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Legend of Akhra (Chapter 8) by Nimbelle Ginelle Quinn

Chapter Eight: Revenge

Three of the four submarines waged war against the airships, each firing at each other but never hitting one another. That left only one submarine left; The Shadow Ghost, Cassandra’s own ship. We sailed right up and lowered the boarding planks on the ship, and Marcus, Luxor, Puma, and I ran onto the surface, except for Luxor, who flew on the submarine since he has only arms, and no legs.

The surface was quiet, with no voices or sounds of people running back and forth. It was too quiet; something wasn’t right at all. I ran across the surface, looking around. “I don’t hear anything,” I called to the others.

Puma walked right up to the hatch and laid her head against it. “Alex is right, I can’t hear anything either. It’s like a ghost ship or something.”

Marcus stepped over to her side. “I wouldn’t get too close. Something is really not right here, and I do believe there are Shadow Thieves inside.”

Luxor flew around the surface of the submarine, and then he stopped next to the hatch. He began to growl very loudly, as if something was inside the hatch, about to pop out and attack.

Marcus looked up and glared at Puma. “Puma Laveer, get away from the hatch, right now!!!” he yelled.

Puma darted away, right as the hatch opened up and twenty Shadow Thieves blasted the hatch off with a bomb. They swarmed over the roof of the submarine, with their knives drawn. They rushed at us, wielding their weapons viciously. A few were accidentally shoved off the ship by other soldiers as they quickly advanced towards us. We gathered in a group and huddled together, with Luxor and Marcus standing in front.

Cassandra leapt from the destroyed hatch and landed among her soldiers. They parted out of the way as she walked up to the front. She had an evil smile on her face.

“Well, if it isn’t the rotten human girl and her companions,” Cassandra snarled. “You and Nigel must be very close, hmm? Well, you won’t be friends for long, especially due to the fact that I’m going to kill you and exact my revenge.”

“What do you have against us?!” I shouted back at her, accompanied by Luxor’s growling. Professor Robinson had joined us, with Nigel by his side, leaving Harriet as the only one on board.

Cassandra spat on the side of the submarine. “You’ve bested me and my men at everything. I will not let anyone get away with a crime like that against the Mayor, and certainly no one will defeat me.”

“You are crazy, lady!’’ Puma hissed, her tail swishing back and forth and her ears flattening against her head. Cassandra sneered. “It’s my pleasure to annoy you,” she jeered.

Puma yowled and lunged, but Marcus pulled her back. “Don’t do anything you’re going to regret,” he hissed in her ear.

Puma gave a low growl but said nothing more. Marcus released her arm, and she backed away. Marcus stepped forward, putting his cutlass away.

“You will not harm Alex as long as I stand,” he said, walking in front of me. “I am the legal guardian of her and her friends, and I will kill you if I must.”

“As long as you stand, then?” she asked. “Well men, attack him, and we’ll see how long he stands.”

Half of the Shadow Thieves raced forward, weapons drawn, but a fiery blast sent them all flying off the ship. Cassandra looked up in shock and gasped.

Nikita was aiming an arrow at the submarine from the deck of Starchaser Alpha. Next to her stood Victor and Paolina and behind them dozens of Lumineers had rifles drawn.

“You’ve lost this fight Cassandra,” Nikita hissed.

Cassandra stood tall and firm. She spun around to her remaining men. “Attack them!” she commanded.

The Shadow Thieves ran forward, holding their knives above their heads. Victor stepped onto the submarine surface and brought his ax down on the first few Shadow Thieves. Then he flung them off the ship with brute strength. Nikita fired an arrow, and the arrow caught flame. A phoenix flew from the arrow tip and dove at the Shadow Thieves, setting them on fire. They screamed and unwittingly jumped overboard.

