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Adrift (Chapter 2) by Nimble Ginelle Quinn

“That book is kind of scaring me,” Andrew commented with a shiver.

“It is really strange…is Adrift a secret island or something?” Madeline asked in confusion.

“I guess it is, but I can’t tell if it’s real or not,” Eliza said. “This story…isn’t much of a story so far, just a few journal documentaries.” She flipped through the book, viewing pictures of strange buildings, machines, maps of worlds, plants, and creatures. Much of the book was like any other story-word upon word upon word.

“I think it was a waste of money, that’s what,” Clyde yawned. “Totally boring, and a waste of money.”

“I got this book for free, remember?” Eliza reminded him. “And it’s not boring at all-in fact, I’m rather intrigued by this book.”

“Well, I really don’t care,” Clyde answered back. “I’m going to bed; it’s late enough already.”

“I’m feeling tired as well,” Madeline agreed. “I’m going to bed.”

The two left, heading to the second bedroom.

“You can camp out with us,” Travis offered. “There’s a special mat in the corner of the room where you can sleep.”

“Thanks Travis, you’re too kind,” Eliza laughed. “I guess I’ll put my book away…see you guys tomorrow.”

Travis and Andrew immediately went to bed, but as Eliza sat down on the mat bed, she secretly removed the Adrift book from her bag and began reading the first part of the book, right as the sun disappeared under the horizon.

Eliza lifted her head and looked around the room. Travis and Andrew were asleep in the bunk bed, Travis on the bottom and Andrew on top. Neither seemed to hear anything.

Eliza sat up on the mat and opened the book, flipping past the two journal entries that she read earlier. Behind the entries was a page, or more accurately a map-a map of a mysterious island.

The island was rather large, with many strange areas. There was a forest with one very large tree in the central region of the island, a cliff northwest with a few olive trees and something that appeared to be a gazebo, a strange-looking ship shaped like a bullet resting on its side behind the gazebo, a clock tower off the west coast of the island, a log cabin at the base of the forest, a large frigate and a dock southeast, two buildings on the east coast, flanked by a large set of gears (two on the map), a field in front of the forest and behind the largest building, and a mountain with an observatory tower built in its peak.

The title above the island was labeled Map of Adrift in bold letters. Underneath the title was the exact same drawing of the frigate, just like on the cover.

“What is this book about?” Eliza whispered to herself. “What does that ship stand for? Geez, this book is filled with secrets…I’ve got to read more!”

Eliza flipped past the page, reading silently about the certain areas of Adrift, and the worlds linked to it. She learned about the Nocmur race, the lemur-bat beings of high intelligence that rule the world of Aerodynamics, and the people stranded in the lone, desert oasis world of Soaan.

But what stood out the most was the mystery of the Black Ships, mighty frigates sailed by fierce but oddly secretive pirates, who were neither human nor any animal race. The pirates of the Black Ships were, according to the author Sirius, made of shadows, and like shadows they made no sound and could vanish rather quickly. Their flags all bore the same symbol-a backwards half-moon flanked by a five-point star. The flag was all black except for the moon and star, and some flags had an x behind the symbol, the color of blood.

Eliza had an odd feeling about the Black Ships, but she flipped the page and continued reading the book. When she finished reading, she came upon a blank page.

“What is this all about?” Eliza wondered, reaching out to the page.

When her finger barely touched the paper, the page rippled like a drop of water falling in a puddle. The vibrations continued until a symbol had formed in the middle of the page-a hand with a spiral in its palm. In the center of the spiral was a plaque that read Omniz Veron.

“Should I...?” Eliza wondered, reaching out to the page again. She took her right hand and carefully aligned it with the symbol…

The book flashed extremely bright, blinding Eliza and consuming the entire room. She heard Travis shout and Andrew scream, and faintly heard Clyde and Madeline run into the room, but then everything went black…
Eliza woke to find herself and her friends lying on the hard oak deck of a large frigate of some sort. All around them (the ship included) was a vast expanse of sky-empty, cloudless sky, with no Batacudas, Flying Fish, Scarakeets, or pirates of any kind.

