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Gunn's Gold and a Treasure Beyond Reckoning! Part 4 by Mark Dennis

Chapter 4: Avery's Call

One month later, Max and Rachel were over in the Black Spot. Max had fully recovered from his broken arm, but Rachel would never recover from losing her eye. They were finally off of the painkillers that the doctor had put them on and were allowed to drink Yum again. They were visited by One-Eyed Jack.

"Why hello, Mr. Dodger, Ms. Yardsley!" Jack said happily, "You two are drinking Yum again, that's good!" Max drank the remaining Yum in his bottle, "May I ask you why you're here, Jack?" he asked the rabbit.

"Well," Jack said, "Long story short, I've got a message for Captain Dennis. It looks important." Rachel looked at the letter, recognizing the stationery. "It must be Captain Avery," she said, "He said that he would be calling us again when he needed us!"

"Ah, that makes sense!" Jack said, "But where is Captain Dennis?" Rachel took another swig of Yum from her bottle, "The Captain's over in Buccaneer Isle," she said, "Trying to figure out what went on a month ago. He took Ratbeard, Scratch, and Bones McGee."

"Ah, okay," Jack said, "Any idea when he'll be back?" Max looked at Jack, "He said in about an hour," Max said, "Just recieved word from him."

"Hmm," Jack looked at the letter, which said 'Deliver to C. M. Dennis or F.M. I. Dennis', "Who is this 'F.M. I. Dennis'?" It took a bit before Max and Rachel realized who it was, "F.M. I. Dennis..." Max said to himself. Rachel held her finger up as if she had a sudden realization. "It's Firstmate Isabella Dennis!" Rachel said, "Captain Dennis' sister and firstmate!"

"Ah, Madame Dennis, then!" Jack said, "Any idea where she is?" Bonnie came up from the cellar, Scaramanga holstered. "I think that Isabella went to the outhouse," Bonnie said, "She just left looking desperate." Right then, they heard a knock on the door. "Armada," the robotic voice said, "We're here to see Flopsy for an inspection."

"Oh no!" Jack said a quietly as possible, "I forgot that was today! Hold on a minute!" Jack turned towards the others, "You've got to hide yourself, else you could get arrested again!" Bonnie signaled Max and Rachel into the cellar. "What're you going to do?" Bonnie asked, "How're we going to hide?" Jack took a carpet out from behind the counter, "I'll hide the door," Jack said, "You keep everyone quiet. We don't want to blow our cover!" Bonnie closed the cellar trapdoor. Jack flattened the carpet on top of the trapdoor and dove behind the counter. "Come in!" Jack said, throwing his voice.

Down in the cellar, the Mooshu students were playing tiles, the treasure hunters were conversing, and everyone else was either napping or conversing with the treasure hunters. Wing saw Bonnie, Max, and Rachel standing by the ladder. "What's going on fox?" Wing said in his usual loud voice. "Shh!" Bonnie said, "The Armada's here! We need to keep quiet!"

Subodai got up from his chair at the table. He walked up to the ladder. There was a noise of a door opening and shutting. "Dodger-san," Subodai said, "Come and listen, this does not sound good." Max walked up to Subodai, and listened. "I don't hear anything," Max said, "What's going on?"

"I hear Fin," Subodai said, "The Cutthroat leader. Egg Shen, come, listen." The goose hurried over to the ladder, quietly though. Egg Shen listened, getting every word that was spoken by the unusually quiet shark.

"I need to see One-Eyed Jack," Fin said, "It's imperative that I see him." An Armada troop came up to Fin, pointing a rifle at him. "Identify yourself," The troop said, "Or be terminated." Fin didn't know what was going on. He grabbed the Armada troop's rifle, bending it upward. The Armada trooper shot. The gun exploded, sending troop into the window. The clockwork went flying through the window, breaking the glass.

Fin approached the barkeep, who was One-Eyed Jack. "May I help you?" Jack said in his thrown voice, hoping that Fin would get the message. Fin grabbed Jack by the collar of his jacket. "Listen Flopsy," Fin said in a threatening voice, "Tell me where I can find Captain Fowl, or you won't live to see the light of day ever again!" Jack trembled as he was lifted in the air. The door of the tavern opened and shut. In came Isabella Dennis.

"Ah, Madame Dennis!" Jack said, "Would you please go, find someone to help me out?" Fin dropped Jack, who fell to the floor. Fin slowly walked towards Isabella, "Dennis, Dennis?" he said, "Where have I heard that name before? Ah, yes. Mark Dennis! The new captain of the ship, The Wayward Rose. I remember him, all too well." Isabella started to open her jacket to grab one of her pistols. Fin took out one of his blades, holding it up to Isabella's throat.

"If you or any member of your brother's crew follows me to find Captain Fowl," Fin continued, still holding his blade to Isabella's throat, "Not one of you will live to see the light of day. Not now, not then, never!" There was a shot, and the Armada sniper shot Fin in his tail. Fin jumped, running for the bar. "You blew me cover!" Jack yelled, taking a one-shot rifle out from behind the bar. He shot the Armada troop from the cover of the bar.

Isabella grabbed her pistol out from her jacket's holster. She took a holstered rapier off of the wall, and ran for the Armada troops. "Pirates!" The Armada captain yelled, "Take them down!"

"We need to team up!" Isabella said, "You, me and Fin! Let's get these guys!" Fin grabbed both of his blades from his belt, running for the nearest troop. Fin sliced the Armada musketeer into two pieces, destroying the clockwork. Jack hopped over the bar, knife out, flipping tables for cover. He crouched behind one table. Isabella ran to the table, kneeling down beside it. Fin bent behind the table to try and take cover.

