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Gunn's Gold and a Treasure Beyond Reckoning! Part 3 by Mark Dennis

Chapter 3: Betrayal

The crew got to Scrimshaw. Wing Chun, Ratbeard, Scratch, and Jack got off of the ship. Eli followed. They stopped by a rat, John Morris, to see where Bobstay was. "Bobstay?" Morris said, "Ah, you mean the pawn broker. He's just inside of the tavern, if you want to talk to him." Jack and Ratbeard went inside of the tavern. Eli, Wing, and Scratch stayed outside and waited.

Jack saw Bobstay, walked up to him, and shook his hand. "Hello there, kind sir," Bobstay said, "What may I help you with?" Jack explained what was going on. "Ratbeard? Yes, I bought a sword and a kit off of him, and he wants it back? I'd give it back if I could, but there's no way I can. Someone else, Jake Creedy, bought the kit off of me. I hear he's an old friend of Ratbeard's, correct?"

Ratbeard gave a furious look. "He's no friend of mine!" Ratbeard shouted, "Why, that lying skunk of a rat! I'll take my things back by force if I have to!" Bobstay held up his hand. "That's your problem, not mine. Creedy's stationed over in the dockside warehouse," Bobstay continued, "If you want your things back."

Ratbeard continued to pout furiously. Jack thanked Bobstay for the information, and went out of the tavern. Eli, Scratch, and Wing were still awaiting word when Jack and Ratbeard came out. "What's the word?" Eli asked. Jack looked over towards the warehouse. "Someone named Jake Creedy," Jack said, "An old nemesis of Ratbeard's, bought his kit off of Bobstay. Creedy's over in the warehouse, I think we need to fight him to get Ratbeard's kit for him."

"Well, let's be about it then." Eli said. The pirates started for the warehouse. Kan Po watched them enter the warehouse from the ship. "Dragonfly," Kan said, "I see our allies moving in on someone. Ratbeard's robes must be in there."

"Well, Kan," Mark said, "I think that the rat wants to work on his own for this one. But the help is probably a good idea. We'll stay here, just to be sure."

Inside of the warehouse, Creedy was waiting for Ratbeard. "Hello, Ratbeard," Creedy said, "You joined a crew? Look out, Captain! You aren't safe as long as Ratbeard's behind you!" Ratbeard snapped. "Oh, what's this?" Creedy said, "Oh, I bought this new suit. I think it makes up for half of what you owe me. Oh, you're looking to take it? Fine by me. Boys!"

Out from the shadows came two more Marelybonians. It was three experienced Marelybonian swordsmen versus five people from various worlds. Ratbeard charged at the dogs. Jack chased after Ratbeard, but couldn't get to him in time. Ratbeard jumped at Creedy. The dog wasn't able to move in time. Creedy took a major blow to the face by a wooden peg. Ratbeard tumbled down, and landed on his feet without harm. Creedy's men trembled, while Creedy himself was down on the ground, holding his head.

"Alright, you got me," Creedy said, "Take your stupid coat, it reeks anyway." Ratbeard held his sword high, "Where's my sword?" he said. Creedy turned his head, "Your sword?" he said, "I only bought your kit off of Bobstay, I'm not sure where your sword is. Go ask him."

Ratbeard, Eli, Scratch, Wing, and Jack came out of the warehouse unharmed. The pirates went back over to the tavern. Night was beginning to fall, and Ratbeard wanted to hurry up with getting his sword before night completely fell. Jack and Ratbeard went back into the tavern, Eli and Scratch stayed just outside, and Wing hurried back to the ship to give Mark an update.

"Your sword, Ratbeard," Bobstay said, "Was bought by One-Eyed Jack over in Flotsam. He seemed disappointed that you parted with it." Ratbeard frowned, "We'll see about that. If Jack's up to something, there'll be the devil to pay." Bobstay laughed, "Again," he said, "Your problem, not mine." Ratbeard and Jack left the tavern.

Jack came out first. Eli came up to him, "What's the news this time?" he asked. Jack smiled, "We need to head for Flotsam," he said, "We'll be able to see what Rachel, Max, and Bonnie are up to." Jack and Ratbeard went towards the ship. Eli and Scratch followed.

Ratbeard told Mark what was happening and where to go. Eli navigated the ship through storm sharks, a school of batacuda, a brigade of Water-Mole canoes, and a school of flying fish. They reached Flotsam quickly. Night had fallen, and it was getting close to midnight. Ratbeard, Mark, Isabella, Eli, and Nathan started heading for the Black Spot tavern. They saw the doctor Bonnie took Rachel and Max to.

