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The Hacker (Part 2) by Serious Jeremy Thompson

As we left the cave my pirate called home, I began to have a good look at myself. My clothing was just like my pirate’s, complete with my favorite Mooshu and Marleybone garb, along with my sweet knives. I unsheathed them, and they felt lightweight and easy to carry, as if they were made for me. My first thought was, I don’t know how to use knives or magic, how will I be able to defend myself? but at that time, Andrew looked back at me. “Ah!” he said. “I see that you decided to take a look at your new clothes. Don’t worry, your pirate’s knowledge of swashbuckling and magic and whatnot will come naturally to you. It’ll be as if you always knew how to be a Swashbuckler. You’ll believe me when the time comes.”

By the time we had gotten to our ships, I had tried some the moves I had used when I wasn’t, well, not on Earth. There were two ships at the dock: my ship a Mooshu galleon, his a Marleybone frigate. “We need to take my ship,” he told me. “I’ll explain to you later.”

When we set off, I noticed three things: one, we were in Skull Island Skyway; two, there wasn’t a loading screen, so that the next world could load all the islands and enemies and stuff; and three, no player or enemy ships were bothering us. Andrew saw me looking around in wonder, and smiled. “Amazing right?” he said.

“Yeah,” I replied, “but why isn’t anyone bothering us?”

Right now, no one can see us,” Andrew explained, “players and enemies alike. Mods only show themselves when needed, and where we’re going it wouldn’t be smart to let anyone follow us.”

“That reminds me,” I said to him. “What are Moderators? What’s even going on here?”

“Ah, yes, that. Well, I forgot I still have some explaining to do. Well, you see...”

Believe it or not, the Spiral existed thousands and thousands of years before the games of Wizard and Pirate101 were ever even pondered. The stories that you may have seen in both games about the creation and existence of the Spiral is very much the real thing. When Aquila first discovered the tunnels that connected the worlds, they expanded, extending the Spiral’s knowledge. When flying ships were given to the worlds of the Spiral by the Aquilans, the inhabitants changed the models of the ships, to better suit their worlds. All the worlds soon expanded and began to explore the other worlds that had yet to be discovered. However, when Earth was discovered, Aquila had to destroy the connection from Earth to the Spiral, as Earth was not as advanced as everywhere else, and the other worlds would most likely take advantage of their (I mean our) primitiveness, and take over. So, our world has remained hidden. And the Spiral has been ignorant of our home ever since.

Until a few years ago.

The top people working in Kingsisle had found hidden secrets of the worlds outside of ours everywhere, throughout the history of the human race. They were extremely obsessed with finding a way to reach these worlds, to see the great wonders that made our world as it is right now. So, soon enough, their first successful portal to one of the new worlds was created. That portal is known to us as Wizard101. As they sent the first people to test the portal and see if worked, they found out that it was a success, and the first world, Wizard City, was eventually opened for all to explore. They eventually decided to further strengthen the portal’s connection, from just some simple controls (otherwise known as “players), to actually sending a person’s being, they’re very mind and soul into the Spiral. The very first moderator was a man named James, or as we knew him in Wizard City, James FireBlade. However, he soon disappeared, because he couldn’t take the all the magic he saw, so he was transformed into a monster. As of now, no one knows where he disappeared to. Anyways, that was when Kingsisle discovered that only certain people with a certain gene (or, as the Spiral calls it, “magic in his/her blood”) could survive becoming a Moderator. You could tell who a moderator is by the size and strength of their imagination and resourcefulness. Also, with all the magic near the portal in Wizard City, its connection (which was made with science and technology, and magic never mixes well with technology) was very glitchy, and often trapped Moderators in the Spiral, with no way back, like James most likely was. No one knows where they go after getting stuck, but they have definitely gone off to somewhere.

Where was I? Oh, yes, the glitchy portal. Well, the magic interfered with it, so Kingsisle had to find a world in the Spiral to create a new one, in a place with as little magic as possible, but still connected to the rest of the Spiral. So they chose one of the more remote worlds, Skull Island. They called that portal Pirate101. It proved to be a much stronger connection, so that’s what they’ve used ever since.

Now, let me explain Moderators. Moderators, or Mods for short, are more mobile than the average player. Instead of players, who only use their computers to control their pirate/wizard, Mods can instead send their consciousness to and from Earth, into their avatar, which is really a shell designed for Mods to control. Once in their “shell”, they have increased mobility and speed. The real reason why players don’t bother us is because players actually move a lot slower than Mods and the other residents of the Spiral. In fact, the people of Earth walk slower than Mods or people of the Spiral (another word for people of the Spiral is Spiralmen) can, which is another reason why Aquila destroyed the portals to Earth in the first place. A Moderator’s job is to keep the Spiral from finding and entering the portals that lead to Earth, and keep them from creating portals themselves.

Originally, Mods never really had a place to stay and heal while within the Spiral, so Kingsisle, along with a select group of Spiralmen (Merle Ambrose and Vadima, to name a few), combined science and magic for the first time to create a whole new world, a fortress of sorts, within the Spiral, created specifically to house and protect Mods. They named this world Amantia. That’s where we’re heading now, to make you a Moderator, like me…

“We’re here!” Andrew said suddenly.

I looked up.

We were nowhere special, just a couple meters behind the Presidio. “What do you mean?” I said. “There’s nothing here.”

He chuckled. “Not yet, at least.”

Then he took an amulet out of his pocket. It was silver, with a blue gemstone in the middle. He said, “This is where your journey truly begins,” and he displayed the amulet to the sky above. Thunder suddenly boomed. In one moment, I see the front of the ship being warped, as if being sucked into a black hole, and then the next, nothing but inky blackness.


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