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The Chronicles of Captain Fisher III (Part 3) by Honest Ilana Thompson

Chapter 1: Abby (part 3)

I stood up and began to pace around the room, trying to gather how I was to approach my escape. Egor may’ve been a little bit thick but he was not stupid enough to let an escape attempt slip under his nose. If I got caught tonight, he will never let me leave Grizzleheim again.

Eventually, I had a plan assembled; I was going to pretend to be sleeping in order to lower Egor’s guard, and, when I knew everyone in the hall is asleep, I’ll make my move. I packed a fur sack with necessities (And other items to bring along) for my trip: clothes, armor, my sword, toiletries, books, and of course, the other two possessions I received along with the Will.

Speaking of which, I had hesitated about bringing it, it would’ve been a large emotional burden if I brought it with me and the same would apply if I destroyed it; leaving it here was definitely out of the question because then Egor would know that I was heading to Skull Island and bring me back, supposedly with force.

I concluded that the Will was too valuable, my parents wrote on this paper; making it a piece of the family I never got the chance to know. I folded the parchment until it was small enough to fit in my locket. I slid the sack under my bed, removed my boots, jumped onto the bed and blew out the torch hanging from the wall.

Since I went to bed in my armor, tunic, trousers, and chain mail, I did my best to cover myself up with the sheets. I closed my eyes just before the door slowly opened; which was when I did my absolute best to not squint due to the torchlight, I could feel Egor’s familiar, gentle touch brushing against my face, “Good night, Abby.” He whispered; his paw left my face and I listened to the door creak shut.

Strangely, I couldn’t help but feel guilty for abandoning the one whom raised me from birth; ‘He’s a Liar!’ I reminded myself. I stared at the opening at the bottom of the door until the light creeping from the hall completely vanished; signaling my chance. I pulled the covers off of me, slipped my boots back on ,with the addition of my fur cloak and helmet, dragged the sack back out from under the bed and gently pushed the window open, letting the brisk air blow into my room. Grizzleheim’s climate had always been displeasure to me; but somehow, I’d learned to endure it.

Grabbing a set of matches on my nightstand, I lit a small lantern so I could see my own fingers when I began to knot the sheets together. I tied my makeshift rope to the foot of my bed, and threw it out the window. ‘Thank the Heavens that I don’t fall and break a leg!’ I silently prayed while I threw the sack over my shoulder; I stood on the window frame, sack in one hand, bed sheet-rope in the other, lantern in my teeth, and began my slow descent. I carefully made sure that I didn’t bang into the wooden walls, disturbing the other residents from their deep slumber.

Once I felt the soles of my boots touch the soft, grassy ground, I released the rope and took up the lantern from my unnaturally strong jaw. I glanced at the rope made from fur and cotton and might’ve burned it in order to destroy the evidence; in fact, I would’ve, if common sense hadn’t told me otherwise, ‘You’ll just demand unwanted attention. Besides, you’ll be long gone by the time they learn of your unspoken departure.’

I looked up into the sky; it had broken out into millions of stars, tiny bulbs of light that glimmered against a deep-blue canvas. Daytime in the realm was always blanketed with clouds, thick fog hung in the air like curtains; it was always so unbearable to me, despite living my entire life here. But there was one quality I’ve always enjoyed about Grizzleheim. That was the sky show after nightfall. I would spend hours gazing into the endless sky, illuminated by countless tiny yet bright lanterns. They looked stunning just by merely dangling on a midnight-blue ceiling, which just so happens to be my favorite color.

But unfortunately, I couldn’t stop and watch the view this time; I needed to leave as soon as possible. I silently continued my trek from the hall and through the village, no intention of waking a single soul. That is, until I heard a voice that almost made me do so, “And just where are you off to, cub?”

I would’ve balled my hands into a fist if they weren’t full, I silently turned to face a group of at least ten bears that were older than me; their coats were in different shades of brown, white, black, even silver, which shined in the moonlight. Leading the group was a young, tall bear that I really do care about, even though he insists on treating me like a toddler.

He had amber-colored fur and piercing gray eyes, his breastplate was made of silver with a bronze belt, cuffs, and armlets; hanging from his armor was a deep purple cape and a horned helmet of the same color and black sat on his head. His sword was sheathed at his side; it was Ivan, an 18-year old bear who I was friends with, but the relationship seemed more related to that of an older brother and his little sister. I did accept that, he was the only family I knew not by blood.

