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Gunn's Gold and a Treasure Beyond Reckoning! Part 5 by Mark Dennis

Chapter 5: The Republic Of Skull Island by Mark Dennis

The crew got to Captain Avery's office. The pirates crowded the inside of the building, trying to listen to what Captain Avery had to say. "Hello Captain Dennis," Avery said, "You got the message I sent you?"

Mark took out the note, holding it for Avery to see. "Good," Avery said, "I've been trying to get trading partners for Skull Island to work with for years now. Having trading partners and allies would make Skull Island a true republic! I want to start with Monquista. This chalice that you gave me, it is an heirloom of the Ortegas, a noble family in Monquista. The governer of Puerto Mico is an Ortega. He would be happy to get this back! Give this to the governer, and propose the treaty to him. If he accepts, then we are on our way to becoming a true republic!"

The crew ran out of Captain Avery's office. They got to Puerto Mico in about an hour, and were amazed by the sight of a small buildings where the Monquistans lived in. Isabella, Max, Eli, and Nathan went around to explore, while Bonnie, Ratbeard, Rachel, and Mark went into the governer's palace. They came to the Majordomo.

"Ah," The Majordomo said, "You're here to see the governer? Let me see your credentials." Mark and Rachel gave their passports to the monkey. "Let's hope that these credentials that Captain Avery gave us are good!" Bonnie whispered to Mark. The monkey read the passport that Rachel gave him. "Archduke Ferdinand of Marelybone. I trust you had a good journey and that the duchess is doing well." The Majordomo read the passport that Mark gave him. "Ah, Madame Zarma of Darkmoor. I trust that you had a safe journey. I see that the legends of your beauty are... not exaggerated at all."

Mark and Rachel got their passports back. "Despite the fact that these credentials are good," the Majordomo continued, "I cannot allow you two to see the governer. You two are not dressed appropriately. Take this note to the tailor, Bernardo Sastre. He'll be able to give you good clothes." With that, Mark and Rachel left the Governer's palace.

The two kids came out of the governers palace and looked at the passports that they recieved from Avery. "I'm a fish!" Mark yelled. Rachel looked at Mark's, and then back at hers. "You're not as bad as I am," Rachel said, "I'm a bulldog!" Ratbeard pulled the two kids from where they were, "Come on," he said, "Let's hurry up with this!"

The two walked up to a Monquistan in front of a small building, finding Eli talking to the tailor. "Ah," the tailor said, "You'll know when you find true love, my friend." Eli turned to see Rachel, Bonnie, Mark, and Ratbeard. "Hey Captain!" Eli said, "After a bit of thought, I think we ought to get a bigger boat. I saw, back in Scrimshaw, a ship vendor that sold frigates and galleons. With your permission, may I take a raft to Scrimshaw and buy a galleon?"

Mark took ten thousand gold out of his backpack. "They'll probably be expensive," Mark said, "Take this gold, and outfit it with the best equipment you can!" Eli took the gold and ran for the docks. "What was that about?" Rachel said. The two kids turned towards the Monquistan. "Why are you looming over my shop, gangly one?" the Monquistan said. Rachel was about to snap, about ready to smash the Monquistan with her Aztecan axe. Mark grabbed her shoulder before she had a chance, handing the Monquistan the note.

The Monquistan read the note. "My, my," he said, "The Majordomo is right, you two are dressed like savages. I can create something for you. But, in your size, it will be difficult and expensive. I must charge you fifty thousand gold coins, labor included."

Mark jumped, "Fifty thousand?!" he yelled, "We need that to keep our crew alive!" The Monquistan clicked his tongue, "Too expensive?" he said, "There is an alternative. House Guzman has an unfair deal on Mooshu silk. Bring me barrels of silk from their ships, and I'll make your suit."

An hour later, Mark and Rachel returned to the shop with fifteen barrels of silk. "My silk," Sastre said, "Thank you for all that silk. I took the liberty of making the suit while you were gone. The Majordomo has it in the governer's palace." Mark and Rachel walked to the governer's palace where they found Isabella, who looked startled.

"Brother," Isabella said, "I just saw a colorful suit going in. Let me go in with you. I want to see what it looks like." The kids, fox, and rat walked into the palace. The Majordomo saw them enter, "Hello again," he said, "Here is your suit. Changing rooms are under the stairs. I'll let you see the governer once the suit is on." The kids looked inside of the package. Isabella was right, it was colorful. "I'll take the fall here," Mark said, going to the changing room. He came out looking like a clown. Isabella and Rachel turned around, going out of the governer's palace.

"Uh, well Captain," Ratbeard said, "You look... well, you look-" Bonnie interrupted Ratbeard. "Ridiculous, Captain," she said, "You look ridiculous. The monkeys are making a monkey out of you!" Mark walked to the governer's office with the chalice, coming out without it, very disappointed. The Majordomo started to talk to Mark. "Despite how the governer is, I can assure you that his answer will be 'no'." Mark looked depressed, and went to the changing room. "But," the Majordomo said, "There is an alternative. Get out of those ridiculous clothes, I'll tell you."

A few minutes later, Mark came back in his normal uniform. "I know who you are," the Majordomo said, "You and your crew are the ones who robbed the Presidio of our prisoners and the spices. I know a way to repay for that incident. Talk to the bishop over in the church. He will explain what is going on." Mark walked out to find Rachel, Isabella, Bonnie, and Ratbeard waiting for him. "We are to go to the Bishop over in the church," Mark said, "He has a mission for us."

The kids went into the church, where they found Max. "The Monquistans have one odd faith," Max said to the crew. Mark silently walked up to the bishop, respecting the people in prayer. "Hello child," the bishop said, "I trust you are not here to pray? We have much to speak of."


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