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Legend of Akhra (Chapter 9) by Nimbelle Ginelle Quinn

Chapter Nine: Farewell

As Captain Prismhawk said that, two Armada musketeers walked through the wooden gates. They saluted to Victor, and he and the musketeers walked to where Marcus lay. Victor signaled to them, and they carefully picked up his body and carried it away, back to the gates. Two Lumineers shut the door behind them as Victor stood by the Captain’s side.

“They will take him to Nightopia,” Victor said aloud. “By orders of Kane and the Armada.” With that, he joined Paolina’s side silently. She smiled at him, and he smiled back at her, and then turned his attention back to the funeral.

After a few words of respect for Marcus, the funeral was over. Lumineers shook hands and wept or gave words of encouragement to those who were distraught. I especially felt bad for the people who were closest to Marcus. They would miss him the most.

Serena, Professor Robinson, and Paolina spoke to Captain Prismhawk, and Puma hung out with Nigel and the other Shadow Thieves. Luxor went to play with the Blue Sky dragons, which left Victor and me by ourselves.

I sat down on a stone bench, and Victor stood by my side. I turned around and faced Victor.

“I feel kind of bad for both Marcus and Cassandra,” I said.

Victor seemed puzzled. “What do you mean? She deserved what she got for wrongly ending the life of our comrade.”

“Well,” I began, “She had no idea that she was being used.”

“And what do you mean by that?” he asked.

“Cassandra had no idea that she was being used as a pawn,” I explained. “If she knew, she could’ve done something to get back at Mayor Newhall. Whether she could’ve escaped or taken vengeance out on the Mayor, she wouldn’t have done that if she only knew. But she didn’t, and now Marcus is dead.”

Victor nodded his head. “It was such a shame and a disgrace. But if there was a way to avoid all of this, Whistletone would’ve told you, wouldn’t she?”

I looked up at him. “How did you know?”

He shrugged. “Simple logic in reality, which is one thing we the Armada happen to know much about. Whistletone tells you everything you need to know on this journey, right? Well, I can understand that if there is no way that Marcus could’ve survived, she would not tell you, but instead, she would alert you that there’s nothing you can do. That is what I assume, at least.”

I sighed and nodded my head slowly. “You are right about that. She didn’t tell me anything, except this: what happens to him could never be prevented.”

“Hmm, I would be distraught if I had to live with the fact that a dear companion will die and I could not do anything about it,” Victor said in thought. “It would certainly be a pain if it was Paolina who would die. I have only just learned of these new emotions and feelings inside of me, and I’m certainly the first of the Armada to have any at all.”

I looked him up and down for a moment, and then coughed a bit. “Victor, can I ask you something?”

Victor stood up straight, like a statue. “Yes, what is it that you wish to ask me?”

I cleared my throat, and looked him in the eye (even though he had no eyes). “Do you have a heart?” I asked him.

Victor didn’t seem to have heard what I asked him, but after a minute he began to walk away. “Naturally, we the Armada do not have hearts. But now that I have emotions, I…I am not too sure. The answer is uncertain, and I don’t believe I can answer that.” He marched off in his usual Armada Marine march, leaving me by myself. I sat and tried to decipher what he really meant by that.

I sat alone and thought about clockwork emotions and hearts, until Nigel, Aura, Harriet, and Puma came over.

“Hey, these guys are going to come with us to Mylfor Castle!” Puma exclaimed.

I smiled at Nigel. “That’s great news, so, you, Harriet, Aura and Nikita are all coming with us?”

Nigel rubbed the back of his neck. “Well, not Nikita, she doesn’t want to. She says that her duty lies here at Novice Order, with the Lumineers.”

Puma smiled this time. “She knows what she’s doing, then. Just like Marcus, in a way.” Puma frowned and bowed her head for a moment. “I wish there could’ve been something that we could’ve done to save him.”

