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The Chronicles of Captain Fisher III (Part 1) by Honest Ilana Thompson

Chapter 1: Abby (part 1)

Today’s the day, I was walking down the hall toward my father’s throne room, prepared for what I was going to tell him, just get in there and tell him what you want. Tomorrow was my twelfth birthday and I felt it was the perfect time to ask the kind (yet overprotective) bear for the one and only thing I wanted: to go out and see the Spiral. Ever since my father, Egor Stormbane, took me in when he found me on his front step, he had apparently made it his life’s goal to make me a warrior like the other bears in the clan. However, I wasn’t meant to do that; whenever he had me for swordplay lessons, it wasn’t brute strength that got me through them. My attacks were more strategic and calculated rather than impulsive and hot-headed like my father’s. Even he managed to take notice. One day, I was sitting in my room, gazing into the open Skyway, that’s when I saw it: a ship! It was made of Dark redwood, the hull was lined with circular shields, huge oars propelled the ship through the starry sky and upon the great mast was a white and red striped sail. It was so beautiful I stared at it until it vanished from my line of sight. While there were many ships at our docks, I’ve never actually seen one fly; but that was mainly because I was too busy practicing with Egor to take a moment to look for one.

Anyway, the minute I saw that ship, I knew what I was going to do when I turned twelve. To prepare myself, I had spent the next three months stargazing; not for leisure purposes, but to create star charts for navigation. Back when I was only eight, a pair of navigators saw me looking curiously at their work and soon found me begging to learn their art. They thankfully agreed and I spent the next several days watching as they carved delicate patterns into their stone tablets. I was a fast learner so it hardly took me anytime at all to catch on. I continued this until today: the day I was going to tell father what I wanted to do with my life.

I arrived at the door to the throne room but the instant I placed a hand on the door handle, something made me stop dead in my tracks. A couple of unfamiliar voices were shouting argumentatively, I could barely hear it because the door was so thick. Intrigued, I pressed my ear against it to discover what the commotion was.

“You have to tell her the truth!” I quickly recognized the voice as that of Helga, my adoptive mother. “For the third time, Helga, she’s not ready to know!” Egor always yelled at me like that whenever I did something wrong during a lesson, but I never thought I’d hear him ranting about something else.

“She’s turning twelve tomorrow, Egor, it’s better than telling her when she’s twenty-one!”

“On the Contrary, Helga, that’s exactly the right time to tell her.”

“When Gaspard told you ‘tell her when the time is right.’ Did that mean anything to you?”

“Of course it did, it meant don’t tell her when she’s not ready for the Spiral yet.”

What?! I had wasted all this time for nothing?!

“No it didn’t!” Helga retorted

“Yes it did!”

“No it didn’t!”

“What are you two talking about?!” Both Helga and Egor turned to see me in the doorway; I had shoved the door open with such force that I was secretly baffled at my own strength

. Egor’s face turned pale with shock, which is great exaggeration because his face was completely covered with black fur, “Abby, what are you doing here? Can’t you see your mother and I are having an important talk?”

“Yes, I can,” I crossed my arms, “But I was going to ask you about something important but ironically, I got my answer during your conversation; and you haven’t answered my other question: what were you and mother talking about?”

I knew Egor could detect the annoyed tone in my voice; regardless, he turned to Helga who was looking at her husband with a lifted eyebrow. I wasn’t a mind reader, but I recognized that expression as one that meant, “Well? You can’t leave her unanswered.”

Egor turned to me and walked forward; when he was in arm’s length; he gently placed both paws on my shoulders, “Remember when I told you that we found you on our doorstep as an infant?”

I rolled my eyes, “Of course I do, you told me that when I asked you, ‘Father, am I part bear?’” I let out a small laugh at the thought of me asking that question back when I was only seven.

Egor chuckled a bit as well, but that soon ended when his face quickly turned serious again, “Well,” he looked away, he seemed troubled or lost for words, a manner in which I’ve never seen him act. He turned back toward me, barely looking confident at all, “it’s time you know that was a lie.” I was mortified, twelve years of not knowing what really happened to my parents, what they’re names were, who they were, who I was? I looked up into Egor’s amber eyes and saw an emotion that I’ve definitely never seen in him before: sadness. Nothing but pure, honest sadness seemed to flood his entire body. He then seemed to drain it all out as he went back to his hardly confident state.

“To us you’ve lived by the name Abby StormBane; but you’re real name is Fisher, Abigail Jane Fisher. You’re parents...” He looked at the ground, no longer displaying any means of confidence anymore, “They’re names were Rebecca and Timothy. Timothy was a high ranking officer in the Marleybonian Navy but the two of them had a double life: they were pirates.”

Pirates!? I mentally asked, Egor must’ve read my mind, “But not ordinary pirates, pirates working with the Resistance against the Armada, Valencia’s army and Navy.” I’ve heard of Valencia before, I read of it in one of the multiple books I had. It was called Realms of The Spiral, same with Marleybone, both of them were two of the greatest naval powers the Spiral has ever known.

But this isn’t the time to refer to books, Abby! I told myself, and continued listening to Egor’s story. “Your mother, Rebecca, was a captain in the Resistance and a good one at that; she helped to lead the Resistance to countless victories. However, not too long after the two of them had you, they learned that the Armada was establishing a Fort in Skull Island.”

I told myself to stop referencing books but I also have heard of this realm, it’s supposed to be some type of ‘Pirate Haven’. I stopped and took notice that Egor was now looking up at me again ; his grip tightened on my shoulders, “Therefore, they left you in my care until they returned. But when they’re ship returned I received the worst news: the two of them…”

He stopped, that’s when I began to see tears develop in his eyes; it was the rarest thing I’ve seen in him do tonight, “the Armada, they, they, they—“

“Yes, What did they do?!” I knew Egor was under pressure but I couldn’t handle the wait anymore.

“They killed them!” Egor spat out, “In cold blood, the Armada killed your parents!”

The instant I heard those words, I thought I could feel my heart sinking like a rock, I couldn’t believe it! “B-b-but why?” Now I was the one lost for word; I pulled away and looked up at Egor with doubtless confusion, “My parents died and you could’ve told me this from the beginning, why didn’t you?!”

The baffled question bounced off the walls of the throne room, “You’re my daughter,” Egor’s tears began to subside, “I just wanted to make sure you were ready when did tell you.”

“Well, that was clearly a mistake,” I retorted; I began to transfer from confusion to anger. “You know, it makes perfect sense now,” I approached Egor with fury in every step I took, he slowly backed away as I got closer, “you wanted me to become part of the clan because you intended on keeping me here in this, this frozen wasteland!”

Egor’s expression immediately exploded into rage and stopped where he was; I froze just before I accidently walked into him, “How dare you talk to me in that tone!” Egor’s face actually looked a tiny bit red against his black fur. “You may find this hard to believe now, but I’m your fath—“

“NO YOU’RE NOT AND YOU KNOW THAT!” Both Helga and Egor looked at me with complete shock at my outburst. I couldn’t see myself but I could imagine my face completely red. I deeply inhaled in order to recover and, once I was absolutely sure I was calm; I locked my gaze on Egor, “You’re not my father, Egor,” It was the very first time I used his first name; I felt the sting of a tear on my cheek, “not anymore.” I stormed out of the room; I didn’t see where I was going because I was covering my eyes to block the tears that came out.


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