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Chronomancy (Part 3) by Dark Daniel Kidd

I carefully stepped over the bones, making sure that the fires weren’t too harsh. As Ratbeard stepped his peg-leg onto the ship, and immediately he fell halfway through the rotting, burnt hull.

“Er- maybe you should stay behind… you know, strategy and stuff,” I said glancing at Ratbeard. He grunted and pulled his leg up. Bonnie Anne boarded the ship, orange fox hair falling everywhere. I smiled. She only sheds when she’s nervous… or when she’s angry at Ratbeard. So basically, there’s hair all over the lower decks.

Anyways, as we stepped across the deck and began searching for clues on what happened and where we were, we found two things: one, the ship wasn’t randomly caught on fire by a simple dropped torch or anything. No, it was attacked. We figured it out by what were obviously cannons shots into the side of the ship, as well as the fact that the skeletons were wearing different outfits.

“Some sort of attack on the ship, captain… looks like the enemies liked fire. A lot. Not to mention… this!” shouted Bonnie, raising something high into the air. It was a mask.

But not just an Armada mask, no. I’d seen this mask before, and, as a matter of fact, I kept it in my house as a trophy. Well, I had, but now I wasn’t so sure of my house’s safety anymore. The mask wasn’t just a normal marine mask, or musketeer’s mask. It was a mask I’d hated for the longest time, but eventually decided wasn’t worth my time anymore. The rectangular, thin mask belonged to an enemy I had killed a long time ago. It was Deacon’s mask.


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