I heard a roar, and saw Shade glide down and spit acidic flame at two soldiers, and then shoved them over the edge. The Lumineers raised their guns and fired, hitting almost every Shadow Thief in sight. Puma jumped forward with a yowl and tackled one soldier, and Nigel and Victor fought two others. I chanted the spell from my charm, and a strong wind sent more Shadow Thieves flying.

Aura jumped onto Shade’s back, and Shade took him back to the Akhra Storm. Harriet and Nigel jumped onto his back too. “I’m taking them back to Novice Order!” Shade roared. He flew away, into the sky.

I nodded, and ran across the surface of the submarine. All of the other submarines were defeated except this one, and we needed to defeat Cassandra now or never.

I saw Marcus slashing at Shadow Thieves here and there, sending them flying off the submarine’s face. Serena and Victor were at his side, also slashing and shoving Shadow Thieves away.

I went to run over to them, but I saw Cassandra rushing at them. She had a hand in her pocket, and she withdrew a gun. She aimed it, about ready to shoot Serena with it.

“Marcus, look out!” I screamed, pointing.

Marcus looked up, saw what Cassandra was about to do, and shoved her and Victor out of the way. Cassandra’s gun fired, but it didn’t hit Serena; it hit Marcus.

“Marcus, no!!!” I cried, rushing over to his side. I knelt over him, sobbing, and then felt something metal touch the side of my head.

It was Cassandra’s gun. “You are dead, worthless human,” she hissed.

There was a loud metallic swish, and Cassandra stopped. Her gleaming red eyes clouded over, and she fell to her knees and rolled over the side of Shadow Ghost, falling to the skies below.

I stared up and saw Captain Prismhawk standing over me, with a cutlass in his hand.

“Are you alright?” he asked, kneeling down on Marcus’s right side.

I wiped my eyes. “Yeah, but Marcus was shot in the stomach,” I sobbed.

Marcus was bleeding badly, but there was a smile on his face. “Don’t worry…about me, Alex,” he wheezed, and then coughed a bit. “I…know what’s going to happen, but whatever you do, don’t cry. It’s not really my time to go, but fate has determined this. Just…please…do not cry, do not cry.”

Victor, Puma, Professor Robinson, Serena and Paolina joined our side. Serena wept and knelt down next to me. “Marcus…what has she down to you?!” she cried.

Marcus grabbed Serena’s arm with what sparse energy he had left. “Don’t you worry about me, Serena. I…know I’m not going to make it, but…you must promise not to mourn. I’m going to a better place now. However, I want you to…take my body back to Nightopia, where…it will be buried. I will always be with you…never worry.” With that, his eyes slid shut and did not open again.

I cried and held my head in my hands. Serena looked away, and Paolina bowed her head. Victor removed his capello, and Puma put her knife away. Luxor flew around Serena and growled in a sad tone. Suddenly the Professor cleared his throat.

“We better get going, now that this submarine has no surviving occupants,” he said. “We must fulfill Marcus’s will, and honestly, this ship will not stand any longer.”

We all nodded, too sad to really say anything. We carried Marcus’s body back on board the Akhra Storm, and covered him in a spare airship sail. Victor laid his shield on Marcus, as a sign of respect. The Akhra Storm and Starchaser Alpha sailed back to Novice Order, to tell the Lumineers of the terrible news.

There was a ceremony for Marcus, as the captain and three other Lumineers carried his body to a wooden table set in the center of the courtyard. They set his body on the table, and a group of Lumineers gave a twenty-one gun salute, their shots ringing out in the fort. Shade and the baby dragons bowed their heads, and Nigel, Harriet, and Aura bowed theirs.

Captain Prismhawk cleared his throat. “Today, the corrupt Shadow Thief known as Cassandra and her men has been defeated, Cassandra herself slain by me. However, she took the life of the old captain, a man we all know by the name of Marcus Flynn. A kind-hearted man who lived in Nightopia and who fought to defend them with the edge of his sword. His body is to be sent to Nightopia where it will be buried by the Armada.”


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