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Esperenza Drighton and Her Three Brothers (2) by Esperenza Drighton

"OI!!! BONNIE!!!!" yelled Ratbeard from across the room "Has out captain ever told ye of 'er parents? We're trying to piece together what happened to 'em."

Since the captain wasn't home, they were free to do what they wanted. She and that new weasel had gone to Avery's court to trade some loot for gold.

Bonnie Anne thought for a second, then recalled how much the captain had hated being in Valencia.

"I think it might have something to do with the Armada. Remember how much she hated Valencia?"

"I think you're on to something, Bonnie." said Froggo Villa "It might have to do with Valencia."

"I would ask Gaspard, he did know her parents." Sarah said, sitting down.

"Ye think I didn't try that? That Lubber is nowhere to be found. Said something 'bout the food room, check in there." stated Ratbeard.

"I an' I not thinking that a good idea. I an' I saw rats in there." said Old Scratch.

"That was me"

"I'm sick of this! I'll go ask him myself!" said Don Christobal Atelida. So Don Chritobal got up and went to the food room, there, he found Esteban De Costa swinging on the stalagmites.

"What in the name of Cap'n Gunn are ye doing?" asked Ratbeard, who had followed Don Christobal in.

"I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!" said Esteban.

"Well, have you seen Gaspard?" said Sarah, who had also followed him in. It turns out everyone followed him in.

"He left through the hole in the treasure room."

They went into the treasure room, and found Tricky Vinnie and Jack Riker admiring all the treasure.

"Vinnie!! Jack!!! My Brothers!!!" said Froggo Villa.

"What do you want, salamander?" said Jack.

"What he said." said Vinnie. You could see how Vinnie and the FrogFather were related.

"Fine, fine! Esteban said Gaspard left through here. Did he by any chance say where he was going?" said Sarah.

"You trusted what Esteban said?" said Vinnie, "Man, you're crazier than the man himself."

"He did go through here though." said Jack, "said something 'bout practicing outside."

They went outside and took a look around. They saw Subodai and Nurse Quinn sparring with each other.

They all knew Quinn would win, but admired that Subodai tried.

Bonnie Anne shouted, "QUINN!! SUBODAI!!! HAVE YOU SEEN GASPARD?!!"

"He was here a minute ago. He is now practicing on the Practice Dummy."

"Subodai, while we got you," said Sarah, who had already gotten down, using her Swashbuckler skills, "You have known the captain the longest, in the prison you say. How did she get in?"

"I do not know. She was very quiet, obviously thinking of something, occasionally she looked out the window, very sad about something." said Subodai, "She came in with two guards; they threw her in like garbage, then just forgot about her."

"Well, that does does sum it up." said Ratbeard. They continued their search for Gaspard and went to the training dummy, and there he was. His Valencian weapon was gleaming in the sunlight.

"Hello Gaspard." said Froggo.

"Tell us about the captain," said Sarah, "when she was growing up, how she lost her parents."

"I'm sorry, the captain Swore me to secrecy about that, all I can tell you is she was a delightful little girl, showing signs of a Swashbuckler before she was two."

"You better tell us or I'll-" started Ratbeard.

"That's enough, Ratbeard." came a voice from the shadows,"Don't kill the Guinea Pig."

The Captain, Esperenza Drighton, emerged from the shadows, along with Squinty Cullian Bonney, that new weasel.

"I-I didn't mean anything about it captain, please I beg ye, don't cut me off!"

"Relax Ratbeard, I'm not gonna cut you off." said Esperenza.

"Aw man." said Bonnie.

"Now I've actually been back for a couple minutes now." said the captain, "and I watched your search, so I'll save you the troubles of finding my parents' ghosts and just tell you now.

"My mother, was Clara Drighton, my father, the feared Captain Thomas Drighton. I was born in the skyway, the Tradewinds, if I'm correct. I grew up all around the Spiral, Cool Ranch, Monquista, MooShu, Skull Island, Avernus. You name it, I've been there. On a beautiful night, I was born, along with my brothers, Errol, Elijah, and Evan. We loved adventure, knew it growing up. My mother and father loved us a lot. One day, the Armada found our boat. When the battle seemed to be in the Armada's favor, my parents sent us away on a canoe with their most faithful crew member, they knew he wouldn't do anything to hurt us. That was Gaspard. After we received word that my parents had died, we sailed to Skull Island, where Gaspard had decided to keep us and raise us to be Swashbucklers. But this didn't happen. The guards of the Presidio caught him and took him prisoner. He told my brothers and I to hide under the old blanket so they wouldn't find them. They didn't. The canoe drifted for days until he came to Grizzleheim. We told them what happened and they put us in their orphanages.

"The night we turned twelve, we decided we had had enough. We ran away from all the bullies a Grizzleheim. We never felt right there anyway. We were Swashbucklers at heart. We hopped in a canoe and head to Skull Island. We knew our parents had intended for us to be pirates so we did that. Errol studied the map, while us others steered. We finally came to Skull Island. We took a break in the Gold Mines. There, the Armada found us, they demanded we tell them who we were. We drew some swords we had picked up on our trips and fought. We lost. We were put on different ships. I met Subodai in prison. Then we heard an explosion and someone had blasted the door open. One voice said to check some of the cells. Another said he was on it. Then they came to my cell. The second voice (a monquistan) asked if this had the prisoner they were looking for. The first voice (a human) asked me my name, I told him Esperenza Drighton. He asked if I had any siblings, I said I had three brothers, He asked if I was and orphan, I said yes, He asked how my parents died, I told him Aramada, He asked their names, I told him Clara Drighton and Captain Thomas Drighton. The monkey knew it had been me all along. They introduced themselves, the first voice was Boochbeard, the second was Mr. Gandry. They said we had to go, and quick. But I couldn't leave Subodai in that cell. So I unlocked it and he gladly joined my crew. When we went on deck, we were confronted by Aramada goons, we got away, but Boochbeard was injured, I sailed the ship back to Avery's court, and the rest you already know."

"Captain, why would you keep that a secret?" asked Quinn.

"I don't know, just did." said Esperenza.

"It's amazing, someone should write a book on it." said Sarah Steele.

"Already did," said Cullian, "why do you think we went into Avery's court, you all knew we haven't gotten loot in ages!!"


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