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The Chronicles of Captain Fisher III (Part 2) by Honest Ilana Thompson

Chapter 1: Abby (part 2)

To be honest, I didn’t know how long I spent sobbing on my bed later that night. But I didn’t necessarily care, as long as I was away from that lying fur ball of a brute who I’ve once called father; I was in the perfect position to cry my heart out for as long as I want and not feel pure humiliation in the back of my mind (crying in the presence of warriors was dishonorable or so I’ve been told by Egor).

So there I was; face down on the fur-lined bed, every salty tear leaving tiny stains on the blanket. Although I was in tears for what seemed like an hour, I still couldn’t get over what had just happened. He lied to me! I can’t believe how stupid I was, all this— My thoughts were interrupted by a light rap on the door.

Even though I felt much obliged to ignore it considering that Helga or Egor might be knocking, I got off my bed, tears still dripping from my eyes, and opened the door.

Neither Helga nor Egor were there, I looked down expecting to see one of those Grendels (We had an infestation problem in the village) but instead stood a small wooden chest with a small slip of parchment on top.

I picked up the chest, looked down both sides of the hall to see if anyone was watching, and walked back into my room, shutting the door behind me. I place the chest on my bed and sat next to it while I unfolded the piece of parchment and read:

“Dear Abby,

While I know you may be upset with your father, I felt it was time we gave you something that has been burdening us for the past twelve years: your parents’ Will. Before you read the will, however, I would like to forewarn you that on the day we lost our two dearest friends, we were informed that we were not to read the will as it was intended to be read by you and you alone. The only thing we were told about the will was that your parents insisted you read it before opening the packages inside. On the other hand, though, we’re sorry we didn’t tell you the truth sooner and I hope you can forgive us.

My warmest regards,


‘Packages? What Packages?’ That might’ve explained why there was a chest and not just a piece of paper. I turned toward the chest and unlatched it, revealing a scroll tied up with red string. Under it were three boxes wrapped in brown paper, just as the letter said.

Doing as I was told, since It was my real parents’ will, I undid the string and unraveled the paper which was about as long as the distance between my forehead and my waist. I scanned through it and, surprisingly enough, the Will was also in the form of a letter, something I definitely didn’t expect but I assumed the reason for that was it was intended for me only. My eyes went back to the top of the paper and I began reading it for real:

“Our Dearest Abigail,

If you’re reading this right now, then you probably know what has become of us. However, you don’t know the full truth about your bloodline; we didn’t tell Egor to inform you because we wanted to tell you ourselves. You may have not known this before, but you’re the granddaughter of one of the greatest pirates to ever live, Captain Fergus Fisher.

Allow me to take this time to tell you about our past; Captain Fisher was once an admiral in the Marleybonian Navy, an amazing leader who lead many victories and was very loyal to his home. But in spite of this, during the Polarian Wars, Fisher’s hand was cut off in a battle with a Polarian officer; even though he won, Fergus was infuriated none of the officers had come to his aid. Therefore, he led a defect and went to become a pirate.

One day, he created the misunderstanding that lead to him becoming one of the most feared pirates ever; he and his crew had arrived in Skull Island; they were all running low on food and were nowhere near a port. Since they didn’t have fishing rods, they tried to catch Batacuda with their bare hands only to fail miserably. That’s when Fisher got hit with an idea; he replaced his missing hand with a huge, golden hook. With a single swing, he caught eight batacuda; the crew rejoiced with a chant about their captain’s accomplishment, “Eight in one blow! Eight in one blow!” Little did they realize; a nearby Cutthroat Ship heard their song and a whole new idea popped into the sharks’ minds: they had just killed eight men in one blow.

They steered their ship closer to Fisher’s and the moment they saw the hook, which was only covered in Batacuda blood, the sharks fled with their tails between their legs, leaving Fisher and the crew to wonder what had just occurred.

He began to raid treasure fleets to make his fortune; he didn’t need try too hard because the instant they saw the hook, they surrendered every doubloon they had on board. Curious to find out what was happening, Fisher searched for and eventually tracked down the cutthroats he met on his first day in Skull Island. They immediately spat out that he killed eight men in one blow. Surprisingly, Fisher felt proud of this misunderstanding and created a phrase to taunt his enemies, “You know, today I might be able to kill more than eight in a single strike.” Many began to call him the ‘fishing hook’ as he sits in one place, waiting silently; and when the opportunity presents itself, he strikes.

One day, though, he met the woman who would become his wife. Fisher was raiding a Monquistan Ship; he had just stormed into the hull only to encounter a young woman just leaving her cabin. Her name was Margaret Poole, daughter of an archeologist, and was being taken back to Marleybone after doing field studies on the Isle of Doom. The two fell in love when they first laid eyes on each other; when the raid ended, Margaret absconded off with Fisher.

Margaret learned to become an amazing swashbuckler and earned the name Modest Molly because she wasn’t the type of person who liked to show a lot of pride like her lover. The two eventually married and partially retired to start a family.

Fisher was expecting a son to continue to bear his name but instead, he had an intelligent, strong-willed daughter whom the two settled for and named Rebecca; yes, I was to be second of the name Captain Fisher. The two raised me to become a pirate; I gained my father’s leadership and my mother’s skill with a cutlass.

When I turned eighteen, my parents felt it was time to send me away, hoping I could keep the name Captain Fisher alive. I didn’t know where to start so I went to the closest port to find an opportunity; and that happened to be in Port Regal.

I spent about a month there before I met the most amazing man ever, Timothy Dove. We ran into each other in the square one night, he was on his way to a dinner with his fellow naval men. He apologized and left but not before I asked to see him again; not wanting to refuse a lady’s request, he told me to meet him at the fountain tomorrow afternoon. I graciously accepted and we were on our way.