"I've got a plan!" Jack said, "Isabella, you and I will distract the clockworks, luring them towards the window. Fin, charge at the clockworks, sending them out the window. It may be suicide, but I think it'll work!"

"Let's do it, then!" Fin said, "Go!" Jack and Isabella charged at the window. They dove out the window, hanging off of a wooden plank that held the tavern up in the air. They dove under the floor of the building, and hid. The clockworks up above came to the window, looking down to see what looked to be a couple of bodies (really sacks of flour) on the wooden path below. "Local criminal mastermind terminated," one of the clockworks said, "No need for inspection anymore."

"Hey, robots!" Fin yelled at the clockworks. They turned around, and recieved a fist in their faces. The two clockworks flew out the window, and onto the sacks of flour, breaking upon impact. Jack and Isabella climbed onto the rail outside of window. Fin helped them in. "That was close," Fin said, "What was that about anyway?"

"The Armada's catching on to the criminal masterminds and pirates," Jack said, "They've been trying to hunt me down. They think that I'm dead, I've got to lie low for a while now. Make it look like I'm gone. Fin, Madame Dennis, I need you out of Flotsam as fast as possible. We can't have the Armada coming in here to search for you guys now that I'm out of the picture."

"Alright, Jack," Fin said, "I'll get out of here." With that, Fin ran for the door. Isabella went to the carpet, uncovering the trapdoor. She opened the cellar. "Alright, people!" she yelled, "All clear!" Emmett was the first to come up the ladder.

"Oh, one last thing, Madame Dennis!" Jack said. He took the letter from captain Avery out of his pocket, handing it to Isabella. "I suggest you read it," Jack said, "Looks important." Isabella read the note.

'Dear M. or I. Dennis, duty calls. I have made examinations towards the chalice you gave me, and I need your help on a new job. Please come with your entire crew to Skull Island, and make it snappy! Regards, Captain Avery, attn. Mordekai.'

"Bonnie," Isabella said, "We need to get Mark from Buccaneer's Isle. Avery's got a new job for us. To the ship!" The crew got out of the cellar and started for the docks. "Be careful!" Jack yelled as the twenty-one pirates ran for their ship.

On the ship, Eli was napping on the deck. He heard footsteps, and immediately woke up. He grabbed his sword and shield, jumped from behind the mast, and pointed his sword at who he thought was the enemy. Instead, it was an armored sloth. "Barnabus!" Eli said, "Don't scare me like that."

"Well Eli," Barnabus said, "You've got to sometimes expect the unexpected. We're departing for Buccaneer's Isle to get Captain Dennis. We'll be heading for Skull Island soon." Barnabus walked over to one of the ship's anchors. Rachel went to another, Eli to a third, and Gaspard to another. "Pull them!" Gaspard said, "Let's get moving!" And the crew departed Flotsam. It would be a while before their return.

Once they got to Buccaneer's Isle, they stopped over at the lighthouse. Isabella took out her communication stone, speaking into it. "Mark," she said, "Isabella here, where are you?" The communication was dimly heard, but they got words out of it.

"...Hoodoo house...Stuck inside...Dead worse than...Need assistance!" Isabella got only these words. "We need to get to the Hoodoo house!" she said, "I think Mark's in trouble! Wing, Gaspard, Mormo, with me! Everyone else, standby for assistance!" Isabella ran to Shady Hollow, Wing Chun, Gaspard de Vole, and Mormo followed. Everyone else stayed by the ship.

They got into the forest, seeing more undead than ever! "We must put these evil things to rest as we go!" Wing said, "Otherwise, we may end up joining them!" Isabella took out a noisemaker with one of Eli's bombs attached to it, tossing into a corner of the forest. The dead heard the noisemaker, running to it. What remained of their flesh went away, and their bones shattered. Gaspard, Wing, Mormo, and Isabella continued down through Shady Hollow, and got to the Hoodoo house. The vines weren't blocking the way anymore, but there was a dark barrier that blocked them from getting in.

"Spirits disturbed," Mormo said, "Must get in, help captain. Will bring barrier down to let you in. Come to the barrier when time, Mormo will open." The Water-Mole waved his short staff. The dark barrier opened like a mouth. Wing, Gaspard, and Isabella ran inside. They heard shouting in the distance, and came to see Mark, Ratbeard, Scratch, and Bones McGee battling a rat ghost. "Coward!" The ghost said, "Fighting us during the day!" Ghost demons and the ghost they encountered a month ago were trashing Scratch's old home. Scratch summoned several skeletons to fight the ghost, but nothing worked. Bones McGee shot the ghost demons. They dissapated, but Lasko generated more as time went on.

Isabella, Wing Chun, and Gaspard de Vole hid inside a couple of graves. Lasko backed away as Mark and Ratbeard approached. The two had weapons out, and were about to take Lasko down for good. Lasko generated fifteen ghosts, who held a line in front of Mark and Ratbeard, preventing Lasko from getting hit. Lasko backed right by Isabella and Gaspard. Isabella silently grabbed her pistol from her jacket, and shot Lasko. She then put a nearby piece of plywood on top of the grave, keeping her hidden. What she didn't realize was that she had gotten Lasko to rest in peace. The dark barrier had been taken down, Mark and the others were saved, and Isabella was able to reveal herself.

Soon after, Mark and the others came back to the ship, relatively unharmed. They started for Skull Island, and thought they were ready for anything. But there were greater obstacles left to get through...


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