Aura shook his head in silence. “There wasn’t anything anyone could do. Besides, Marcus wouldn’t want us acting like this. He wants us to be happy, and to find this treasure. And we’ll find this treasure, in his name.” He lifted his staff and pointed it high in the air.

Nigel unsheathed his knives and joined Aura. Puma also joined, and Harriet pointed her gun in the air as well. “For Marcus!” Harriet cried.

“For Marcus and the entire Spiral!” we all responded. I didn’t have a weapon, but instead I pointed my charm in the air with the others. We put our items away, and after a moment of silence, we heard someone clear their throat. We spun around to see Serena approach our group.

“I have something to announce,” she said. “Since you Shadow Thief children are coming along on the journey, we only have room for two dragons.” She waved Shade and Luxor over.

“So, these guys are coming,” I pointed out, “But the four other Blue Sky dragons are staying here?”

“Yeah,” Shade growled. “Airships can only get so huge, and they can only take a few thousand pounds on board. Not to be rude, but my siblings are going to have to stay here.”

Apparently, Gwen must’ve heard that, because she came barreling through the courtyard, nearly crashing into Shade’s leg.

“You are leaving?!” she shrieked, tears in her eyes. “Shade, you can’t just leave us! We’re family for crying out loud!”

Shade gave a long, deep sigh. “Gwen, there won’t be enough room for all seven of us dragons to fit on board. I’m getting bigger, you know, and I’m going to be a young adult very soon. I will be quite heavy enough, but you all haven’t reached your growth spurts yet. You might end up reaching your growth spurts on the Akhra Storm, and that could be a bad thing.”

Polar fluttered over, an angry look on her face. “So what, it doesn’t matter! We don’t want to be left behind with no one to protect us!”

“The Lumineers will protect you,” Shade said.

Michael and Irving walked over. “Who will take care of us when you’re gone?” Michael asked in a quiet voice.

“I will take care of you,” a voice said. We all turned to see Garth land behind us. Garth really did look just like Shade, except he had to be at least 30 feet in height. He had a scarf tied around his eyes, a small part of a scar showing out underneath the scarf. Something tells me that Garth is Nikita’s dragon, and they both got injuries in some sort of huge fight a long time ago.

Shade smiled up at Garth. “Garth and I know each other. We both lost our mothers when the great balls of fire fell from the sky.” He turned to Gwen, Polar, Irving and Michael. “He’ll care for you four while I find your brother and sister in Mylfor. I know they’ll be there, I just have that feeling.”

Garth spread his wings and wrapped them around the four little dragons. “Don’t worry, little ones, I’ll make sure you are safe and taken care of.” With that, he led the dragons away under his wings.

Serena spun around to face Shade and Luxor. “Let’s get ready to go,” she said. She looked over at Nigel, Harriet, Puma, Aura, and I. “You all better get ready to go. Professor, Victor, and Paolina are already on board the Akhra Storm, and they’re ready to get going.”

Serena walked off to the docks, leaving us by ourselves once again.

Nigel cleared his throat. “I suppose we ought to get our things packed. Harriet, Aura, let’s get back to the cabin.” He faced Puma and I. “We’ll see you guys later, so bye!”

They ran towards their cabin, out of sight. Puma glanced around for a moment, and then yawned and stretched her arms behind her back.

“I guess we got to go pack up too,” she told me. “Let’s go, shall we?”

Once we had our extra clothes and ball gowns packed in travel bags (provided by the Lumineers), we headed out to the docks. The Akhra Storm waited patiently in the harbor, as if nothing important was really going on. I saw Victor and Paolina on board, talking to Serena. Shade and Luxor were on the airship’s mast, sitting and watching the clouds, probably talking too. I didn’t see Nigel, Harriet, or Aura, so they might be in the cabins, getting their rooms. We boarded the ship, carrying our luggage behind us. The boarding planks lifted up behind us.

Professor Robinson waved and walked into the control room. The Akhra Storm rose up from the ground, and the airship took off, sailing through the blockade and heading north to Mylfor.


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