon. I be a skeleton o my word. Once I make a promise, I keep it til de end.” Old Scratch said.

“Scratch be right. Yer mom and dad trusted I, Ratbeard, to keep ye safe. I promised them that and I too be a rat o me word. Make no bones about this. No offense, Scratch.” Ratbeard said, stroking his chin.

“Don’t worry, mon. None taken.” Scratch said, forcing a slight smile.

With that, we all laughed at Ratbeard’s little joke and I docked the ship at Puerto Mico. I entered the dock and located the nearest inn. I paid the fees for a room and I sat down at the table.

“All right everyone, crew meeting! Also, dinner be in 15 minutes! Bonnie, I’m trusting ye to finish with what you’re doing!” I called looking at Bonnie Anne.

“Aye, aye, captain! Wait, someone’s coming! Everyone, ye’d best get down! Quickly!” Bonnie Anne shouted.

Suddenly, a Spaniel who looked to be from Marleybone appeared bursting into the room and scattered a few maps on the floor. She looked like she’d seen a ghost but she had a small glint in her eyes.

“Hah, hah, hah, ahoy, is the captain known as Wicked Lola Nightingale here? I’ve come bearing news regarding your parents!” The Spaniel said panting as she walked into the room.

“My mum and dad? Tell me, posthaste, what news have you of them?” I asked looking at the Spaniel.

“Who are you? What news have you of Miss Nightingale’s parents?” Nausica asked, looking at the Spaniel.

The Spaniel looked at the room and at Nausica and then spoke.

“Miss Nightingale’s parents have been discovered alive at the palace of the Queen! They’ve requested Miss Nightingale’s presence immediately! Her Royal Highness, Queen Collie demands it! Come, I’ve arranged transport for you to be sent there. A Royal Galleon is coming to pick all of you up immediately. Your mother and father will meet you at Barkingham Palace,” the Spaniel said.

I looked at the Spaniel in shock and then glanced at the picture of my mom and dad that I kept in my pocket. I sighed and prayed the ship would be here soon. Suddenly, a Galleon with the Queen’s royal crest on its flag docked and I realized that was my cue. “Come on everyone! Let’s go! Gortez can wait a little bit longer!” I shouted as I bounded for the ship.

“Aye. aye. Captain!!” everyone shouted at once.

“By the way, ma’am, might I be so polite as to ask yer name?” I asked.

“Oh, my name is Maya Marleybone. I’m the daughter of the Queen herself. I’m actually the Princess of Marleybone. Oddly enough, mum was tied up with other things and sent me to come get you in her stead,” Maya said.

With that, everyone left and boarded the ship and we were sent sailing off to Marleybone to meet the Queen and my parents.


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