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The Toymaker (Chapter XIII) by Nimble Ginelle Quinn

Chapter thirteen: in which Brie gets hurt, Ramhorn saves the group, and the twins visit the toymaker

Everyone stood completely still, including the ninjas. No one moved a muscle, eyeing each other.

“Nobody…do…anything…” Harrison hissed. “When they move, make a run for it. I’ll take down the first guard. Use your powers if you must.”

At that instant the ninjas attacked, and Harrison attacked the closest one, clawing him violently. Navajo shot volts of light from his hand at approaching ninjas, and Samson and Creole helped him.

“There’s still too many of them! What do we do?!” Sumatra cried, looking at the twins for help.

“I-I don’t know what to do!” Danielle said, her eyes brimming with tears.

“I don’t know what to do either!!!” Desmond cried, freaking out.

The two huddled together as three ninjas closed in on them, but suddenly Brie jumped in front of them.

“Stay away from my masters!” Brie snarled, her eyes glowing blue in color.

The ninjas ran at her, and though she shot them with multiple light pulses they overwhelmed her, slashing at her with long katana swords. Brie shrieked in pain, and she collapsed on the ground, unconscious.

“Brie, no!!!” the twins screamed, picking the stuffed dog up and cradling her in their arms. The ninjas advanced, and the twins huddled closer, closing their eyes and gripping Brie gently.

Suddenly, a golden light appeared before the twins, and the ninjas backed away. The light grew larger and brighter, until it exploded, with the twins and the ninjas shielding their eyes.

When the light died away, in its place stood a golden impala, the legendary Ramhorn himself. Ramhorn had no facial features except for his eyes. His mouth was hardly visible, and his ears pricked up at the sight of the ninjas. He reared up and his horns flashed, and then he stomped on the ground with his hooves, and a blinding light flared at the ninjas, and they shrieked, collapsing on the ground.

Ramhorn turned his elegant head towards the twins. Are you alright, young masters?

“We’re fine, but our friend needs help!” Desmond exclaimed, showing the badly injured Brie.

Ramhorn nodded his head. I will save you and all those who need your help, Ramhorn answered. Hop onto my back and I will take you from this evil place.

The twins hopped onto his back, and the impala reared up and jumped into the crowd of ninjas, sending them flying everywhere. He flicked his head, and Valor’s armor spells surrounded Navajo, Richard, Sumatra, Creole, Harrison, and Samson. They stopped fighting and followed the graceful impala through the crowd of ninjas, shoving them out of the way as they ran behind Ramhorn.

Keep behind me, and stick together! Ramhorn ordered, looking at the others over his shoulder. I am going to bust down the door, so stand back!

He ran forward and smashed the iron door down, ramming it with his horns and bursting through the open doorway. The twins ducked their heads to avoid injury, and Danielle clutched the injured Brie tightly so she wouldn’t fall.

Ramhorn skidded to a halt outside of the door and glanced back at the others. Come on now, we need to get going.

“Follow the twins!” Navajo commanded, waving to the rest of the group to hurry.

They ran after Ramhorn, dashing over to the golden impala’s side-and on the edge of the plateau, at least 40 feet off of the ground.

“Oh no, we’re trapped!” Sumatra cried. “How are we going to get down from way up here?”

Ramhorn looked over at the other students. Each of you have your own immortal matrix, is that correct?

“Yeah, we all do, even me,” Samson said. “Why does that matter?”

I sense one of you has the matrix of Evenor, my dear friend, Ramhorn spoke in a calm voice. He turned his head to Sumatra. You are her master; why don’t you summon her here?

“Ok, I can try,” Sumatra replied. She closed her eyes and focused hard, and the white light left her forehead and settled on the ground, and Evenor appeared.

Ah Ramhorn, it is great to see you! Evenor cawed, spreading out her wings. I have been summoned at a bad time, haven’t I?

Yes, but these people-and your master-need help badly, Ramhorn answered. The Rebels have us trapped on this cliff and we need your spells to help.

Evenor nodded her head. I understand completely, and so I will summon us some much needed help.

Evenor flapped her wings and soared in a circle above all their heads, her feathers shining. She touched down on the ground and her entire body flashed, and she walked over to Sumatra. You all might want to back up, she warned them.

Suddenly, the entire plateau shook with a violent force, like someone or something was trying to dig itself out of the island. The ground right under them shook violently one last time, and suddenly everything was still.

“Uh, what exactly is happening?” Desmond asked, confused.

Suddenly, a huge shape burst from the ground, sending debris flying everywhere. A mountain-sized Tyrai monster roared and clawed its way out of the plateau, and the plateau began to crumble.

Hop onto its back and hold on! Evenor commanded, and everyone did so. Ramhorn had trouble getting a grip since he had hooves and not claws, but he was able to stand in between the monster’s shoulder blades.

The Tyrai monster pulled itself free from the plateau, and before the ninjas could even get out the door it had destroyed the entire plateau. Only one ninja managed to hop onto the beast as it lumbered through the desert.

“Who is that guy?!” Creole exclaimed, watching the stranger climb the giant dragon slowly. The man grabbed each spike on the beast’s back and pulled himself up, until he eventually reached the twins.

“You two…you are the ruin of our empire!” the ninja hissed. He tore off his mask, and Danielle gasped. It was General Slaughter, the Rebel Sage from her dream. His scar was a lot more terrifying in person than in her dream.

“We-we didn’t ruin anything mister!” Desmond cried, freaked out. “You’re mistaken, I swear…and besides, you tried to kidnap us!”

