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Chronomancy by Dark Daniel Kidd

My smile faded as I felt the pain rush through my body. A single yet incredibly painful shock ran through my body. I heard the whir and clank of clockwork behind me as I felt a strange coldness over-take me. I staggered around to see that my attacker was a tall man in a black uniform and a strange mask. He was pointing a small gun at me, like the kind of pistols used in Marleybone.

“Now that you have been dealt with, it is time I destroy your other side. Prepare, human, for what is to be the end of your existence- in both sides of the Spiral!” it gloated emotionlessly. I felt little pieces of my rare magic powers over time trickling out of me. It felt like somebody had broken a light bulb over my head in slow-motion. So I did the last thing I could think of. I used my last little increments of Chronomancy (time magic) and went into a random time and place. I could only hope that there would be something to help me survive there.

Let’s be honest; I’m a pirate. I go around attacking stuff and stealing gold to buy other stuff to attack more things with. It’s a circle of piracy. But then, all of a sudden, some dude who looks strangely like you falls out of the sky and shouts for help. Well, when you’re on a giant ship filled with unpredictable rogues and murderers, what’s their first reaction? To point swords, spears, guns, crossbows, and knives at him and demand to know why he’s on my ship. As a matter of fact, I might have done the exact same thing.

“Please… help me… I’ve been shot by an… actor…” With these words, he slumped down to the ground and I noticed the small rip in his chest. Immediately my demeanor changed.

“Get him inside! Give his wound immediate treatment!” I shouted over the yelling and running about. I pulled a small card out of a pouch hanging at my side with a picture of a brown eagle on it. Not yet, I thought, this won’t help close his wound. After getting things sorted on deck, I walked into my room underneath the helm of the ship, where my “twin” was. Bonnie Anne was there, along with Ratbeard and Shiruku Neko. They were all surrounded around the other guy.

His chest had been wrapped in some sort of magic MooShu silk, yet he still wouldn’t stir. I tried waking him up with healing cards, but they didn’t help. The Cat Ninja put more silk on him over his mouth, yet he stayed sleeping. Annie used her healing card on him to no avail. Just as Ratbeard was about to hit him across the head in what he called ‘slap therapy,’ I noticed the weapon by his side. A long, black staff, covered in strange symbols and markings. At the very top was a small black orb with a few skulls floating inside of it.

“Is he a… witchdoctor?” I asked them. They all shrugged accept for the Cat Ninja, who slapped her forehead and muttered something to herself. Her already huge gray eyes became larger and glowed a strange yellowish-greenish. Then they turned gray again and she turned to me.

“My master… there are two spirals within the universe. They are both connected by events, and some of them even share the same worlds. It is possible to travel from one to another, but they are hardly ever within the same time-line as their other worlds. The only thing connecting them is the Temple of Twins, somewhere deep in the heart of one of the MooShu mountains. Each and every person in our spiral and theirs has an opposite who comes from the other world. They all share connections, but it is rare for them to ever actually meet each other. But there’s something about this one… I believe he didn’t mean to come here, but you were like a beacon to him. It appears that you… and him… are… universal twins!”


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