"Yeah, I saw them," the doctor said, "Annie's an old friend of mine, I saw the two kids free of charge. Sent them to One-Eyed Jack for hospitality for the night. He owed me a favor, anyway."

Mark thanked the doctor for helping his shipmates and, feeling guilty that he saw them for free, paid the doctor a bit of gold for his time. The crew went in to the tavern and saw One-Eyed Jack. Jack grinned at the pirates. "Hey, Captain Dennis," Jack said, "I see you and Ratbeard have settled your differences. Piracy makes strange bedfellows."

"Listen, Jack," Mark said, "We don't want any trouble. We're here for-"

"Ratbeard's sword?" Jack interrupted, "Yeah, I bought it to keep it safe for him! It's over in my summer cabin, you see. Don't worry, Ratbeard, I'll claim my favor later."

The crew started for the door. "Oh, Captain Dennis?" The kids and rat stopped once they heard this. "Wait in front of the place for me, guys." Mark said, Isabella nodded and signaled everyone towards the door. Mark walked back over to Jack.

"Something strange has been going on," Jack said, "Ever since your friends arrived in Flotsam, strange occurences have been going on." Mark looked startled, "Like what?" he asked. Jack looked to his side, "People have been falling, things have been exploding, and I even heard a report on a ghost!" Jack said, "I mean, I'm not sure what's going on. As the boss around here, I'm doing you a big favor by keeping things quiet. I don't need anything in return for this. But, still, is there any way that Mr. Devereaux can investigate?"

Mark nodded. "Yeah, I'll have Mr. Devereaux investigate what's going on," he said, "I've got a bit of a suspicion on what is going on, and I'll have one of my Witchdoctors investigate. Also, I have something for you." Mark opened his backpack, pulling out several gold coins. Mark handed the gold coins to Jack. "Thanks, Captain Dennis," Jack said, "I'll let you sleep anywhere you want to, tonight."

"No need for that," Mark said, "That's the rent I owe you for keeping Ms. Yardsley and Mr. Dodger in your summer cabin." Mark then left the tavern, and started for the summer rental. He stopped over by Rachel Wall's house, just to check up on her. She wasn't there. He turned around to see Mormo, his Water-Mole Witchdoctor, staring at a barrel. "Mormo, what're you-"

"Shh," Mormo said, "Spirit disturbed," he pointed at the barrel. Mark was puzzled, "But the barrel has no-" Mormo held his hand up to quiet Mark, and the barrel exploded. Some bizzare blue glow came out of where the barrel was, and the glow faded. "Said spirit disturbed," Mormo said, "Need to listen, Captain."

Mark saw the glow rise into the air and disappear. "Mormo," Mark said, "One-Eyed Jack wants to know what's going on with odd events here in Flotsam. If you could, go talk to him. He is, or at least was, awaiting word from either you, Scratch, or Nathan."

"Mormo go talk to Jack," Mormo said, "Will tell him, put spirits at rest." Mormo walked towards the hoist to the Black Spot tavern. Mark looked puzzingly at Mormo, and started to go down the ramp. Eli was at the bottom of the ramp, waiting for Mark.

"There you are," Eli said, "We were waiting." He and Mark started for the summer cabin. Isabella, Nathan, and Ratbeard were in front of the cabin. They went into the cabin.

Mark searched around the cabin, finding no-one inside. "Something's up," Mark said, "Bonnie, Max, and Rachel are supposed to be here. Jack was letting them stay here while while they recovered." Nathan trembled, "The spirits are at unrest," he said, "We must hurry!"

"Here's my sword!" Ratbeard said, "Now-" He turned around to see blue glows. Mark turned on the lights inside, and clearly saw Lasko, the ghost he helped out over in Blood Shoals. "You vile, blackhearted traitor!" Lasko said, "Poisoned yer own crew and thought nothing of it?!" The ghost's head turned towards Mark who walked to Ratbeard, rifle out. "And you, pirate Dennis! Our deal was for you to catch Ratbeard. But you took him on yer crew?! How dare ye!"

"Poisoned?" Ratbeard said, "I never poisoned ye! I meant to put you to sleep! Not... well, 'put you to sleep'." Lasko hissed at Ratbeard. The clock struck midnight. "You will perish tonight, Ratbeard!" Out of Lasko came 3 other ghosts, demons to be specific. Lasko walked towards Ratbeard with a knife. Ratbeard ran for the window, but it would not open. The ghost slowly approached Ratbeard.

