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The Hacker by Serious Jeremy Thompson

Finally, we got this story out, at last. If you’re reading this, then the Spiral is (hopefully) still safe, along with Earth, but they’re both still in danger. I’m what you would call a person with some special skills. If you start reading this, and feel like this is just another story, another book to be read on a website somewhere, read on. I’m glad you won’t have to face what we do. But if you feel a connection to this story, if you feel like this story has a certain connection to you, stop reading immediately. Log on to Pirate101, and find us; you’ll know where to look. The place is encoded into your very mind, your very genes. You may be one of us, one of the universe’s greatest protectors. If you don’t hurry, he will find you first. And he will, trust me.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Hi. My name is Jeremy Thompson, and I’m in the eleventh grade. My life used to be normal, filled with the average amount of school, family time, and a quite-a-lot-more than average amount of video games. I had a decent amount of friends (who always thought I was too serious), good grades in school (around A’s and B’s-ish), and all that other unimportant stuff. But my real passion comes from video games. Whether it be breaking blocks and fighting zombies, to racing cars and casting magic, I was a pro. But my best game was Pirate101.

I have a level 52 Swashbuckler, named after myself. I could defeat just about any enemy with my trusty knives, and not many people could withstand the magic skills I knew. I was on my way to being named one of the greatest swashbucklers ever in the game’s history (OK, maybe that was an exaggeration, but hey, I was a pretty good fighter). But that all changed when my game spoke to me.

I was playing late one Sunday night, fighting my level 65 Buccaneer friend, Andrew Jones, in my castle. I was clearly outmatched by him, with 276 health to his 423, and we were both expecting me to lose. But I pulled out my Mojo Blade skill, and it just barely managed to beat him. It was the first time I had ever beaten him, so I bet he was just as surprised as I was.

“Well done, Jeremy,” he Text Chatted. “It’s about time you actually tried to defeat me!”

“I know,” I replied back, “I’ve never beaten a character 13 levels higher than me before.” “You know what this means, right?”

“That now I can gloat whenever I want?”

“No, no, no!” he replied. “Now, I can finally” -he stopped Text Chatting and spoke to me, as if using a microphone- “speak to you for real.”

That surprised me so much, I nearly fell out of my chair. “How did you do that?” I sent to him.

“Oh, you don’t need to Text Chat to me anymore, you can just speak to me as if I’m right next to you, which I technically am,” He said. “There’s no need to hide anymore now that we’ve found you.”

I just stared at my computer screen, confused and dumbfounded.

“Oops, I nearly forgot! You’re probably new to this, aren’t you? Don’t worry, we can help you!”

And before I could say, “Wait, who’s ‘we’?”, his character walked right up to my computer screen, as if he could see where it was focused on my pirate, and he moved his hand right through it. He grabbed my shirt, and yanked me into the computer. I felt like I was being shoved through a square tube 12 inches by 7 (which I kinda was, being shoved into my computer and all), and I lost my breath very quickly. The last thing I remember before falling unconscious is Andrew saying, “Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have done that quite so quickly. I forgot I had to do that a little at a time, otherwise you lose your breath. What do you think I should’ve done, Jeremy?”

And then, blackness.

When I finally came to, I was sitting in a nice, comfortable bed. As I laid there, I thought, it must’ve been a dream. Yeah, that’s it. I’m going to open my eyes, and be back in my bed, and none of what I thought I saw has happened at all. I’ll be at home, and continue on like nothing happened.

But, lucky me, that didn’t happen.

I opened my eyes, and saw the interior of a bedroom… except it wasn’t my room—it was my pirate’s bedroom. I groaned. Andrew was sitting in a chair nearby, and when he saw me sit up, he sighed with relief. “Oh, good! You’re alive—er, awake!” he said.

I climbed out of the bed and instantly fell over, seeing spots before my eyes, ready to black out again. “Whoa there, Jeremy!” Andrew said. “You need to take it easy for a little bit. I may have brought you here a little too quickly.”

“A little?!?” I said almost hysterically. I started pacing the room, telling myself again and again, “This isn’t happening, this isn’t real, I’m just dreaming all of this…”

He came over and stopped me. “Trust me, Jeremy, this is real.” He displayed my room to me. “This is a side of effect of coming though. First, you have disbelief, then wonder, then finally excitement. But, until then, I just have to say this: what you’re seeing here is the real thing.” “How is that even possible? It doesn’t make any sense!”

He sighed. “I forgot I would have some explaining to do. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you on the way there.”

“On the way to where?”

He smiled. “To Amantia, the world of the Moderators, of course! Where else do you think we were going?”


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