Monquistador Pirates


Mighty Little Monquistadors

Monquista is a growing power. Their fleet is still relatively small, but the steady flow of gold and timber from Skull Island keeps the Monquistan Navy growing steadily. Monquistan ships rarely range far from home: Monquista and Skull Island are the only realms where they are likely to be met in numbers.

The Monquistans got their fill of naval battles in the Polarian Wars, and are leery of overextending themselves - at least for now. Their ships are of high quality, but Monquista lacks the naval tradition of its rivals in Polaris, Valencia, and Marleybone - Monquistan commanders, with a few exceptions, are widely regarded as inexperienced and brash. Monquistan arrogance and bravado leads them to mount fierce, swift attacks with little provocation.

Tensions between Monquista and Marleybone are steadily growing - war may be inevitable.