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A Survivor's Word (Part VI) by D.S. Devereaux


Remmy wanted a pistol. Even better, a musket – he loved those things, how they would click according to his fancy and jolt you back a little, how he could get better aim by kneeling, and how the sparks could fly out and glimmer with grace before impact. He longed for the varnish on the seal and the scratch marks on his Sparquebus. Remmy also wished for Sarah Steele to let go of his arm. Even though she was only dressed as an Armada private, she had the grip of one, and her grip was firm. Remmy didn't want to object to her plan, but he could easily fake a drag much better than being dragged. Where was Destiny? She would have fought her way through this place before someone could say "Captain Gunn's Gold". The thought made Remmy wonder how much bail from this place would be.

"In here!" Sarah pointed to an inconspicuous door. Remmy thought it was wonderful how the most disappointing things laid behind the most elaborate doors and how the most pleasant were behind the doors that you didn't even notice.

"I have to dress?" Remmy whined.

"No, you get to shoot, too. Grab a musket, coat, hat, and a mask. I'll show you how to walk." Sarah folded her arms, and Remmy rushed in.

"We should start at Destiny's house then continue on from there." Delaney unlatched the gate and let Juan through. "You should see her new project. She was thinking of making a clockwork."

"I've heard about her ambitions before," Juan added. "Destiny would always be rummaging for spare parts to create her soldiers. Her biggest ambition was to eventually infiltrate the prison base."

Delaney sloshed through the stream and mud, troggies shying away from her aura, which she let glow in the dimming light. Juan's skarakeet flew back and forth, taunting the troggies with desperate squeaks and sharp turns.

"Admiral, that's enough!" Juan snapped, and the bird returned to his shoulder, brushing its wings over its beak. Delaney lifted a branch over her head and got a bit of rain on her face from the leaves. Juan toddled under and looked up at Delaney.

"The troggy hut?" He asked.

"Yeah, the -" Delaney gasped. "No." she accelerated to a sprint towards the hut, which was burning wildly. Blue-skinned troggies had joined hands and were rhythmically dancing around the hut, chirping wildly, no longer with any coordination. Delaney crouched behind a bush, watching Destiny's belongings crumble. The fire ate away at her clothing storage and the mask adorning the wall. Delaney growled.

"For the love of Gunn, this is enough!" She popped out of the bushes and raised her hands, watching tendrils of green surround her palms and close them into fists. Twirling, Delaney sighed and let her power be released on the Troggies, who all stood perfectly still – frozen, maybe – in shock of the attack. Delaney chanted under her breath, and released her grip as the Troggies sank into the ground. Juan shakily toddled to her side.

"That...is a skill." He whispered.

The hut was in a state of disrepair. It had been burned to cinders and the smell of smoke made Delaney and Juan cough. The remains were still hot to the touch, and the smell of troggy filled the air, making eyes tear and lungs seemingly burst.

Delaney and Juan stood wordless.

"The captain goes through tough circumstances." Juan noted dully. Delaney was about to sigh when something scratched her shoudler. She let out a shriek and a bush lit on fire from her power.

"THAT INFERNAL BIRD!" Delaney yelled as the Admiral flew in circles, screeching. Juan tugged Delaney's hand.

"Skarakeets can smell gases." He warned. "There's something not -" Delaney couldn't hear the last word. The world had started to bubble up, started to froth at the edges of her vision, and sounds became distorted. Delaney fell to her knees.

"Nice work," Destiny's back prickled as Fin Dorsal complimented her silent takedown. He clumsily strut into the burn scene, kicking aside large planks as if they were piles of fall leaves, ones that flew like darts. He approached Delaney and Juan, gingerly raising them.

"Don't you think that we should cover our tracks?" Destiny asked, noticing the obvious clearing of debris from where Fin trodded. She tilted herhead to the side, thinking in her Destiny fashion.

"No." Fin decided. "The later we are, the angrier Karo gets." Destiny tried to speak up in agreement, but Fin turned his shoulder and left Destiny feet behind. She ran forward. "Marcus drugged you with the same stuff four days ago. It's pretty harsh," Fin added.

"Four days!? Avery's going to kill me in four more!" Destiny exclaimed, growing paler at the thought.

"Not my problem." Fin grunted. "Hurry up."

Destiny arrived at the warehouse and sat back. Sitting across from her was Joey Karo with a half-empty bottle of Yum.

"Listen, I need to get back to the surface. I got her, okay?" Destiny said, slamming her palms on the wooden table, towering over Karo.

"Nope!" Karo coughed. "You're staying here. I could use an assassin like you, Devereaux."

"Joey, you don't understand. I struck a deal with -"

"Me. You said that you would help me. You're not done yet." Destiny gulped and sat back. She closed her eyes and tried to mentally dry her clammy hands. If there was a chance of survival from both Karo and Avery's wrath, then it needed to show its face soon.


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