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A Survivor's Word (Part XIV) by D.S. Devereaux


Author's Note: In this particular time, there has been no need to care about the realms of Marleybone and Aquila. -DSD

“Destiny!” Sarah had long gotten over her original injuries from the forest air, and, like the others, had developed sunken eyes and her ears seemed to wilt a little. She had lost her swords in a battle against a few too many skeletal corsairs, as all the others had in battles of their own. Destiny carried her sleeve knives and still kept her spear handy, and Remmy had his rifle and twin pistols. Fin used his tail for most of his attacking, though he was the most intuitive, at least with a tree branch or a rock. Delaney was a different story, though. She had suspected it to be the air when she had fallen ill but conscious. Delaney soon learned that it was the doing of the undead, their roaming spirits plaguing her already weakened mind for help and resurrection, no matter how temporary. Being closer to a novice than an able-bodied witchdoctor, Delaney was never able to sort messages through in full, only what little she knew by instinct and luck.

Still, she managed to continue with everyday deserted island living.

When Destiny came into view, using a plank to air-paddleboard, the entire crew stumbled towards the docks, watching Destiny paddle into view.

“Hey, I have lots of -”



“Is that Yum?” Fin asked, waking up from a half-nap. He knew the smell of Yum like he did the open skies. Fin still had his strength, but running around all day really did him in, seemingly requiring very long naps. Destiny touched down on the docks and returned the plank to the pile of ship debris. She kneeled down on the cobblestone and unpacked her wares – blankets, less-perishable foods, bottles of Yum, anything a marooned sailor could ask for, it seemed.

“Ayuh!” Sailing right past the abandoned lighthouse was something Destiny seldom saw – a fishing boat. “Hello!” A pelican waved at the group, and Destiny froze in place. Jonah Town was the home of the Frogfather – these fisherbirds had to be allied, and if the Frogfather was in constant contact with Avery...

“Don't worry, I'm not gon' hurt ye, now!” Docking, Captain Ahab shakily climbed a ladder down his ship. Delaney waved.

“Ahab!” Delaney yelled with all her might, raising her vocal volume to a pathetic squeak. However, it was so great of a change that the entire crew whipped back around, including Destiny.

“Nice to see you're up, Del,” Destiny commented, “Looks like we have a guest. Ahoy!” Destiny tried to push away anything about the Syndicate, but she picked her spear up from beside the burlap of goods from Jack.

“Ayuh, ahoy alright, Cap'n.” Ahab approached Destiny and looked behind his shoulders.

“I don't know how I did it, ayuh, but I did, so let's sit down for a bit, huh?”

“Captain, how did you know -”

“Word just gets around, you know. Now then, come along, Norville.” A smaller pelican left the fishing ship and toddled along after Ahab.

“Remmy, I trust you've met Norville, ayuh,” Norville tipped his head and followed Ahab, who in turn followed Destiny. She hung her hat on a hook nailed in near the opening to the lighthouse which had been thoroughly furnished at this point. The tents still served as sleeping quarters, but Fin and Remmy had put together a table and chairs from forest findings, and Delaney in better health had summoned flying spirits to carry boulders to patch the large hole in the lighthouse enough to make it more of a roof when it rained, but there was a door-like opening to walk through, just in case an emergency exit was needed. For two escapees, a practically broken witchdoctor, a shark, and a fencer, the place was in a rather fine condition. The only thing unattended to was the pile of rubble taking up half of the lighthouse, but nobody really minded, it was like the natural stairwell into a cave-y basement, except that this one had a door. Destiny showed Ahab to the table and she pulled out two chairs. Destiny, Remmy, and Delaney sat in the other three, while Sarah and Fin stood behind them, the Admiral fluttering above.


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