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Legend of Akhra (Chapter 7) by Nimbelle Ginelle Quinn

Chapter Seven: Bad things are coming

I awoke, lying on the ground in Whistletone’s oasis. I stood up and looked around, but I didn’t see her anywhere at all.

I walked a little distance through the meadow, walking along the edge of the woods. “Whistletone, where are you?” I called, scanning the skies for any sight of her. “Whistletone?”

I ran through the woods, looking at every tree and rock. I walked through the woods until I reached the end, standing no longer in the meadow, but somewhere entirely different.

I was standing on the edge of the island of Soren itself, looking out over the sky at the shining stone city of Akhra. The wind was growing much stronger than before, and far away, thunder boomed and lightning struck nothing but empty air.

When the second flash of lightning occurred, I saw her; Whistletone was circling in the middle of the sky, never touching down in Akhra or in Soren. Something told me that a hurricane was coming, or possibly forming.

“Whistletone, listen to me!” I cried, “Novice Order is in danger! Why did you summon me here? Do you need to warn me about something?”

She kept circling the one spot in the sky, and I gave up hope of being able to get her attention when I heard her mournful, whistle-like cry ring out in the stormy sky.

Alexandria, she mourned, please…tell the others that what happens to him, there is no way to prevent it. He can’t save his own life, and you cannot stop Cassandra from ending it.

“Wait, who is going to die?!” I asked, but she didn’t respond. The colorful rainbow portal opened up and sucked me in so quick that when I awoke, I gasped, panting and shaking as if I’ve seen a ghost or demon.

I was lying in a medical cot, with Victor and Marcus standing over me with worried expressions. Serena and Paolina stood nearby, and Luxor was hovering behind them. I wasn’t just shaking myself; the entire building was shaking, and I could hear cannons and guns being fired, and a loud creak of metal as an airship fell from the sky.

“What…happened?” I groaned, sitting up on the not-so-comfortable cot.

“You passed out for a few minutes,” Victor informed me. “It is an all-out battle outside. Cassandra now has at least 12 submarines with her. She is clearly outnumbered, but she is attacking the largest of the Lumineer airships.”

“The captain went on ahead to join the fight,” Marcus said.

I got up and jumped out of the cot. I was still a little dizzy, but Serena and Marcus helped me to my feet. Victor turned around and picked up his shield and ax. “We need to help these people,” he proposed, marching to the door with long strides. “They helped care for us, therefore we help them.”

I tied my hair back in a ponytail and looked at him with a fire in my eyes. “Victor’s right, we need to help them, now more than ever.”

We ran out of the main building, racing through the courtyard. Flaming pieces of the fallen airship were scattered all over creation, and one of the towers was holding the burning airship. Lumineers were putting out the fire with water. I could see Shade over there, batting at the fire with his wings. An adult Blue Sky dragon that looked just like him with a scarf tied around its eyes was perched on the highest point of the tower, also batting its wings. That must be Garth, the dragon Captain Prismhawk told us about when we first arrived at Novice Order.

I ran through the courtyard over to the cabin where the Shadow Thieves were. Aura and Nigel were standing outside with Puma and Irving.

“Where’s Harriet?” I demanded, racing up to them. Marcus, Serena, and Luxor had followed me while Victor and Paolina raced off in the other direction.

“Harriet is on board The Sunbird, one of the blockade ships,” Puma said. “That’s also where Professor Robinson is.”

“What about the rest of the Blue Sky dragons, and Captain?” Marcus asked.

“My siblings are helping Garth and Shade,” Irving whimpered. “But the captain…He just took off somewhere. I-I have no clue if he’s on an airship or not!”

I looked over to my friends. “Puma, Nigel, Aura, you guys ready to fight?”

Puma and Nigel wielded their knives, and Aura stomped his staff on the ground. “We are more than ready,” Aura snarled.

Marcus pulled out a slim cutlass, and so did Serena. “We came prepared as well,” Marcus said.

I took out my Whistletone charm. “I don’t have a weapon, though.”

Nigel put a hand on my shoulder. “That charm is filled with a powerful spell that Aura created himself. All you need to do is grip it firmly in your hand and chant Hurricane 3 times, alright? You’ll see what I mean in a time of need.”

I put it back into my waistcoat pocket. “Got it,” I assured him. With that, our group left the cabin and raced to the docks.

The Akhra Storm lay perfectly fine, resting in the docks with no damage or harm to its surface. I watched as the airship Sunbird stopped right next to our ship. Harriet teleported herself and the Professor onto the Akhra Storm. Harriet waved to us, and we ran over, all except for Irving. “I’m going to help my family,” he chirped, flying off.

“Get on board, quickly!” the Professor called, starting up the airship. Marcus, Serena, Nigel, Aura, Luxor, and I got on the ship, and Serena lifted the anchors. The Akhra Storm rose up and sailed in the direction of the blockade, where the fight was underway.

Four of Cassandra’s submarines fell out of the sky almost simultaneously, all being bombarded by cannons. Only 8 submarines remained, and they began to fire back, causing one small airship to also fall out of the sky.

The Akhra Storm nearly barreled right into the middle of the battle, with Marcus and Harriet manning the cannons. Our ship’s cannons fired at the nearest sub, along with an airship by the name of Starchaser Alpha. The submarine went down immediately, flaming as it fell into the skies below.

Another submarine instantly fell, far to the south. I could scarcely hear the cries of anguish from the Shadow Thieves as the sub disappeared in the clouds. That is why you don’t join Cassandra and the Mayor, I thought.

“Only six submarines left!” Professor cried. “I say we board the next ship.”

“Certainly, Professor, lead the way,” Marcus yelled back.

Professor Robinson turned the ship in broadside position, lowering the boarding planks on the side of the nearest submarine. Nigel, Puma, Luxor, Marcus, Aura, and I immediately boarded the submarine’s surface. The hatch opened, and seven Shadow Thieves jumped out and lunged at us.

Aura attacked first, stamping the base of his staff on the steel metal of the submarine. The metal rippled like when a drop of water falls and hits the surface of a lake. Huge pieces of debris flew up and took out two Shadow Thieves, sending them flying over the side of their ship. Nigel raced forward and attacked another soldier, slashing at him with his knives. The soldier fell overboard as well.

Now there were only 4 soldiers left. Puma wielded her knife and shoved another soldier over the side with it. Marcus took out two other soldiers, leaving just one guy left.

“He’s all yours, Alex!” Nigel shouted to me. The soldier rushed at me, his knife drawn. I pulled out the charm of Whistletone and gripped it in my hand.

“Hurricane,” I whispered. The soldier was getting closer.

“Hurricane,” I said a bit louder. Now he was only ten feet away.

I turned and looked at him, and he leapt into the air and tried to tackle me. “Hurricane!” I screamed, holding the charm in front of my face.

The charm flashed, and a mighty gust of wind blew out of the charm and sent the soldier flying. He fell off the ship, hit the side of an airship, and tumbled downwards at a bewildering speed.

Nigel stared at me and grinned. “See, now wasn’t that awesome?” he laughed.

I staggered backwards, and smiled back at him. “That was pretty wild, I must admit. I apparently know how powerful a hurricane is now.”

Marcus smiled, and then frowned and looked to his right. “We need to get back on board our ship,” he said.

We raced back on board, and the submarine fell from the sky as we raised the planks and glided away from them. Another sub was shot down from the sky, leaving only four remaining.


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