“Ivan!” I scolded in the quietest voice possible, “You could’ve gotten me caught! What are you doing out here anyway?” He stared at me with a tiny hint of shock. I never yelled at him like I did then, I really did care about him. Maybe the reason I snapped was being in too urgent a situation to be sidetracked.

An expression of guilt spread across Ivan’s face. I had never actually seen him take anything seriously, especially now, “Sorry about that, Abby, but we heard what had happened between you and Egor. I never actually thought the story of how you wound up in Egor’s care was a lie!”

I stared off to the side, “Funny,” I murmured, “I didn’t either.” Ivan walked closer up; he gently placed a paw under my chin and turned it toward him so I was looking directly into his eyes. I literally couldn’t believe that he was actually acting like a whole new bear; I could barely recognize him just based on his newly acquired reputation.

“Anyway, we all talked and wanted to ask something important of you; we had no doubt that you would want to seek revenge against the clockworks.”

‘You think so?’ I asked silently.

“But we also agreed you couldn’t do it alone—“

“What do you mean I can’t do it alone?” The question was half-rhetorical.

“Abby! Listen to me,” Ivan suddenly turned serious and gripped my forearms. He spoke up a tiny bit since he didn’t want to wake the village, “the Armada is composed of a whole army! If you faced them alone, you’d be killed!”

I actually forgot I would be taking on an army, “You’re right,” I whispered back, a little guilty myself, “but what are you trying to tell me exactly?”

Ivan looked to the sides haphazardly and then locked his eyes back on my own, “None of the other villagers know this, but we’re serving in the Resistance. If the village knew, they would look down on us. For centuries, Grizzleheim has tried staying out of the Spiral’s largest conflicts; we stood to the side and did absolutely nothing!

“All of us were fed up and secretly enlisted with the Resistance not too long after the clockworks went rogue. We’ve now focused our attention on driving the Armada out of Skull Island. Right now, we’re just bullying Armada Ships on the skyways. However, we’ve just made a unanimous decision that has been pacing around in our heads for years: We needed to declare war on the Armada. We’ll be having a rendezvous on this topic in just a few days. This is where you come in, Abby.

“I’m listening,” I cocked an eyebrow just as Ivan released my forearms.

“Whenever we held meetings in Skull Island, more specifically Port Regal Skyway, we have used the stormgate from Mooshu. However, Mooshu has recently noticed the amount of pirates going through and has set up a blockade. So the only other way we could make it to our meeting is if we go directly into the Port Regal Skyway via the entrance in Tradewinds Skyway. The only issue is the redcoats forbid the entry of pirates as well. But, you’re of Marleybonian blood, the ability to accept their culture is in your very nature. If we can just get you groomed to act like those dogs, they’ll let us all into the skyway.

“But how is that going to help me avenge my parents’ death?” That question remained unanswered.

“I’m getting there right now. Once we get in to the skyway, I’ll introduce you to the Resistance and you can explain your skill set. No doubt they’ll welcome you with open arms. So, what do you say?”

He extended a paw out in front of me, it sounded like a very well-thought plan. I would get to see the Spiral and avenge what those clockworks did to my parents, “Deal!” I put my sack down and shook his paw with my free hand. I took up the sack again and waited for Ivan to say the word signaling our leave.

“Come on, brothers,” he transferred back to his unserious demeanor, “Let’s blow this ice bin!”

All of us continued our journey toward the docks, Ivan stood at the stern while the others went down to row, Ivan cracked a smile at me, “and you better go to a cabin and get some rest, cub. Tomorrow is a big day for you!”

I grinned back at him, “Whatever you say, Ivan!” I went into the hull and entered the first door on my left. The cabin was made of redwood like the rest of the ship; furniture consisted of a bed, a full-length mirror, a nightstand, and a dresser. I felt too tired to unpack; so I just left my sack by the door, took off my cloak, armor, helmet, and boots, put my lantern on the nightstand, jumped straight into bed and blew the lantern’s light out just as the ship started moving. I could tell from that moment on my life was about to change, forever.


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