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A Survivor's Word (Part VII) by D.S. Devereaux


Destiny's nap progressed smoothly, minding the lack of sleep beforehand. She opened an eye lazily to see a flutter of feathers rushing towards her.

"Admiral!" Destiny whistled and the frantic skarakeet returned to her shoulder, "What IS it, you crazy bird?" Admiral Midnight didn't need to respond. Deacon did, by kicking down the door and flicking the safety on his pistol off. Delaney's eyes fluttered open, as if she had known the entire time.

"Marcus, Karo, Dorsal, and all those involved – you've been caught."
Destiny stood up and drew her spear, which was replaced on her back before she set out for Delaney. Sure, it had helped develop a painful knot in Destiny's shoulders from being slept on, but it was useful to have around. Deacon was accompanied by ten other marines, one of which twitched and another incredibly short. Dysfunctional? Destiny couldn't help but wonder. She and the twitching clockwork couldn't help but stare at one another for several seconds. The silence was broken when Karo fired a shot. Destiny spied a lone buccaneer who stood out from the crowd, armed with a gleaming axe. Destiny tiptoed towards it, and almost immediately it swung. Destiny scooted out of the way and tried to trip the clockwork with her spear. Its knees didn't bend. Destiny lunged and tried again, but her spear was met by the clockwork's axe. Destiny slipped her spear away and dodged the tip of the incoming weapon, trying to slash back but getting blocked. The clockwork was faster than she had thought, and used the axe like a sword.

"A swashbuckler clockwork!?" Destiny growled and tried to pierce the armor with her spear, without any luck. A beam of green shot its way past Destiny and singed a length of hair off, causing a strand to drape down Destiny's patched side of her face. A familiar face stared at Destiny with a resentful glare. "That's for capturing me," Destiny got another blow to the chest. "And for poisoning me after. You're welcome." Delaney continued damaging the clockwork, and Destiny hurried to find another when she ran face-first into Fin.

"Listen, pirate." Fin growled. "They're here for us. I don't care -"

"About Marcus and Joey?" Destiny locked eyes with Fin, and he nodded.
A wave of hate and resent passed through Destiny as she remembered all that Fin had gone through previously to attack, loot, and plain get on her nerves. She wasn't prepared to get caught again, but at the same time she was willing to sacrifice her freedom to put Karo, Marcus, and Fin behind bars.

In the time that had passed while Destiny thought, four of the marines had positioned themselves around Destiny and Fin, holding their weapons ready for the moment when she would find out. Taking a tentative glance behind her shoulder, Destiny grinned. Fin grunted and the two began methodically slashing at the clockworks, trying to remove limbs and then rendering them useless by striking the chest. Once the two had successfully taken down one each, more started to close in. Out of the corner of the peripheral vision from her good eye, Destiny noticed Twitch and Shrimp (the small one) stagger behind her foes. To her surprise, they took the back two marines by the necks and dragged them down. Leaping up, Destiny recognized a tail from under Twitch's coat, and a leg of Shrimp being quite human, besides a metal knee brace.

"REM!" Destiny yelled, striking another clockwork. Remmy dashed in from behind and headed towards the back of the group, prepping his pistol, the one that he had collected while undercover. Sarah shed her mask and darted to Destiny's side. Before the group could fight, though, a flash of green shook the room, and the remaining soldiers fell to the floor. The only standing figures in the rising dust were Destiny, Delaney, Remmy, Fin and Sarah. A Monquistador stumbled in, dazed.

"What did I miss, captain?" He mumbled. Destiny sighed and laughed. She gazed over to Delaney, who collapsed in a chair from exhaustion. Deacon had gotten away, and so had Marcus and Joey.

"Let's get out of here. How does the Black Spot sound, crew? You too, Fin." Destiny nodded to Dorsal briskly, and he nodded back.

"I have a skiff, but Juan is steering." Delaney sighed. Remmy and Destiny darted to Delaney's chair and helped her walk. The others opened doors and paraded through Gullet, through the smell of blood and whale, as well as pickled fish. Destiny shuddered and grew pale. She could feel her heart accelerate. Fin directed Sarah to take Destiny's place and he helped the swashbuckler up.

"You okay?"

"The blood. Too much of it." Destiny whispered. She saw the edges of her vision fade a little, and she pressed her knees while leaning down. Landing in front of Destiny was a frog, but not Karo.

"What'd ye do t'Joey, ye filthy pirate!?" The voice of the frog matched its size - small, squeaky. It waved a creaky gun, gritting its teeth a little at its inexperience and lack of strength.

"Give it up, Lou." Fin stepped in front and towered over the frog. It cowered and ran away. Fin nodded back and Destiny rose, walking briskly and taking the first chance at riding the bucket out of Gullet.


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