Spread Holiday Cheer, the Yuletide Festival is Here!

Now through Monday, January 2nd, we’re celebrating the joyful occasion by bringing back your festive favorites and decorating Skull Island in jolly fashion...complete with present boxes with holiday surprises! Holiday themed ship emblems and backgrounds have also returned for some seasonal fun.

On the naughty list? Krampus would like a word with you ... use your skeleton keys to pay him a visit.

Let the holiday feasts and festivities begin!

What’s Happening During Yuletide?

New Yuletide Elf Pack

Elf it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! The new Yuletide Elf Pack is here and gives festive new gear, pets, mounts, and companions to help you get into the holiday season! Learn More>>

Holiday Pets and Mounts

Holiday Pets:

  • Snowfall Fawn
  • Noel Claward
  • Yuletide Yeti
  • Ostrich in a Pear Tree
  • Sky Dragon Candy Cane
  • Santa Claws
  • Red Baubleloon
  • Green Baubleloon

Holiday Mounts:

  • Yuletide Stag (PERM)
  • Reindeer (PERM)
  • Wolf of the Winter (PERM)
  • Crumbles Gingerhorse (PERM)
  • Giant Green Baubleloon (PERM)
  • Polaris Express (PERM)
  • Ice Cycle (PERM)
  • Yule Mule (PERM)
  • Yuletide Clockwork Steed (PERM)
  • Holiday Crystal Unicorn (PERM)

Yuletide Gear and Weapons

  • *NEW* Yuletide Outfit
  • Wrapping Paper Sword Weapon
  • The Winter Wonder Set Weapon
  • Candy Cane Swords Weapon
  • Snow Blasters Weapon
  • Candy Cane Knives Weapon
  • Candy Cane Staff Weapon
  • Snow Cannon Weapon
  • Mint Shield Weapon
  • Wrapping Paper Hammer Weapon
  • Candle Wand Weapon
  • Gingerbread Wand Weapon
  • Nutcracker Wand Weapon
  • Mint Staff Weapon
  • Star Staff Weapon

Festive Housing Items:

  • White String Lights
  • Red String Lights
  • Green String Lights
  • Big Holiday Tree
  • Holiday Stocking
  • Buccaneer Stocking
  • Musketeer Stocking
  • Privateer Stocking
  • Swashbuckler Stocking
  • Witchdoctor Stocking
  • Milk & Cookies
  • Nutcracker
  • Snow Globe
  • Small Snowflake
  • Large Snowflake
  • Blue Ornament
  • Green Ornament
  • Red Ornament
  • Yellow Ornament
  • Holiday Bed with Lights
  • Polarian Shipwreck Painting
  • Portrait of Frozen Tears
  • Red and Green Holiday Rug
  • Blue Holiday Rug
  • Lively Reindeer Decoration
  • Majestic Reindeer Decoration
  • Snow Pile
  • Snowman
  • Gingerbread House
  • Small Snowy Maple Tree
  • Large Snowy Maple Tree

Holiday Companions:

  • Prince Yulefest
  • Yule Trogg
  • Holiday Treant
  • Holly Jolly Roger

Seaspray Beluga Galleon

The festive Seaspray Beluga Galleon is ready to sail the
skyways once again to spread holiday cheer!

Yuletide Bundles!

Spirits of Yuletide Set:

  • Spirit of Returning Companion
  • Spirit of Receiving Companion
  • Spirit of Giving Companion

Festive Living Room Bundle:

  • Candy Cane Couch Housing Item
  • Holiday Buffet Table Housing Item
  • 2 Gift Wrapped Chair Housing Items
  • Red and White Holiday Rug Housing Item
  • Witch's Shack Painting Housing Item

Winter Wonderland Bundle:

  • Small Snowy Pine Tree Housing Item
  • Large Snowy Pine Tree Housing Item
  • Festive Shrub Housing Item
  • Grand Walruskberg Lamp Post Housing Item
  • Large Snowy Pine Tree Housing Item
  • Simple Walruskberg Lamp Post Housing Item
  • 3 Snow Pile Housing Items
  • Snow Globe Housing Item

Yuletide Feast Bundle:

  • 2 Tallow Candles Housing Items
  • Festive Ham Housing Item
  • Festive Holiday Sundae Housing Item
  • Polarian Bread Housing Item
  • Candy Ribbon Housing Item
  • 2 Festive Glass Housing Items
  • 2 Festive Plate Housing Items
  • Fruit Cake (Cannon ball replacement) Housing Item
  • Lobster Housing Item

Gifts of Yuletide Bundle:

  • 2 Pile o' Presents Housing Items
  • Snowflake Wrapped Gift Housing Item
  • Tree Wrapped Gift Housing Item
  • Spiral Wrapped Gift Housing Item
  • Star Wrapped Gift Housing Item
  • Snowman Wrapped Gift Housing Item
  • Bells Wrapped Gift Housing Item
  • Striped Gift Housing Item
  • Purple Reindeer Gift Housing Item

Baubleloon Bundle:

  • Giant Green Baubleloon (PERM) Mount
  • Red Baubleloon Pet
  • Green Baubleloon Pet
  • Green Ornament Housing Item
  • Red Ornament Housing Item

Sleigh Bell Bundle:

  • Yuletide Stag (PERM) Mount
  • Reindeer (PERM) Mount
  • Snowfall Fawn Pet
  • Festive Holiday Moose Pet
  • Lively Reindeer Decoration Housing Item
  • Majestic Reindeer Decoration Housing Item

Snowdrift Bundle:

  • Wolf of the Winter (PERM) Mount
  • Ice Cycle (PERM) Mount
  • Chilled Hound Pet
  • Snowy Stocking Housing Item
  • Snow Globe Housing Item

Sweet Tooth Bundle:

  • Crumbles Gingerhorse (PERM) Mount
  • Sky Dragon Candy Cane Pet
  • Peppermint Hoggle Pet
  • Gingerbread House Housing Item
  • Jar of Candy Canes Housing Item
  • Jar of Peppermints Housing Item

Train Set Bundle:

  • Polaris Express (PERM) Mount
  • Really Big Lump of Coal Pet
  • Toy Train Set Housing Item
  • Small Toy Train Set Housing Item

Yuletide Mystery Bundle:

  • 1 Yuletide Mount
  • 1 Yuletide Pet
  • 3 Holiday Housing Items

See all the possible mounts, pets, and housing items you can get with the Yuletide Mystery Bundle here