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Adrift (Chapter 3) by Nimble Ginelle Quinn

The Adventurer’s Transport sailed up to a small dock, pulling up in broadside position. Lió lowered the boarding plank, and the group left the ship, walking onto the dock.

The dock was only sparsely covered by wooden planks-the top surface was wood, but the base was stone, and built into the side of the island. Unlike Skull Island, there was no sand anywhere-just stone, soil, earth and trees. The upper part of the dock had two sets of stairs-one leading to the two giant gears, and the other one far to the left that led onto the island. Over by the gear stairs was a sort of marker switch.

“Say Eliza, why don’t you pull down on that lever for me?” Lió asked.

“Sure thing,” Eliza responded. She pulled down on the lever…and nothing happened.

“Lió, what is that thing supposed to do?” Clyde wondered. “As far as I can tell, nothing happened.”

“Oh something will happen…just not now. Sirius told me not to touch them; only you five can flip those. There are 8 on the island, and once you flip them all…something happens. Sirius never told me exactly what-that man was filled with secrets.”

“Hopefully whatever happens won’t be something bad,” Travis muttered.

“I don’t like bad things,” Andrew agreed.

“I think we’ll be fine for now,” Madeline said with one ear cocked. “So, Lió, what should we do now?”

“I should bring you to the main area of the island, where Sirius’s home is, his library, the observatory, the gazebo, the tower, and the celestial room,” Lió announced. “I spend much of my time in the observatory and the library, so you all will be sleeping in his guest rooms…although Sirius never actually invited anyone but his family to Adrift…”

Lió led them up the stairs onto the island. The stone stopped at the top of the stairs, turning into a wooden plank walkway. One path led to what Lió explained was the celestial room, where you could determine what constellation would appear at what time, year, day, and month, while the other path led to the house, which was like an Aquilan temple; made of stone and the front roof supported by four large columns. In front of the house was an open field about an acre wide. In the center of the field was a water-turbulent pool with a mini model of the Adventurer’s Transport, and flanked on both sides about seven feet away were 8 marker switches, each with their own constellation symbol-eye, heron, beetle, arrow, leaf, snake, anchor, and cross.

“What do the constellations stand for?” Madeline asked.

“Sirius told me that there were three specific dates in time that each had one specific constellation on that day,” Lió told her. “When you push in the buttons in order on the right constellation marker, you activate something. Once again, Sirius never told me what will happen.”

Lió turned her attention back to the house. “I ought to show you why you’re here in the first place. Come with me into the house, and your questions shall be answered.”

They headed into the house, and the group was amazed by what they saw. The room was circular, and it had three shelves, one wall panel, and another map of the island. One shelf contained books, all of them burnt except for six books. The two other bookshelves had only one book on each shelf-two copies of the Adrift book, one with a red cover and the other with a blue cover. The map was some sort of beacon, and each time the ray was moved by the controls, the tower in the mountain would move. The wall panel activated an iron door, and it covered up the entrance.

“Not to scare you all, but I naturally shut the iron door for safety,” Lió explained, extending her arm. When she did so, the brown “sleeve” stretched out wide. Apparently it wasn’t a brown sleeve-it was a brown bat wing!

“Whoa, you have wings!” Clyde exclaimed. “That is so cool! Can you actually fly?!”

“Yes, I can fly quite well,” Lió answered happily. “My wings are actually attached to my wrists and sides, so I wear a vest and shorts as well as my robe. This robe isn’t usually what I wear, but it’s not every day that children get sucked up by a book. Technically it’s evening right now, so you should be getting to bed. The guest rooms are down the east hall, so go that way.”

“Could you show us your flying skills tomorrow?” Andrew begged her as everyone else walked down the east hall.

“Of course I can, but you need to get going to bed,” Lió said. “Pick whichever room you like, but no fighting-got it?”

Andrew raced to catch up with the others down the hall. The hall was filled with maps of the other worlds. The Aerodynamics Age had one half of the island made of stone and sort of like Skull Island, while the other half was a sort of town square built atop giant gears. Some of the houses were made of gears.

“I call the first room!” Andrew yelled, running ahead of the others. He yanked open the door and ran inside.

“NO FAIR, I CALLED THAT ROOM FIRST!!!” Clyde shouted, running in after him.

“I’ll take this room on the right,” Travis mumbled. “At least I won’t have to deal with Andrew.”

“I’m going to the second room on the left,” Madeline announced.

“Turns out I don’t have to go anywhere,” Clyde said. “There are two separate beds in Andrew’s room! I just hope he doesn’t bother me about it…”

Everyone chose their rooms, leaving Eliza alone in the hallway. The only room left was at the end of the hall, and it was very large. “I suppose this one’s mine,” Eliza said to herself.

She walked into the room and was amazed by what she saw. The bed was king-sized and maroon colored, with a chandelier above it. A side table next to the bed was literally hovering off the ground by a foot, possibly because of some sort of witchdoctor spell, while a large fancy dresser and wardrobe stood against the left wall. On the right wall was a writing desk and lone wooden chair, and atop the desk were an open book and a lantern. Eliza sat down in the chair and read the book.

June 20
I feel bad for Lió-she will be all by herself. I know there is something strange going on in Adrift and its worlds, but I can’t tell what…

“I see you’ve found Sirius’s unfinished entry,” a voice said. Eliza turned to see Lió walk into her room.

“Why didn’t he finish writing this?” Eliza asked curiously. “What was holding him back?”

Lió sighed sadly. “I was holding him back. The thought of me in danger was too much to bear for him. Sirius considered me as a daughter he never had, and the day he left me at this place was the most heart-breaking thing he had ever done. But it was for my own good…and he needed to keep his family safe too.”

Eliza looked back at the book. “I guess it was for the best then,” she agreed.

Lió nodded her head. “Well, I wish for you to have a peaceful rest. Tomorrow I’ll be taking you all to the library.”

“Um, one last question before you go…” Eliza said, standing up.

“Of course, what do you wish to know?” Lió asked.

“Ok…why is the table levitating?” Eliza questioned Lió.

“It’s an invention from Sirius…the floating table has an invisible shield that prevents fired or thrown projectiles from knocking it down,” Lió explained. “There’s a button on the side that lets you control how high or low the table floats, in case you live in a place where stealing is common.”

Lió left the room and turned out the lights while Eliza put on her nightgown and climbed into bed. She pressed the side button and lowered the table a few inches off the ground.

When the table touched the ground, Eliza pulled out the Adrift book and opened to a completely random entry…

June 23
I want Lió to know that everything will be fine. I won’t be returning to Adrift anytime soon…in fact, I may never come back. I wish for someone to come and take care of Adrift for me…if I am not going to ever return to this place, someone must be in charge. If they can help Lió and take care of my island, then I shall return and promote them as the new owner of Adrift and caretaker of its worlds. Whatever is going on is certainly worrying me, and I dearly hope that whoever is causing all of this won’t come after my family…my wife Catherine would be terribly distraught if someone was out to harm her and my sons…


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