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Gunn's Gold and a Treasure Beyond Reckoning! Part 2 by Mark Dennis

Chapter 2: An Unexpected Ally

The twenty-five pirates ran for the top of the volcano. They ran across the path that led through the volcano, and killed a fish. They got to a band of Water-Mole Witchdoctors, and blew straight by them. They heard shouting, and finally got up to the top of the mountain to find Ratbeard hanging off of his foot, upside down, over the volcano. "Help!" he screamed, "I beg ye, get me down from here!" Jack Russel came to a sudden stop on the wooden platform. "What the devil?" he said. Mike looked down from where Ratbeard was. "Oh no!" Mike said, "The Water-Moles are destroying the treasure!"

Mark looked ahead of where they stopped and saw a giant Water-Mole. It yelled some gibberish and held up it's fists. The crew ran into combat. Jack charged at the incoming Sumo-Mole, and hit it upside the head, tossed dirt into it's eyes, bringing the guard of Jack's sword down onto the Mole's head. The Mole fell down, and got right back up. "No!" Jack said, "That was my hardest swing too!"

"The idols!" Ratbeard screamed, "Break the idols, and ye breaks his will! Smash 'em quick!" Nathan turned towards one of three wooden idols on the platform. He could tell some sort of odd power was eminating from them. "Eli!" Nathan said, "Toss a bomb at the idol, make sure it breaks!"

Eli pulled a small, low powered bomb out, throwing it at the idol. Nathan closed his eyes for a moment, "That's it!" he said, "The Sumo-Mole's power has weakened! Break the last two idols!" With that, Mark and Isabella sent explosive rounds to the idols, breaking them. The Sumo-Mole panicked, jumped off of the edge of the platform, diving into the lava. "That warrior would take death over imprisonment," Kobe Yojimbo said, "He deserves honor."

"Ratbeard!" Mark said, "Surrender, come down, and we will spare your life." The rat up above took a minute to respond, "I'll tell you everything!" Ratbeard said, "Just get me down from here! Please!" Ratbeard swung from the rope, harder and harder he swung. The rope gave in, and Ratbeard fell to the platform.

"Oh, I thank ye, young captain," Ratbeard said, "Thank ye, for saving me life. I realize now that I don't deserve anything at this point. But, there is one thing I can do." Mark tilted his head, "And what might that be?" he said. Ratbeard sheathed his wooden sword, "I renounce my claim to Gunn's gold, and I ask that I might join your crew. You've shown me the error of me old ways, and I want to make right by 'em."

Louis laughed hysterically, "You actually want to join our crew? What do you get from that, captain? Captain?" Mark smirked a bit. "You aren't, are you?" Louis continued, "He cannot be trusted!" Mark still did not respond, Louis knew what Mark was going to say. "Alright," Louis said, "But I'm keeping my eye on this one."

The crew came back down from the volcano and got onto their ship, leaving Waponi Wu. They returned to the Skull Island skyway and went to Avery's office. "Good job, pirates!" Avery exclaimed, "You found and collected Gunn's gold! You didn't happen to find the chalice, did you?" Mark walked up to Avery, with an object wrapped in sailcloth. "Amazing!" Avery exclaimed again, "You found it! I'll let you all have a break, and let you into the tradewinds skyway! I'll send a message for you once I need you again." Everyone walked out of the building. Ratbeard stopped Mark for a moment.

"Captain," Ratbeard said, "Now that we've set aside our differences, I need to talk to you." Everyone went to the Kraken's Skull tavern, where they celebrated with food and Yum. Mark went into the basement with Ratbeard to talk.

"When I was forming my crew, I had to sell me finest suit and sword. I sold them to Bill Bobstay, over in Scrimshaw. If we could head over there, I'd feel like a new rat if I get me stuff back." Mark and Ratbeard started for the docks. They got onto the ship, and were about to set sail when they were stopped by the rest of the crew.

"What're you doing, Mark?" Eli shouted. Mark came to the edge of the ship, "We're heading for Scrimshaw," he shouted, "Need to get something."

"Well, why aren't you bringing us?" Isabella shouted, "We are your crew, of course." Mark signaled them up onto the ship. The crew of The Wayward Rose was almost all together now. They were still missing three members, who were in Flotsam. The crew started for Scrimshaw, but were soon stopped by an old friend...


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