I met him the next day and we sat at the fountain, had a good conversation, and even took a stroll around town. We had so much in common that we began courting for the next five years. Then that special night came, he just got promoted to commander and said he had a surprise for me, I let him take me to this ‘surprise’ but something seemed all too suspicious; this was supposed to be his special night, not mine. When we came back to the fountain, I was about to ask him but he was already on his knees, holding out a golden ring; he brought me her to propose, at the very place where we first met, I could barely contain my excitement as I squealed “yes!” loud enough for all of Port Regal to hear.

However, I had told him the next morning that I wished to keep my maiden name; even though I wasn’t ready to take on the full title of Captain Fisher, I felt it would respect my father’s will; which Timothy accepted, as long as I was content. On the contrary, I wasn’t ready to tell him the truth about my parents, worrying he would leave me.

We had our wedding, and I invited them to come; but strangely enough, they didn’t show up. The two of us then moved to Marleybone not too long after the big day and that’s when I received the awful news: mother and father were killed by the Armada when they raided one of their ships.

Throughout the funeral, Timothy kept giving me a glance that told me “Why?”I had the remaining wealth from my Father’s home transferred into Timothy’s vault at the Royal Bank. Timothy eventually came to me after the funeral to actually ask why I didn’t tell him my parents were pirates; I explained it was because I thought then he would no longer love me in return. But, thankfully, he still loved me regardless; besides, he had a secret of his own,

While he still remains loyal to Marleybone, he is working with resistance against the Armada, who I’ve learned were rogue clockworks trying to enforce their perspective of law and order across the Spiral, even if it means ruthless murder. He asked me to join them; given what they’ve done to my parents, I accepted. Thanks to my father’s leadership and my mother’s skill with a cutlass, I definitely made myself beneficial to the cause over the next three years and even became a true captain; therefore fulfilling my father’s wishes and gaining the title Captain Fisher II. However, on one mission I was a little too impulsive and got apprehended. I spent the next two months in their prison; the living conditions were so horrendous, I might’ve died; if Timothy hadn’t come, that is.

Not too much later after my escape, we learned the Armada’s true motives behind their actions; and something to help fulfill them was in Skull Island. The resistance insisted that we must act, but we told them that after my near-death experience; I didn’t want to take the risk of going back. Besides, prison had given me a little time to think, and after I was rescued, I told Timothy I wanted to have a baby. We were blessed with a beautiful girl whom we’ve decided to name Abigail. But a week after you were born, we were called back to the resistance; the Armada had found out that we know where a key to their success lies and are building a fort in Skull Island. Feeling it was imperative to the Spiral’s safety, we left you in the care of our dear friends Egor and Helga, whom have provided us a roof over our heads during a mission in Grizzleheim, and went to rejoin our brothers and sisters in arms, not daring to look back.

We knew that the chance of our survival was not high so we wrote this and passed our wealth, and prized possessions to you. Now that you’re old enough, you might’ve noticed a particular skill set you have; we’re not witchdoctors but I can see you with our great leadership, my skill with a cutlass and your father’s with a gun. We hope you can use these gifts consciously throughout the rest of your life.


Your mother and father,

Rebecca and Timothy Fisher”

I was no longer weeping by the time I had finished the letter, I believed it was mainly due to finding two questionable things about the will: Why didn’t they specifically mention what the Armada was after? How could my parents have possibly guessed I would take on these skills and be correct? Both of the mentioned skills did, in fact become my expertise; even though I’ve never handled a gun, whenever I got a bow in my hands, I was a deadly shot.

Then there were the packages, I decided to open the one in the middle first; it wasn’t firm so I guessed it was a piece of fabric. Just as I predicted, I opened the paper to find a folded piece of cloth. I unfurled it to reveal a small dark blue flag with a yellow border. In the center was a golden fishing hook with a red string tied to it. Something told me this was the flag both my grandfather and mother used when they were pirates.

I turned to the package on the left and found a tiny, wearable silver coin inside; it was definitely my father’s as the engraving was a dove with an olive branch in its talons.

But what really got me was the last one, my mother’s possession; it was a velvet box and inside was an ovular golden locket the size of my palm. Carved in it was what I guessed to be the Fisher’s coat of arms: a fish leaping out with a hook was in its mouth, the eye was a tiny diamond.

I opened it up to find an old photograph inside; it was a beautiful woman with long wavy hair pulled up into a bun, she had a rounded face lit up with a bright smile and dark eyes. She was wearing a simple necklace, a white long-sleeved silk wedding gown, a veil sprouted from a floral crown which came down her back, and she held a bouquet of roses in her hand. Next to her stood a handsome man with silky dark hair, a more oval shaped face, light eyes, he was wearing a black suit with a white cravat and, like the woman, was smiling. It was my parents when they got married; long before they were brutally murdered. I clasped the locket around my neck, walked over to the mirror and stared at my reflection. Now that I know what my parents looked like, I realized I looked similar to my mother; the photograph didn’t display any color but I had the same rounded face and hair. The only exception was my eyes were more like my father’s.

I gingerly fingered my locket just as another tear stung my cheek, ‘Not again!’ The thought stuck in the back of my mind. I brushed it aside like I was doing with the tear when I suddenly comprehended, I couldn’t let any of this stand! Egor’s refusal to grant my desire, his dishonesty, but most of all; I couldn’t stand those Armada fiends cutting my parents down to size like that, I just couldn’t! Then it hit me, ‘That’s it!’ I mentally screamed, ‘I’m running away, I’m going to do exactly what I should’ve a long time ago, locate these fiends and make them pay!’


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