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Esperenza Drighton and Her Three Brothers (3.1) by Blaze Collins

"Look familiar?" asked Esperanza.

"Well, kinda, but I can't put my finger on it." I said. This place did look very familiar. Almost as if I'd walked on those very paths before.

I'm keeping this journal to document my story. So everyone will know what happened before then. Right then, I was in Northguard, with a pirate named Esperanza, who claimed to know me.

I don't remember anything before I woke up by the gold mines. I bought a boat to Skull Island, but everyday, a melody was haunting me. It was beautiful, so amazing, and played on the piano. I'd hear it everyday. Before I slept, and after I woke up. During work, and in free time. Then there was the voice. The voice told me about the stars. They told me that the stars were only gems in the sky, but no one could reach them. That they were lonely. That they wanted a friend. I don't know who said this, but the voice makes me feel ... strange. Happy, you can say. The voice is kind, not hard, like what I heard at work.

I feel Esperanza could BE the voice.

"Good to hear." Esperanza said, "Good to hear."

We walked, I didn't know where we were walking, but I just followed Esperanza. Then we came to a tiny orphanage, out in the woods.

"How 'bout here?"

I heard it then, a sharp scream, piercing my thoughts. Just by looking at this orphanage, the sound had triggered some long forgotten memory. I didn't want to hear it. I wanted the sound gone. Then, a memory. "Hey there, Blaze." said a boy, he looked like Esperanza.

"Hey Errol." I said. His name was Errol. Hadn't Esperanza mentioned something about a brother named Errol? The memory ended.

"I-I think I do." I said, "You're brother is named Errol, right?"

"I have three," she said, "but yes. One is named Errol. Why?"


We headed further into the woods, where was Esperanza leading me now?

"Here?" she asked. This was a cliff, at the very edge of Grizzleheim. There was a mossy log there, as if to say, "Come watch the stars here"

I stood, amazed by the view of the night sky of Grizzleheim, the stars, they shined so bright. Then, another memory.

"Esperanza, look at the sky." I said, in the memory.

"I know, it's so pretty." she said, "I feel I could watch it forever."

"There's just something about nights in Grizzleheim, makes you forget about troubles."

"Hehe yeah."

The memory was gone. This one had been longer than the first. Could I really be Blaze Collins? "Yeah, I do." I said.

"Good, now to the boat!" she said.

We sailed for a bit, since we were in Grizzleheim, and going to Skull Island, it was going to take a bit. I knew my fair share of stormgates, and not a single in Skull Island led to Grizzleheim. One wrong turn, and we could end up in the heart of Valencia.

When we reached land, it was a cove, a pretty one, I felt... at home.

"Any flashbacks or anything?" she said.

How strange it was, that right when she said that, another came.

"Errol, what's wrong?" I said.

"Evan, Elijah, and I didn't collect enough money from our jobs this time," said Errol, "and with taxes from Marleybone rising and rising, we might not be able to afford to stay here."

"Errol, we aren't going to let that happen. I'm sure we can find the money somewhere. Before you know it, we'll have enough to keep us for a bit, now let's see how much it demands."

It ended.

"Captain," said a voice behind me, "who is this?"

I turned around, and saw Monkey King. Could it be? I heard legends of him when my job took me to Mooshu, but I never really expected to see him.

"Monkey King, this is my friend, Blaze," Esperanza said, "Blaze, Monkey King."

"Pleasure to meet you, Monkey King," I said, shaking his hand.

"Same to you." said Monkey King.

"Blaze, we have to go," Esperanza said, "I got some people in Avery's Court who might want to meet you." We went to Avery's court, then into a tavern cellar. Then I saw it, it was Errol, and two other boys who must have been Evan and Elijah.

"Esperanza," said Errol, "we got your note, and came as quick as we could. You said it was about Blaze?" "Yes," Esperanza said, "I've found him, actually, right here. But he needs some memory jogging, wanna help?" "Yes!" said Errol, Elijah, and Evan.


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