Boochbeard - a Pirate Legend!


The Tale of Boochbeard the Pirate!

A legend in the Pirate world, Boochbeard has done everything - except succeed. Nobody knows precisely where he came from, and nobody ever recalls a time when he was young: as long as Buccaneers and Privateers have prowled the skies, Boochbeard has been there, always one scheme away from riches undreamed of.

Boochbeard's exploits are legend in every corner of the Spiral, and he is known by many names in many different ports: the Pirates of MooShu whisper of the Flying Sloth, the Marleybonian Navy still offers a bounty for Old Whitebeard, and the children of Santo Pollo sing songs of the kindly (and clumsy) El Boocho. Boochbeard is at once the luckiest and unluckiest Pirate alive - ever thwarted, yet always surviving. He has an uncanny talent for being around for important events.


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