Beware the Krampus

Yuletide is upon us, bringing revelry and Yuletide cheer to Skull Island. Good little Pirates receive a visit from jolly ol’ St. Nick. But naughty Pirates receive a visit from...

The Krampus!

Use your Skeleton Keys to venture into the Krampusgarten and confront the horned demon, Krampus, before he comes wriggling down the chimney to ruin Yuletide on Skull Island!


Krampus Holiday Dungeon FAQ

Where can I find this Krampus Dungeon?
To find the dungeon, visit the the Giant Present near the docks of Skull Island.

Why can't I play the content inside the Yuletide Feasting Hall?
You will need a Wood, Stone, or Gold Skeleton Key to play the content inside the hall.

What is a Skeleton Key? How do I get a Skeleton Key?
Skeleton Keys are used to open locked doors around the Skyways that have challenging bosses inside them. The three new Skeleton Keys that will unlock Krampus content (Wooden Skeleton Keys, Stone Skeleton Keys, and Gold Skeleton Keys) will drop from level appropriate enemies throughout the Yuletide season. Note that Skeleton Keys only drop from Battle Board combat, not from sinking ships.

How do I know if I have a Skeleton Key?
Skeleton Keys show up in your backpack as housing items in the Wall/Painting tab. Once you use a Skeleton Key, it is gone from your backpack.

Are there rewards?
Yes! Players have a chance to get new weapons, new pets, housing items, and more!