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Esperenza Drighton and Her Three Brothers (2.2) by Esperenza Drighton

Today, not yesterday, but today, was a day for remembering. It had happened this very day, one year ago. It was time to remember it, in full detail. Relive it all.

Esperanza didn't think much of it these days, but, since she was known as a trader throughout some realms. she thought she might as well think before that. Before it all. Before her heart broke. She closed her eyes, and, despite the noises in the tavern, relived it all.

She started with her parent's death, then the days in the orphanage. That's where the lies to her crew started. She and her brothers had been picked on by MOST of the buccaneers in the orphanage, but there was one, one who had stood up for them. His name was Blaze, Blaze Collins.

They were friends at first, but, slowly, over time, it became more. Then, they escaped the orphanage. They took a boat, but didn't go to the gold mines, not once.

Esperanza took a sip of yum, then remembered again. She remembered her brothers had taken on full time jobs, barely any pay, and they were gone a lot. She barely saw them, but knew they did this because they needed the money for rent, food, and first aid. Blaze stayed at home with Esperanza, they practiced fighting. Their only means to civilization, besides their home, was a small dingy. They had two. Her brothers took one to their jobs, and the same one back. The other was for Esperanza and Blaze.

Errol, Elijah, and Evan never had asked where Blaze was. Esperanza didn't want them to, because with that, would come tears, and with that came misery. She remembered the song Blaze made her, he loved her, she loved him. They were in love, and happily dating. If Esperanza had known then, had known what would happen, she would have hugged Blaze so tight, and never let go. She would tell him that he shouldn't go, that he should stay. That he would probably get caught in the storm. That the Armada had been wandering around lately, that he might get caught, and hung. Her last words to him echoed in her ears, "The truth shines brighter than the sun, kindness can be found in the darkest of times, music is joy, and love and comfort can be found in all places, don't ever forget that."

Blaze had taken the last dingy, to see if Errol, Elijah, and Evan were okay. A storm was coming, and fast. He wanted to be sure they were safe, that they would make it. Esperanza had begged him to stay, she didn't want to be alone during that storm. Then, his last words to her echoes in her ears, "Everything will be fine, you'll see." Everything wasn't fine, when Blaze didn't come back, even after the storm. Esperanza worried, and began making a small raft so she could find him. All she found were scraps of the dingy, "The Hope" they had called it, she found the name and picked it up. A tear had rolled down her cheek. Then, she saw it, an ARMADA weapon. A gun, to be exact. They had him! Most likely killed him! Why? Why did the Armada keep doing this to her? First her parents, and now this? She was sad, her love, most likely dead.

Then, Esperanza heard it, across the tavern, a voice was talking, she listened in on the conversation, she'd remembered it all already.

"Okay, man," said the voice, "I know things seem rough, but as someone once told me, though I can't remember who, the truth shines brighter than the sun, kindness can be found in the darkest of times, music is joy, and love and comfort can be found in all places."

At this, Esperanza sat straight up. She had said that to one, and only ONE, person. Esperanza mouthed his name. It felt, nice, to hear his name again. Almost as if a heavy weight had been taken off her. She stood up and walked over to his table.

"Excuse me," she said, "but is there a, 'Blaze Collins' sitting here?"

"Nope." said an old dog pirate.

"But, there is." Esperanza said, a bit angry.

"Well, who here could be this 'Blaze Collins' you speak of?" said a cutthroat.

"Him." Esperanza said, pointing at a boy with long brown hair and orange eyes.

"Boy?!" said the dog.

"Me?!" said the boy, a bit startled, "Is this some cruel joke, huh? Who put you up to this?!!"

"Why would I do that? I really do know that you must be Blaze Collins."

"Oh yeah? How?"

"Well, what you said to that man, I said it, and to one person ONLY. Blaze Collins."

"Can you prove I'm Blaze Collins?" said the boy, suddenly more interested.

"Well, you look like him, you sound like him, and you seem to be acting like him."

"Why don't I remember you, then?"

"I don't know, maybe the Armada did something to you."


At that the whole room silenced, and stared.

"You're coming with me," said Esperanza, "We got some memory joggin' to do!"

"Okay..." said the boy.

Esperanza first took him to Grizzleheim.

"What are we doing here?" he asked.

"No time to explain," Esperanza said, " just put these on." She handed him an outfit, a ninja outfit. She already had one on.

"Why ninja?" he asked.

"Everyone know the ninja and the bears are friendly with each other." Esperanza said, "Plus, this hides our faces the most."

At that, they got off the boat, and.....


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