“We weren’t going to stand for an empire that’s ridiculed,” General Slaughter snarled. “The Sages are supposed to be the most powerful race in the skyways, and you left that behind to help some worthless Aztecosaurs?! That is not what our kind should be doing at all! We should show the other inhabitants of the Spiral our immense power, and rule them all!”

“You are seriously crazy, sir!” Samson cried. “We don’t want that at all! Marleybone would never surrender to you and your armies!”

“Anyone would surrender to me, my boy,” the General laughed evilly. “The Rebel Sages are invisible; we won’t surrender to anyone!”

“Surrender to this, punk!” Danielle cried, dropping low and delivering a strong roundhouse kick. The kick sent the General flying off the Tyrai monster’s back, and he fell downwards into the dust below, never coming back up.

Well done, young master, Ramhorn said, staring over at Danielle. I suppose we go visit the toymaker and save your friend.

“I can help with that,” Creole said aloud. “We just need to get off of the beast first.”

Ramhorn and Evenor had left, going back into the minds of their masters. Creole created 8 pennyfarthings for the group to travel on, and very quickly they got to Nightopia. Southeast of Nightopia led to Red Dawn forest and beyond, but southwest of the city was a large, partially hidden lake. It resembled the cabin that the twins’ uncle owned, except that the trees were surrounding the cabin in a perfect curved line, not patchy woodlands.

As soon as they touched down in front of the cabin, Danielle and Desmond hopped off of their pennyfarthings and carried Brie, still unconscious, up the front steps of the house and knocked on the door.

An elderly man, about 50 years old and wearing a blacksmith’s outfit, answered the door. When he saw the twins he smiled, but when he saw Brie he gasped.

“Oh no, get her inside…quickly!” the man said, waving the children inside. Navajo told the others to wait outside, and he and Richard followed the twins inside.

They gathered around a small worktable, where a lot of blueprints were laid out. The man swept them away and laid Brie down gently, resting her head on a towel. Before, Brie didn’t look so bad, but as she was laid down her injuries were severe. She had a bad slash mark across her chest where her stuffing was showing, and her right arm only hung by a thread. The elderly man sobbed a little and cleared his throat.

“I…apologize for my behavior…I-I’m Silas Larson, toymaker of Nightopia,” the man said. “Brie…she was one of my most favorite toys that I’ve ever created…all of my toys are magical, of course…but I-I have never seen such damage like this…”

“You’re the one who sent her to us?” Desmond asked.

“Yes…I am the one who created her, and the one who sent her to you…Navajo asked me to do it for your own safety…”

“And without her you two would already be in serious danger,” Navajo added.

“I feel so bad for her,” Danielle mumbled, kneeling down and hugging the stuffed animal. “Mr. Larson, can you be able to save her?”

The elderly man sniffed and wiped his eyes with his sleeve. “I will do my best, I promise,” he replied. “Wait outside, I…should be done after 30 minutes or so.”
The twins waited outside with everyone else, watching cargo ships fly overhead and into the Darkness. All was quiet, and it seemed that an hour had passed.

“Do you think she’ll be ok?” Samson asked, worried.

“Hopefully she will be fine,” Richard replied. “But we can only hope.”

The door to the cabin opened, and Mr. Larson poked his head through. “I’ve fixed her up, but it may be a while before she can really walk again.”

The twins hurried inside, and they gasped and cried tears of joy when they saw Brie sitting up straight, rubbing her head with one paw.

“What in the Spiral is going on?” Brie complained, looking at the twins for information.

“BRIE!!!” they screamed, running up to the dog and hugging her tightly. “We thought you were a gone

r!” “I have no idea what you two are talking about, but I want to go back home, ok?” Brie asked, tilting her eyes.

“Sure thing,” Danielle answered. “But we ought to talk to the others first, alright?”
Desmond hated having to say goodbye to everyone, but they had to go back to Uncle Travis’s cabin. Brie knew the way back, although her memories of the previous attacks had completely disappeared. Navajo gave the twins his book to keep, because “I have plenty of other books with me at home,” he assured them.

Desmond sat on the edge of the step in front of the cabin, watching the others give their goodbyes. Harrison seemed really upset that the others were leaving, but he gave Brie a bottled Frigate that she could use to travel back to Uncle Travis’s cabin.

“Desmond, get over here, we have to go!” Brie called as she unbottled the ship.

Desmond stood up and walked onto the ship and peered out over the railing as the others said their goodbyes and waved. The frigate lifted up and sailed away immediately, speeding into the Darkness.

“Sad that we have to leave so soon,” Danielle commented.

“Well, we can’t stay there forever; summer doesn’t last that long,” Desmond said. “Besides, those bad guys may still be there.”

“Yeah sure, those ninjas are dead and gone, trust me,” Richard said, waving at the twins with his book. “And even if they came, you have Ramhorn on your side, so there’s no need to worry.”

“Same old Richard, complaining about everything,” Danielle mocked him.

“I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!!” Richard shouted, abruptly turning around and sticking his face in his book.

“Forget him,” Desmond said, pointing at the sky. “There’s a shooting star! Quick, make a wish!”

Danielle watched the star in thought, and then snapped her fingers. “I’ve got it; I know what I want!”

“What did ya wish for?” Desmond asked, excited.

“I wished that our 15th birthday would be an even bigger adventure than this!” Danielle exclaimed happily.

“That is a world in which I do not want to be a part of,” Richard said through his book.

The twins laughed and high-fived each other. “To our next biggest adventure!” they cried as the frigate sailed onwards, gliding through the Spiral.


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