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Gunn's Gold and a Treasure Beyond Reckoning! Part 6 by Mark Dennis

Chapter 6: The Legends Of The Golden Monkey

"We, Monquistans, were the first in the spiral to arrive here in Skull Island. Here, in this skyway, we found the isle of doom. Out from the pyramids, built of unknown origin, came gold pouring from the very tops of the pyramids. As the first to come to Skull Island, and to find the isle of doom, we looted the pyramids of the gold. We became wealthy... and powerful. Monquistador explorers came to the isle of doom to mine the gold from the mountains and pyramids. But one name stands above all: Gortez.

"Gortez, an army general, came through the isle of doom. Despite the carnivorus bees, man-eating plants, and savage frog tribes with poisonous skin, Gortez braved the dangers of the forests, finding the gold of the ancients. But in the months that followed, rumors spread of Gortez doing questionable things. Four months ago, all contact was lost with Gortez and his army. We had no way of hearing what was going on, until a Monquistador came out of the forest, raging with fever.

"Gortez started his own kingdom in the jungle, and was ruling it like a tyrant. Extracting and collecting gold from the pyramids, he found a treasure within beyond all treasures: The golden monkey. I want you, child, to go to the isle of doom. Find Gortez, bring him to justice. But first, take some supplies to our gold miners, over near the forest. Outfitter Arroyo will prepare you for the journey. Now, go young child!" Mark and the crew ran out of the church.

Soon, they arrived over in the outfitter's, where they found Nathan. "This is one small shop," he said, "How can any normal sized being fit in here?" Nathan joined the rest of the crew going to the outfitter.

"So you go to the Isle of Doom!" The outfitter said, "I hear it's a lovely place, provided you keep clear of the monstrous spiders. The skyways near the island have grown very dangerous. The Scurvy dogs and hungry fish have made it too difficult for most ships to approach. When you sail there, I ask you to take these food supplies to the gold miners. They've been cut off for weeks, you'll be a hero to them." The outfitter handed the supplies in backpacks to all five crew members. The crew walked out of the shop, hopped onto their ship, and started for the Isle of Doom, getting there within minutes of their departure.

Mark, Isabella, Rachel, Max, and Nathan got off of the ship with the supplies. The rest of their crew followed, bottling the ship. They spotted a temple and a cave within. "I'm assuming that we need to go in there to get to the gold mine?" Mark said. A nearby Monquistan stopped them, "Yes," he said, "I will guide you through the dark cave."

The crew came out to a temple with water slowly flowing into it, and saw the Foreman Salazar. Salazar ran up to the crew, with the five backpacks full of bananas, avacadoes, and other foods. "Thank the spiral you came!" he said, "We were going so long without good food, we were about to eat our clothes!" Mark put his backpack down, "You are most welcome," he said.

"Your arrival is just in time too," Salazar said, "Our Water-Mole laborers are revolting!" Ratbeard laughed, "Pshaw," he said, "They may be small, but they're harmless a lot of the time!"

"No," Salazar continued, "They are revolting! We dug our way into the temple, they saw something and started to revolt! They're trying to force us out of our camp! If you can, find a way to stop them from revolting, and get their leader, Haku." Mark and Rachel ran for a small, nearby campsite. Everyone else followed.

The Water-Moles saw the battle-ready crew and charged straight at them. Mark, Bonnie, Bones, and Isabella shot the ones flinging rocks at them. Rachel turned her Aztecan axe to the flat side, walloping the various charging Water-Mole spearmen. Not wanting to kill the poor moles, the swordsmen and swashbucklers used their handles to knock out the Water-Moles charging at them. Eventually, one mole got up. "You may be able to stop us," the mole said, "But you will never be able to defeat Haku! As long as Haku lives, our revolt continues!" The crew ran for the flooded tunnels, coming to a door. The crew ran inside of the shrine to find an open Aztecan sarcophogus lying open by a pillar, candles around it, with Water-Mole Witchdoctors dancing, casting spells at the candle-lit pillar.

"You are too late!" Haku said, "Soon the old one will rise to defeat the monkeys, and you!" Haku cast spells at the crew. Bonnie, with a well-aimed shot, brought the mole down with not only a spark-shot, but several explosions as well. "Rise, old one!" Haku said, "Rise and help us!" There was a flash of light, and the mummy rose from his sarcophogus. "I LIVE!" The Aztecosaur mummy yelled in a growl. The crew charged at the mummy.

Rachel grabbed her axe, jumping over the mummy, and brought the axe down on it's head. The mummy growled angrily. Max, Barnabus, and Jack came running for the mummy. The mummy's eyes started to glow, and shot some heated substance. The heat hit a barrel of gunpowder, causing it to explode behind Max, Barnabus, and Jack. All three jumped. Max front-flipped through the air, Barnabus flew through the air with his axe held high, Jack swung his sword.

Max stopped flipping, bringing his knives down onto the Aztecosaur mummy's feet. The mummy whined in pain. Jack rolled onto the ground, swinging his sword at the mummy, cutting it's stomach open. The Aztecosaur groaned. Barnabus came flying at the mummy, brought his axe down onto the mummy's head, crushing it's skull. The mummy fell to the ground. Max picked up his knives, Barnabus removed his axe, Jack cleaned off his sword. Out from under the mummy came a muffled voice, saying "Get this thing off of me!" Rachel never got around to avoiding the mummy falling, and her axe was stuck in the sarcophogus. Max and Barnabus moved the mummy's body off of Rachel, Jack retrieved her axe from the open Sarcophogus.

The four joined Mark over by the exit. "The old ones have failed Haku and his people!" The Water-Mole said, "We will make peace with monkeys." The Water-Moles came out, sulking. The crew came back to Salazar, finding no more of the water-moles revolting. "Thank you for stopping those Water-Moles! I will pay gold for this, out of my personal share!"


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