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A Survivor's Word (Part XV) by D.S. Devereaux


Author's Note: In this particular time, there has been no need to care about the realms of Marleybone and Aquila. -DSD

“I saw it, Cap'n, ayuh, I saw it.” Ahab started, removing his cap.

“Captain, what did you see? And please, call me Destiny,” Destiny said softly.

“The Armada!” Ahab squawked, and the five pirates all used hand gestures to try and lower his voice.

“It's too risky to say...” Delaney said, face whitening a little, “Say anything like that – not here, not now.”

“Who cares anymore?” Remmy argued, standing up and putting pressure on his arms as he leaned on the table, “It's not like they'd be here.”

Destiny pressed her lips together and nodded. She stayed silent for a moment, hoping for no interruption. Then again, Destiny was hardly ever the lucky one. With the flick of her hand to her spear, Destiny watched a line of dirt shoot out from the pile of debris, making a cloud that made seeing things impossible and trying to very painful to the eyes. Destiny covered her face and cowered, trying to feel her way towards the opening of the lighthouse using the dirty and indifferent floor. Destiny felt something edge into her back, and she dropped, rolling away and springing up with her one working eye closed. She supposed that she could see with her other eye, but it wasn't worth the try, not yet. Destiny held her spear in front of her and swung, just barely skimming a metal edge. Destiny heard a series of clicks, and a sickening creak as one thing came into view – the nose of a gun.

Destiny tried her method of falling back again, but the weapon calmly followed her. Destiny felt for the tip of her spear – a little further out than she had hoped, but fighting was far from measurements and supposed enemy proportions. She swung at the gun, and it swooshed to the side, making Destiny sigh in relief until it swung back into position. This time, destiny took a lower swing, feeling for a pair of legs, also clad in the metal that she had scratched. Turning again, Destiny saw a beam of green light – Delaney using her skills, something that Destiny was happy to see again. She didn't hear any gunfire from Remmy, but at least nobody was getting hit. Between flares of light (which shockingly made sound), Destiny picked up the sound of Sarah's blades on one another, and Fin grunting as his twin axes made impact. Destiny, evading whatever was attacking her, somersaulted into the open, running at a sharp angle towards the forest. Destiny dropped to her knees and panted, feebly shaking the dust out of her already unruly hair, taking a moment to put things together. If someone had visited her and then an attack began, then it was obvious that the attacker followed the visitor. Ahab was allied with the Syndicate in the first place, so Destiny was the one being hunted. Kicking thr ground, Destiny turned back to the lighthouse, the dust growing thicker inside. She pulled a board from from the ship remains, giving it a test push on the dock. Testing its floating strength with a single foot, Destiny felt the too-many-times-experienced pierce of a sparkshooter on the back of her neck.

“What now?” she growled, “Did you follow me out?” Not taking the risk of a spear on her back, Destiny let her twin daggers loose, flipping them in her palms. She wrapped her hands around the tangs in an icepick grip, thumbs resting on their appropriate pommels and buttons.

Not feeling any movement, Destiny turned her head enough for her opponent to come into her peripheral vision. To her surprise, the musketeer before her was no taller than she was, also sporting Cool Ranch-esque clothing, though it was in better condition. Without another word from either of them, Destiny felt sparks surrounding her.

Destiny thought about getting up, but her legs ached too much for her to think of anything else. Still, she didn't know what to do besides get up, as her mouth tasted like hay. Of course, it only made sense since she was in a room crowded with bales of hay. Destiny felt for her weapons, which of course weren't there.

"Taken out, I knew it!" Destiny growled to herself, kicking the floor and making her leg scream. She fell back onto a few hard bales of hay.

She felt the whirr of air beneath, and she knew immediately that she was in a similar situation as she was only two months before - stuck, imprisoned, alone. Destiny had dealt with it before. Still, she was up against actual people, and she learned actual people with adrenaline to be more dangerous that people without adrenaline and regular clockworks. then, there was the part where Destiny didn't want to hurt unless they had hurt her before or unless they had something of worth.

Destiny stretched her arms up and tried standing again, with more success. She bit her lip as she took a few steps. Hearing the clicking of spurs against stairs, Destiny turned, buckling her knees, sending a pain surge again.

"Hello," Destiny wondered if she was facing her parallel. Standing there was someone as tall as her, stetson-capped, and carrying a spear, though not hers. He brushed aside a lock of auburn hair and stepped closer, "Tell me you're Destiny Devereaux."

"I am," Destiny said tentatively, not sure if having a lack of a weapon would reduce the risk of a fight, "What do you want?"

"You're the thief, the one who stole from Marietta Cazoni in Santo Pollo," Destiny grumbled under her breath. She remembered the time when she was in Santo Pollo, staving and down to enough supplies to barely live as an urchin begging for a coin. She had, using a bottle of Yum and an extra boot, looted a very wealthy family in the town, "You are wanted by the law. News of the tragedy spread to Santo Pollo, and the sheriff Rooster Cogburn has caught on. It's our job to take you in, thief." Destiny growled, bracing herself for a fight. She slid down so she was in a crouch, ready to pass a few blows and spring up.

She saw the dust rise in a patch of light coming in from a barred window - no wonder it was so cold in there. Destiny flinched at the aching of her ankles, now, and looked up a little pleadingly. The pirate didn't move. He took a small star-shaped badge out, showing it to Destiny.

"You are a brilliant fighter, an effective one as well - that's hard to come by," Destiny started to notice the telltale Cooper's Roost drawl in the pirate's voice, "How's about you join this crew and live out your days undoing your horrid deeds?" Destiny stood, agape and confused. She noticed the pirate take his spear and tip it forward, indicating an attack coming soon.

"Yes-yessir," Destiny whispered, looking for a way to escape.

"Fine, then," the pirate towered over Destiny, "I'm Vawdry, Captain Vawdry to you. Get to the bunkers, you're in horrible shape."


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