The cabinet by Lasko started to rattle. Lasko stopped, "What was that?" he said. The cabinet fell on him. Out of the cabinet came Rachel with an Aztecan eyepatch and heavy armor on. Bonnie came out of another cabinet, wearing blue trousers with many holes in the legs and a beaten, white T-shirt. Bonnie had her Scaramanga out, Rachel her Aztecan axe.

The cabinet that fell on Lasko exploded. Lasko rose up from the ground, still in his ghostly form. "This was a trap all along!" Lasko said, "No problem, though. We can take you all out!" Nathan cast a spell at Lasko, trying to at least hurt him. Lasko was unaffected by the spell. "His anger is too strong!" Nathan yelled, "He's immune to anything living!"

"Then let's round up the dead!" Mark said, "Eli, get Scratch and Mike! Tell them it's an emergency!" Eli took out his sword and shield for defense. "I'm on it!" he yelled. "Oh no, you don't!" Lasko exclaimed. Eli was blocked in by ghosts. The ghosts used their magic to knock Eli back. Eli fell backwards. He had trouble getting up from the floor.

The front door opened and closed. Nothing was seen going in or out. "What just happened?" Lasko said, "Never mind that, one of them escaped! Kill the ones here, we'll find the rest later!" The ghosts tried to corner all of the pirates. Nathan summoned a skeletal pirate, who fought back for a little while. The pirate soon fell apart.

Outside, Max had managed to escape. His arm wasn't in the best of shapes, but he was able to hold a knife in one hand and run. Max ran for the docks in his night clothes.

Max made it back to the ship, and started to shout. "Scratch, Mike!" Max shouted to the ship. The zombie and the skeleton walked to the edge of the ship. "What is it, Max?" Mike said, "We were sleeping, you know."

"Ratbeard's old crew," Max panted, "Lasko, demonic ghosts...where we were sleeping...immune to living attacks...need attacks from the dead!" Mike jumped down from the ship. Scratch went back onto the ship, coming down with a barrel. They ran for the summer cabin, where they found One-Eyed Jack and Mormo at the door.

"Spirits disturbed," Mormo said, "Must get in, help captain." Jack went to open the door. A spark shot came flying through the door's glass window. Jack ducked. The spark round flew above Jack's head, missing the three people behind him. "Mr. Dodger?" Jack said, "I thought you were in there!"

"I was," Max said, "I escaped undetected, and ran to get Scratch and Mike." Jack took out his knife, and stabbed the doorframe. "Well," Jack said, "We need to save the others!" Jack pulled on the door, but it wouldn't budge. "Door barricaded," Mormo said, "Must find other way in."

"There is no other way in!" Jack said, "Unless if we break the floor!" Mike straightened his jaw, "Or," he said, "We can break a window!" Jack sighed, "I guess," he said, "I'll get started on coming through the floor, you come in through the window."

Inside, Lasko and the ghosts had the crew tied up. There was no way to escape for them. "No way for you to escape now!" he said, "We will end your mortal lives!" Lasko trudged forward, towards the tied up kids, fox and rat. "You fall first, Ratbeard!" Lasko raised his arm, sword in hand. He was about to swing down when a barrel came flying in through the window, hitting Lasko, sending shards of glass flying everywhere. From the window came Scratch and Mike. The light of day was able to be seen. Scratch swung his wand at Lasko and Lasko fell to the ground and faded. Mike cut the ropes holding the rest of the crew.

"You fearful spirits," Scratch said, "I an' I will put you to rest." Scratch cast spells that hit two of the other ghosts. The ghosts dissapated, one remained. He snuck up on Scratch, and was about to strike when there were four shots fired. Three spark shots went through the ghost, hitting the furniture blocking the door. The furniture was undamaged, the ghost dissapated.

"Thank you, Bones!" Out of the barrel came a skeleton with a pistol. "Yeehaw!" it yelled. The skeleton corsair was named Bones McGee. Jack burst through the door with a log. Several rats, Mormo, and Max followed him in. Jack held his ground with his knife out, and saw no ghosts in there.

"Let's head back to the tavern," Ratbeard said, "I've got some thinking to do." The entire brigade of pirates went back to the tavern. A bunch of the pirates celebrated, but Ratbeard, Jack and Mark went down into the cellar. "Captain," Ratbeard said, "I was sure those drops I bought were knockout drops. Someone else must've slipped me poison! One day, I'll find out who it was, and there'll be a reckonin'!"

"I'll help ye out, Ratbeard," Jack said, "You deserve it after that." Ratbeard chuckled, "Thanks Jack," Ratbeard said, he turned back towards Mark, "'Til then, I'll try out your brand o' piratin'. You've shown me the error of me old ways!"


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