“Ugh…are you guys alright?” Eliza asked, her head throbbing with pain.

“We’re fine, no need to worry,” Travis responded, helping Andrew to his feet. “What we should worry about is-’’

“WHERE THE HECK ARE WE???” Clyde yelled angrily. “Why did you have to get that dumb book, Eliza?! Now we’re on some weird ship sailing to who knows where, and we’re going to starve or get dehydrated or something!”

“Um, does anyone actually know who’s steering this ship?” Madeline asked. “I think I see someone at the top of those stairs, guiding the ship.”

Everyone slowly turned around to where Madeline was pointing and saw what she was talking about: on the upper deck, someone was steering the wheel-and they looked like they knew the children were on board.

“I’ll go talk to that person,” Eliza volunteered. “They know we’re here, so I should speak with them. Besides, I got you all in this mess, so I need to go.”

Everyone else held back while Eliza climbed the stairs, walking cautiously onto the upper deck, and gasped by what she saw.

The person standing in front of the wheel wasn’t a human. She was some sort of Ring-tailed lemur, with large, pointed ears, silver fur, a black-and –white ring patterned tail, yellow eyes, and a face with fur the color of slate. She wore a long robe like the kind some scholars would wear in Valencia and Aquila, and her head covering had ornate strips of ribbon hanging off to the side. The sleeves on her arms were brown in color and extremely long, barely touching the deck.

The lemur person lifted her head at Eliza’s approach and smiled broadly. “Ah, you have all awoke from your slumber! For a moment I feared the worst had occurred. Forgive me for my sudden forwardness, but my name is Lió, humble assistant and loyal scholar of Sirius…alas, he has long left this world for his own safety, but I have stayed behind.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you,” Eliza said, shaking her hand, “But where exactly are we…is this your ship?”

“This is-or once was-Sirius’s ship,” Lió responded. “This is the Adventurer’s Transport, the only surviving Black Ship from the Stoneship Age, which was once under siege by the Black Ships. They tried to attack the inhabitants, but Sirius helped build a mighty fortress. They could never break in, and the cannon fire from the fort ruined all of their ships-except this one. Sirius took the frigate with him when he returned back to Adrift, and he left me in charge of this vessel when I was 13.”

“How old are you now?” Clyde asked when the others walked up onto upper deck.

“I am 26 years old; it’s been a long while since Sirius left Adrift,” Lió answered rather sadly. “I’ve been here forever-but now you five have arrived, just like Sirius said you would!”

“What do you mean by that?” Madeline asked curiously.

“Sirius knew the dangers that his book would bring,” Lió said simply. “So, for the sake of his worlds, Sirius wrote of a group of heroes that would one day arrive on his frigate to the world of Adrift and save it from ultimate destruction…and those heroes just so happen to be you five!”

“What? Heroes? But I’ve never done anything heroic in my life!” Clyde exclaimed.

“I don’t think I have done anything,” Andrew mumbled, scratching his head.

“It’s the book’s choice, not mine,” Lió answered. “Sirius wrote this on a slip of paper and hid it inside the book before he left. If you search in the cover, you’ll find a slit on the inside. The paper is in there-at least that’s what he told me before he left.”

Eliza opened the book to the cover and found the slit. Carefully reaching inside, she removed an ancient piece of paper with a single paragraph written in pen.

I know that the world of Adrift shouldn’t be harmed when I am gone, but it and its worlds must be kept safe. Whoever was ruining the other worlds will surely come after Adrift, and it’s only a matter of time before they do. So, as a last resource, I wish for the world of Adrift to have its own guardians, protectors who will keep it safe. If they can find out what has happened to Adrift and the other worlds, they will forever have ownership of it.

“You see, you five are the guardians of Adrift, and if you help me find out what has happened here, you officially become the owners of this place,” Lió said, “And I will be promoted to a master apprentice!”

Travis suddenly looked up and pointed. “Hey, I think we’ve made it to the island!”


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